As has grown over theyears, our founder and CEO, Justin Singletary, has always made every effort to‘give back’ in gratitude of our success. This has taken many forms such as Toysfor Tots drives, sponsoring charities both local and global, and assisting thosein need in many ways. Justin is the heart of  His unwavering commitment to pay forward theblessings that have been bestowed upon him is the foundation’s many charitable ventures. Justin is also a humble man. So, hemay not like it much when we say such nice things about him, but to understandWHY we give the way we do, you must know that we are led from the top to begivers.

It is not often that a company, public orprivate, chooses to demonstrate faith in action. Justin Singletary is proud to boldly share his faith by supporting missions to further God’s Kingdom. Check and you’ll see two organizations that we have supported in the past. Advocates of Love, a Christian orphanage in the Dominican Republic, and Companions for Heroes, an organization that provides a trained canine companion to Veterans and First Responders with PTSD. Both organizations have a purpose that is close to our hearts. This year we are proud to announce that we are adding a neworganization to our list.

When Justin was first introduced to Nathanand his family through mutual friends, he heard Nathan’s story and knew without doubt that he wanted to support their purpose. We’d like to share with you why we’ve chosen to support this organization.

From a horrific tragedy turned testimony, along with overcoming the traumas of a troubled youth, Nathan Harmon International Ministries was born. Soon to follow was his other company YourLife Speaks, which focuses on youth mental health. In his younger years Nathan battled divorced parents, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, alcohol and drug addictions, bulimia, and after a tragic accident, eventually jail. During this time of darkness, heartache, and soul searching, he met the Grace of God, and his life was forever changed.

Dedicating himself to spread the Good News and the lessons he had learned, Nathan travelled extensive over the years. However, the family often stayed home, and had not been able to spend as much time together as they would have liked. Then Covid hit in early 2020, and between school assemblies, Mental health events, and Ministry events, over 100 commitments were cancelled leaving Nathan and his family without the income they had relied on. They recognized this as a sign that it was time to rest and reset as a family. So, they packed up a tent and ended up spending 50 days camping in the wilderness to seek God’s further direction. At the end of their time in the Arizona desert, they had a clearer picture of what they needed to do. So, with prayer and wise counsel, they went home, sold everything, and prepared to be a full-time Ministry family on the road. At this point, with the Covid restrictions on large gatherings, income was scarce, but they fully believed that God would provide, and He did! While their search for an RV had initially been fruitless and discouraging, within weeks they received a call from some friends who felt led to gift them their own RV.

Nathan and his family were then what they now call a “Wilderness Driven Family”, living full time on the road, solely focused on God’s mission for them. Let me share what that means in Nathan’s words. “In the Bible, the wilderness is a place God uses powerfully to keep people truly surrendered to Him. Jesus, Israel during the exodus, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, and the list can go on of examples. The wilderness mindset is learning to daily lay down self-preservation and truly learn to trust God for all things.”

Justin’s attitude of gratitude and giving is expressed and acted upon throughout We are truly blessed to be a blessing. As a company we know that our primary goal is to support e-commerce entrepreneurs in building their dreams. In doing so, we strive to have an impact not only in our Industry by supporting our clients’ dreams, but also in the world by supporting organizations with Kingdom dreams.

To that end, will be Hosting 2 FREE Jesus Meetings in March next year with Nathan Harmon International Ministries. The first event will be in Brunswick, GA from March 15th-17th. The second event will be in Savannah, GA from March 22nd-24th. Our purpose is to provide attendees a free meal to feed the body, along with a Worship Band and Nathan’s ministering to feed the soul.

If you are interested in attending or supporting the event, contact Tammy at , or stay tuned to the page for updated information!

We hope and pray that during this Season of Giving you are blessed to be a blessing as well.

The Team

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