The beginning of 2016 brings together the opposing forces of new year’s resolutions for health (better eating, drinking less, working out, etc.) and the Super Bowl, which is the nation’s 2nd largest eating day (behind Thanksgiving). Because the game is always on a Sunday, much work and productivity is impacted by hangovers the following day. But if your business is e-commerce, and not a personal trainer, pizza delivery, or beer distribution, how can you as an online merchant capitalize on these beginning of the year forces to increase sales?

For starters, with the dieting crowd, everything from nutritional supplements and vitamins to sporting goods and exercise DVDs are fair game. Consider upselling a yoga mat with a DVD if your fulfillment house offers bundled SKUs to save on pick fees and postage. Depending on your current product offerings, you could perhaps add an additional “seasonal” SKU or two to appeal to the more health-conscious consumers. For example, if you’re already shipping knit socks to peek over tall boots, what about adding a matching hair band that could double for exercise use? If additional products aren’t feasible, add some relevant content to your blog or website. Maybe create a social media contest to have customers “vote” on which team they think will win the big game.

Even though ¾ of adults in America watched the Super Bowl in 2015, that’s still a lot of non-football fans who you could target with a flash sale, special promo code, or another incentive to shop during the big game. Or switch gears and focus on your international markets instead. Get creative in your marketing efforts!

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