2016 holiday e-commerce sales accounted for almost $92B. With new subscription box providers coming into the market every day, brick and mortar stores offering e-commerce and virtual merchants opening real storefronts, as well as the ubiquity of today’s omnichannel lifestyle, those numbers are sure to continue increasing in years to come. Indeed, experts predict that US e-commerce sales will hit $523B by 2020. What’s driving this? In large part, mobile purchases via smartphones. According to analysts, 244 million consumers browsed or made a purchase online with their mobile phone in 2015. That number will be more like 270 million by the end of this decade as phones and networks improve and more people get used to technology being an extension of themselves.

Now more than ever, consumers want what they want when they want it, and omnichannel makes that possible. Remember the old Yellow Pages slogan, “let your fingers do the walking?” From purchasing movie tickets for the latest blockbuster, to ordering an Uber, to dialing in take-out, apps make mobile purchases possible with the swipe of a finger! But when shopping for something less local, such as something shipped to a consumer, free shipping is becoming the normal standard to convert online shoppers to buyers. And as consumers get more and more accustomed to making purchases via a tablet or smartphone, their comfort level with more expensive purchases may increase as well.

In addition to providing our clients industry-low postage rates, Fulfillment.com (FDC) has facilities on both the east and west coasts, offering online merchants the additional benefit of reduced shipping times to their end customers. We can handle your specialty packaging requests and our safe, secure facilities warehouse everything from commodities to luxury items. And, even though the rest of the world may be going virtual, at FDC, you’ll always have a dedicated Account Executive to talk to if you ever have a question about your account.

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