It is a common sight in Savannah, GA, where isheadquartered, to see the large container ships slowly coming into port downthe Savannah River. While there was a temporary downturn of arriving ships atthe beginning of 2020, there has been a massive increase in the volume of trafficsince that time as the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc in Supply Chainand Logistics across the globe.

Tug guides a Cargo Ship through downtown Savannah, GA to thePort Terminal.

The burden on the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry has causedmany a heartache for e-commerce retailers, and their customers, as they workdiligently to restock their Inventory, transport it overland or overseas, getit delivered to a warehouse and/or a fulfillment center, and finally get itinto the hands of their customers. More and more high-volume e-commerce sellersare finding it very difficult to self-fulfill orders because of these supplychain and logistics issues and are turning to high-volume 3PLs to help established brands reach more customers with ourunmatched domestic and global footprints and world class services.

Business Insider recently reported that there arenearly 80,000 containers piled up in the Port of Savannah alone, 50% more thanusual, and major Ports on both coasts are facing the same struggles. As the 3rdlargest US Port, next to LA and NY, Savannah is breaking records with inboundships, inbound and outbound cargo, containers leaving the docks by truck orrail, not to mention organizing a shipyard overfull of containers waiting to bepicked up. Though the Savannah Ports began a planned expansion project in Marchof this year, they are currently seeing volumes they were not expecting foranother 5 years.

Ship-to-shore cranes load and unload vessels at theGeorgia Ports Authority Garden City Terminal, in Savannah, Ga.(ImageCredit:

As shipping and transportation costs are rising due to high demandand fuel costs, along with a lack of resources, high volume e-commerce sellersare finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. The demand for productspurchased online is still there, but the ability to meet that customer demandefficiently and effectively is becoming more and more troublesome. Now morethan ever it is critical to focus on ways to streamline high volume e-commercebusinesses by engaging a 3PL like to provide expertise that canhelp your business to flourish despite the current challenges.

Across the country, warehouses are being built at an astoundingrate as both brick and mortar and e-commerce retailers are looking forsolutions to the growing problem of having enough inventory to keep ordersfulfilled and customers happy, while also have a place to store it. Having 4 USlocations and 8 total locations around the globe, with you canbe sure that we have room for your inventory and that your products are placedefficiently so they’re ready to reach your customers quickly.

Ultimately, that’s what consumers want… fast delivery, and goodcommunication. The more educated and informed your customers are, the happierand more understanding they will be. At we keep our lines ofcommunication open by giving our clients a dedicated Success Manager who istheir one, go-to person for everything to ensure any problem that might arise issolved quickly. E-commerce business owners need all the help they can get with today’schallenging logistics landscape.  We believethe issues affecting the Supply Chain today will continue well into 2022, so nowis the time to consider outsourcing your fulfillment services to the experts at

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