In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we thought we’d take this opportunity to showcase our diverse staff and the many talented women who help (FDC) excel on a daily basis.

One of our original team members, Jennifer Brewer, started as Controller. By putting in countless hours keeping our booming business’ accounting on track, she was soon promoted to VP of Finance. Her passion to engage staff both during and after work hours led her to organize teams for softball, kickball, and more.

Another “founding” team members is Kayla Henderson. From purchasing to operations to sales administration, over the years she has worked in numerous departments on too many projects to list. After so much time spent in the proverbial trenches with our clients, in 2016 she became a Sales Executive and excels at making personal connections with her accounts and helping them grow.

As a start-up back in 2011, it took us a while to grow to the point where we needed a full-time HR position. In September 2013, we hired Heather Alkire as our Human Resources Manager. With the addition of staff-centered programs like an employee of the month selected by staff and a monthly employee luncheon to strengthen our team’s bond, she helped cement our corporate policies and influence our corporate culture. In January 2014, she was promoted to VP of Human Resources.

Technology is the backbone on our business and we leverage it to provide our customers with the best possible fulfillment experience that today’s technology can support. Vivian Long came to us in 2015 and was hired on as VP of Technology. With over 26 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, she was a perfect choice to keep our systems state-of-the-art and running securely for our clients.

From staff originally hired for a warehouse position that have transitioned into administrative roles, to promoting from within whenever possible, at FDC, we strive to always have the best team in place. If you’d like to join us, email

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