One of our greatest passions at is helping Advocates of Love, a Christian orphanage in the Dominican Republic that was the first ministry helping vulnerable children in the Province of Samana.

Among this beautiful landscape and lush natural beauty are loving people who are providing a home, not an institution, for children in dire need of spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual nourishment.

Last week, our CEO, Justin Singletary, spent some time there, helping where he could and serving children in need. This place has special meaning for him and his wife. In addition to doing the work they love there, Justin proposed in the church next to the orphanage and the couple went back there on their honeymoon. While most guys wouldn’t score points with their new bride by bringing her to an orphanage instead of a luxury resort, she’s just as committed as he is to help these great kids who simply want a chance in life.

And that’s the overall mission of We help fulfill dreams. At work, that means helping entrepreneurs get to the next level and build a better business and out here in the Dominican Republic, it means putting a smile on a child’s face.

While he was there, Justin spent some time at The Treehouse Resort, but don’t let the name fool you. If you’re looking for A/C and fine dining, this is NOT it. If you’re looking for excellent local cuisine, kind people, and a vacation with adventure, then you’ve found it! Resort owner Bart Griffin took great care of the kids, treating them to a hearty breakfast and an exciting day on the ziplines. The kids just LOVED it and couldn’t stop talking about how their adventure.

We also introduced the older kids to kiteboarding, which happens to be one of our fearless leader’s favorite activities, and a great way to forget the worries of life and just live in the moment. It’s the team’s hope that the kids will return here one day to work.

Included in the fun and adventure was some training for Daury, the director of the orphanage, and Wilberto, one of the older children. Justin and the other adult leaders modeled servant leadership so the older kids will pass on what they’re learning to the younger children.

Whenever Justin serves at Advocates of Love and sees the gratitude on the kids’ faces for the smallest act of kindness, the resilience of the staff who work tirelessly for the good of these kids – it puts things in perspective for our company. Being successful in business is good and achieving our goals is a huge motivator, but that’s not the end game for us. We do what we do – work hard, grow our business and help others grow theirs, so we can do more of this – helping children who otherwise wouldn’t dare dream about their future have opportunities that are available to them thanks to support from others.

Join us on our mission to help these kids fulfill their dreams – of getting an education, developing skills for a job, and living a productive life in their homeland and beyond. Simply change your Amazon Smile to donate directly to Advocates of Love every time you shop on Amazon. The link is We’re grateful for all of our partners who help dreams come true for the children of Advocates of Love.

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