Fulfillment.com is honored to announce that our COO, Bob Bilbrough, will be one half of a 2021 Georgia Logistics Summit panel discussing The Impacts of Overnight Ecommerce Spike.

As we prepare to celebrate Fulfillment.com’s 10th Anniversary, Bob will be drawing from his experiences as COO to discuss how Fulfillment.com is using it’s unique value proposition to successfully address the impacts.

In July of 2020 Truist Securities named Fulfillment.com as one of the world’s top six “Supply Chain Disruptors”. Fulfillment.com finished out 2020 with more than 20 million orders shipped, and with the challenges that last year brought, the ability to be agile as the Industry changes is a foundational strength that enables exponential growth.

With Savannah, GA being the 2ndlargest growing Port and the headquarters of Fulfillment.com, Logistics is one of the major staple Industries of Georgia. The Summit is hosted yearly in Atlanta, GA by the Georgia Department of Economic Development and its Georgia Center for Innovations in Logistics. With nearly 2000 Vessels delivering millions of containers through the Port, Fulfillment.com is strategically located to utilize this to our clients benefit. Getting the package to the customer in the fastest, yet most cost-effective manner, is the golden egg of fulfillment and the level of excellence we strive to beat. If you would like to listen in to the Panel Discussion on Tuesday, March 23rd at 1:20pm EST, click the following link for the live stream.


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