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If you’re ready to maximize order management efficiency, we make it easy to integrate with our system and start saving time and money.
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Step 1:

Connect With Our Fulfillment Specialists

When you contact (FDC), you'll be connected to one of our team members who will review your products, inventory needs, and target market to ensure we are the right fit for you.

We'll also answer any questions you may have about us and our processes. Once onboard, you'll be connected to one of our very experienced Success Managers.

We don't outsource customer service – your Success Manager will be your primary contact for as long as you're on the team.

Your Success Manager will help you get everything set up and ready to launch – from creating your account and online inventory, to integrating your shopping cart or CRM, along with a tutorial on utilizing our cloud-based dashboard.

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Step 2:

Set Up Your Inventory in Our Fulfillment Warehouses

The next step is getting your products into our strategically-located warehousing facilities. We’ll get everything organized, stored, and prepped for efficient shipping. At FDC, we have product receiving down to a science.

Our comprehensive 5-point process begins the moment your product arrives at our facility, where the quantities and product information are checked against the provided packing slip. Any discrepancies are immediately reported to our Success Managers who will promptly notify you and help resolve the issue.

Once product weights and dimensions are recorded in our system to ensure postage accuracy, your inventory is stored in its assigned location. Your personalized dashboard is then automatically updated to reflect the new inventory levels.

Before going live with your orders, your Success Manager and our development team will work with you to process test orders to ensure that all systems are fully integrated and operational.

After the testing phase is complete, you’re ready to ship!

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Step 3:

Pick, Pack, and Ship with Our Complete Fulfillment Services

Upon receipt of an order, the process starts with picking product and order components from their assigned locations. We then assemble the order into your preferred packaging, apply the postage label, and ship it out to your customer.

With our advanced shipping technology, we can select the most cost-effective shipping method or you can specify your preferred method. Either way, our high-volume discounts and negotiated shipping rates mean you’ll always get the most bang for your shipping buck.

Step 4:

Manage Shipments & Inventory with Help from Experienced Fulfillment Specialists

With our cloud-based, order management platform, you’ll have 24/7 access to your account where you can:

  • Monitor your inventory in real time
  • View and verify your fulfillment and postage fees
  • Validate addresses to reduce unnecessary returns and chargebacks
  • Access a full suite of reporting tools
  • Predict product depletion and re-order dates

You’ll also receive communications from a dedicated group of REAL PEOPLE who will teach you how to navigate our user-friendly dashboard and provide future updates on your inventory levels and orders that may require special attention.

And of course, your Success Manager will always be available to answer any questions or concerns about our fulfillment services.

Step 5:

Reduce Loss with Product Return Management at Our Fulfillment Facilities

FDC’s Returns Management System takes the guesswork out of product returns. From your personalized dashboard, you’ll be able to see in real time when one of our facilities receives a returned product.

Each member of our returns team is trained in inspecting returned merchandise to determine whether the product can be restocked and resold, which effectively reduces inventory loss.

Damaged or non-restockable products are properly disposed of, or in certain cases, can be returned to you.

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Our ability to assist your business through each phase of order fulfillment will give you and your customers peace of mind. Get started today to begin the process of partnering with us to receive exceptional fulfillment services!

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