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Strategically located warehouses allow you to reach your customers quickly.

Seamless Logistics Management makes managing inventory, packaging, returns, reporting, and other aspects of logistics easy. (FDC) helps you reduce your shipping costs, automate your fulfillment, and expand into new markets. When you partner with, you can leverage our technology and logistics infrastructure allowing you to focus on your core business.

Achieving Scale

"Being able to receive an order, have it fulfilled within an hour, and prepared for shipment and delivery in under 3 days is a critical component to our scalability and ability to delight our customers,” Jean said. “We made some early mistakes offering shipping discounts worldwide that ate our entire profits because we hadn’t streamlined distribution.”


Import taxes on individual orders were also an early concern. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, the Snorkl team views each “mistake” as an opportunity to learn and improve their processes.


Jean looked into localized distribution for his strongest markets — Canada and the US —and ultimately partnered with (FDC), to drastically reduce shipping costs and streamline order fulfillment.


This is where the functionality that Ecwid offers really makes a huge difference for us, and why we love it so much,” Jean reports. Ecwid is integrated into the platform so FDC can access our orders immediately and then dropship Snorkl’s to customers in the US and Canada. “We are really pleased with the seamless customer experience, helpful customer support, and reasonable pricing that doesn’t eat up our margins” Thomas added.


By integrating with a North American fulfillment partner the savings on shipping is so significant that Snorkl passes it on to their Canadian and US customers by giving free standard shipping as an added incentive for online purchase. Click here to read more about this FDC client example of achieving scale.

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Whether you’re a start-up or established business, you’ve probably considered handling logistics in-house, maybe even tried it. That’s ok, a lot of businesses do... until they realize that managing logistics the right way takes a lot more time and resources than they anticipated. Think of it this way: just as you are an expert at what you do, at we’re experts at worldwide logistics. That’s right, worldwide. At, we have facilities strategically located near parcel processing hubs throughout North America and internationally, saving you time and money by reducing transit times and postage costs for your shipments. We keep your products at the facilities you choose and when an order is placed, FDC is ready to pick, pack, and ship the order within minutes. Powered by proven technology, helps you monitor your inventory, choose the most efficient shipping method, group orders for reducing shipping costs, validate addresses to improve the customer experience, and much, much more. Now that’s worldwide fulfillment made easy.


Before your product even arrives at an FDC facility, we provide well-defined receiving parameters. By complying with our simple, straightforward standards, you’ll avoid incurring any additional special receiving fees for complicated or oversized shipments. You can ship your product directly to any FDC facility or arrange to have your manufacturer or vendor ship to us on your behalf. FDC’s inventory teams have the receiving process down to an exact science, breaking down a pallet within 15 minutes or less. However you choose to ship your product to us, our inventory teams evaluate all shipments received and verify them against quantities reported in the packing list as well as the Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN). Any discrepancies are promptly reported to an Account Manager who will then contact you directly to remedy any order inconsistencies. Once your inventory has been received, a Goods Received Notice (GRN) email is automatically generated and sent to you so you can view your product counts in real-time via the FDC system.


Once your product is received into inventory at one of our facilities and located in your product’s specific inventory location, our well-trained warehouse team will monitor and maintain it until the moment it leaves the facility. Our safe and secure warehouses are outfitted with fingerprint detection scanners (FDS), physical security, 24/7 monitoring, visitors by-appointment only, and more. Our climate-controlled warehouses ensure that we maintain the highest quality oversight of your product inventory. FDC’s internal controls for temperature and humidity ensure that your inventory always feels “just right.” No matter the weather outside, your product is always comfortable inside an FDC facility!


FDC's state-of-the-art warehouses utilize commercial-grade equipment, so everything works in harmony with our exclusive technology and is built to scale. Whether you’re a mom and pop, B2C shipper of small-batch, artisanal, organic dog treats, a retail giant B2B shipper supplying the big box chains with the latest “as seen on TV” product craze, or fall somewhere in between, we can easily handle your orders and never let you forget that you are the center of our universe. As your business grows and order volume increases, we can help you expand your market and reach more customers worldwide. Our system even provides helpful features like inventory alerts, inventory velocity reporting, and depletion date estimates to help you manage your product supply.


We provide turnkey picking and packing. Our teams follow Fulfillment Picking and Packing (FPP) procedures that meet the highest standards in the industry and every order received before the designated cut-off time will ship same-day. Our system is fully integrated with all of the major CRM and e-commerce platforms, making uploading your orders to FDC a snap. Same-day fulfillment is an art that we continue to refine every day. FDC’s printing and packing schedules are coordinated with our carriers’ regional pick up times to ensure that all orders received for that day are boxed up and ready to go. Additionally, we audit our shipping label print runs on a daily basis to ensure 100% order accuracy. We keep packing options simple: we pick, pack, and ship your orders in packaging specifically selected to ensure preservation of your product during shipping; or you send us pre-sealed packages that we label and ship. FDC’s seamless logistics management allows you to control your entire fulfillment operation through one convenient platform. The FDC system provides inventory tracking, allowing you to manage your inventory levels worldwide from one online portal.


You can manage your inventory, verify addresses, approve order re-ships, select shipping carriers, and more via our system dashboard, 24/7. You’ll receive daily email alerts with product shipping and return details, inventory levels and anticipated depletion rates.


Our automatic order grouping feature reduces your packaging and shipping fees. FDC’s proprietary technology automatically groups multiple orders together, saving you money without any extra effort on your part. Your customer receives one convenient package and the savings are passed along to you–it’s a win-win scenario. In addition, you can take advantage of our volume shipping discounts and choose your preferred ship method: whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, or want your package shipped with or without tracking, our preferred partner- negotiated rates will save you money. Shipments reach most domestic addresses in 2-4 days via ground shipping, and we also have expedited delivery methods available. Our facilities are strategically located near parcel processing hubs, so your shipment gets from FDC to your customers in no time at all. We have numerous international shipping options and our facilities within the world’s largest trade zones save you money and help reduce–or eliminate altogether– customs fees on a parcel level. FDC’s system automatically identifies and selects the lowest cost carrier based on your shipping needs, and we also have in-house experts available to advise you on customs, VAT, and other international shipping hurdles with which you may not be familiar.


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