Why Fulfillment.com?

Partner with Fulfillment.com (FDC) and we'll show you 10 different ways to save time and money!

1. Save time

You’re the expert at your business, and we’re experts at fulfillment worldwide. Let us handle your orders so you can focus on what’s important to you and your business (hint: it’s not pick-pack-ship!).

2. Save money

Take advantage of our volume discounts for domestic and international shipping. Our combined customer orders enable us to leverage our buying power for steep discounts. Whether you pass these savings along to your customers or keep the difference is up to you!

3. Reduce transit times

FDC has facilities strategically located near parcel processing hubs in North America and the UK, saving you time and money by reducing transit times and getting your product into your customer’s hands quicker!

4. Reduce workforce expenses

Save the workers compensation expenses of maintaining a warehouse staff and let our talented team pick, pack, and ship for you.

5. Save yourself the headache of logistics details

Managing logistics the RIGHT way takes a lot of time and resources. Lucky for you, we’ve built an international logistics infrastructure that makes worldwide fulfillment easy, so we do all of the hard work for you! We keep your product inventory at any of our warehouses, and when an order is placed, FDC will pick, pack, and ship the order within minutes.

6. Reduce chargebacks

Powered by proven, proprietary technology, FDC helps you monitor your inventory in real time, group orders for reduced shipping costs, and validate addresses to keep chargebacks to a minimum.

7. Save yourself the trouble of returns

FDC’s Customized Returns Management system takes the guess work out of product returns. Our Returns Department uses a 4-prong approach to determine if a returned product is suitable to be returned to inventory. Damaged, open product returns are properly disposed of or can be returned to the shipper on a case-by-case basis. It all adds up to a better ROI for you!

8. Improve your customer service

If your staff is stretched thin focusing on product delivery, it can lead to incorrect orders, loss of revenues, and frustrated customers. Poor operations can negatively impact your brand and FDC can help build your brand loyalty by improving the customer experience.

9. Manage your growth

Take advantage of our infrastructure and save yourself the cost and time of implementing new systems and services yourself. If orders are not going out the door within 24 hours of receiving them, or you are missing delivery deadlines, let our experts take control of your fulfillment and help manage your expanding business.

10. Streamline your inventory management

Receiving product, retaining QA product samples, rotating stock—these tasks all require strict attention to detail. Our warehouse teams, in conjunction with our customized Warehouse Management System, handle all of these processes and help you manage your inventory worldwide in real-time.

Put Fulfillment.com’s expertise to work for you!