Trending Niche: Nootropics

nootropicsWe have smart phones to control our smart home technology, we have smart cars to lessen distractions when driving, there are even “smart” foods and supplements now being aimed at consumers from kids (SmartCandy), to adults who need a pick me up (5 Hour Energy), to apps for aging baby boomers to help with mental acuity (Lumosity).

In today’s 24/7, always accessible culture, many people are turning to specific supplements, called nootropics, to gain an edge. These types of products can purportedly streamline focus while increasing attention span, energy, and mental capabilities. Although not currently on FDA’s radar (they regulate food and drugs that are meant to alleviate symptoms as opposed to warding them off in the first place), nootropics have a loyal following and are a growing industry unto themselves. There is a dedicated online Reddit community and, like so many other areas of life and commerce now being crowdshared, the subject of nootropics is similarly supported.

Although many individual proponents of nootropics do their own research and then create customized formulas and track their results based on specific ingredients, companies like Nootrobox are making nootropics more accessible by providing pre-made “stacks” of popular formulas. Some of the most commonly used ingredients are caffeine and compounds similar to those found in green tea, but other formulations proffer everything from mood-boosting properties to combatting stress.

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