Fulfillment.com was started because a need was seen. I started an e-commerce business with the goal of selling a ton of health supplements to promote healthy living because this is an issue that’s important to me. But once customers started arriving, I couldn’t find an economical way to ship them. So instead of focusing on my product, I created a fulfillment company to help other e-commerce businesses who were in a similar predicament. I did my research, saw a unique opportunity, and surrounded myself with intelligent, highly-motivated people who helped me grow a thriving business with the right planning and follow-through.

What idea keeps you up at night? How will you move forward and take your business to the next level?


As my company continued to grow, I realized I needed insight from someone outside of our daily operations and with a wide range of business experience to give me guidance when I needed it, so I could take my company to the next level.

It’s important for every business owner to have mentors and to be open to sage advice, to be willing to learn from those who have walked the path, logged the hours, and have wisdom to share from their own professional journey.

I developed a relationship with Michael E. Gerber, the person Inc. Magazine named “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru”. Michael is also the founder of the E-Myth book series, and through my relationship with him, I began a journey toward what he describes as “radical self-employment”. He helps me consider the implementation of my vision in new ways and offers a fresh perspective that encourages me to work on my business not in my business.

Maybe you don’t have a mentor like Michael Gerber to call when you need some guidance. Here’s the next best thing.


Michael and I both have the desire to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. I recently had a conversation with Michael about his curriculum, Radical U, a five-year program based on the principals outlined in his e-book, Making It On Your Own. We both believe strongly that everyone deserves the right to make their dream of growing a business into a reality.
So, we’re offering you Making It On Your Own free of charge just by clicking here! It’s a pretty quick read but it’s full of wisdom and is a great summary of Michael’s 5-year program, Radical U.


While we were talking about this amazing offer, I also mentioned Fulfillment.com’s partnership with Advocates of Love, a charity in the Dominican Republic that helps impoverished children. As you can imagine, there’s a great need for these high school kids to receive business training. So, we went a step further. We decided that for every enrollment to Michael’s five-year curriculum, Radical U, that’s bought here, we would make it available for free to a graduating student at Advocates of Love.

What an incredible gift to these high school kids – from business owner to future business owner. Imagine the impact on their lives as they finally have the instruction and encouragement they need to break out of the cycle of poverty to the world of commerce. These are young adults hungry for opportunity. With this type of training, the possibilities really are endless!

Success to me means having an impact beyond the walls of Fulfillment.com – it’s helping others fulfill their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. That’s what entrepreneurs do. We work hard, and we develop the next generation of business owners and t

railblazers for the greater good of our world.

What will you do to grow your business & help someone else grow theirs today?

Justin Singletary is a former Army Ranger and the CEO of Fulfillment.com, a worldwide fulfillment company with a global logistics infrastructure that ships millions of B2B ad B2C orders to more than 150 countries.

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