High Volume Worldwide Ecommerce Fulfillment

Fulfillment.com (FDC) helps you reduce your shipping costs, automate your fulfillment, and expand into new markets.

An UNMATCHED D2C/B2C Ecommerce Value Proposition

99.9973% of all orders shipped with the correct product.
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99.8213% of all orders shipped the same day they are received.
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99.9997% of all orders shipped to FDC client provided addresses.
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On average, FDC's fulfillment pricing is 39% less than AmazonFBA.
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Most Efficient Network in the USA

Split your inventory across the USA to reduce the distance between your products and your customer

A simple graphic indicating how the 3 strategic distribution centers of Fulfillment.com ensure that 99.7% of all continental US orders are delivered within 1-2 days by ground.
A simple graphic indicating that Fulfillment.com 68% of orders are delivered the next day to the continental US population by ground.

From our Kansas City Center, we can make ground delivery in 1-3 days to 99% of the continental US population and 1-2 days by ground to 60% of the continental US population

A US map indicating the strategic locations of warehouses.
A dashed red line showing the Kansas City location is in the heart of USA.A dashed red line showing the Kansas City location is in the heart of USA.

Fulfillment.com's US Network Offers our Clients Three Attractive Options

Ship from all four fulfillment centers for the fastest possible delivery at the lowest possible cost. Considering zone-based postage rates, our data indicates that shipping from all four centers as much as 50% less expensive than shipping from one center--- with 50% faster delivery.

Ship from 1, 2 or 3 centers to provide fast, inexpensive delivery to your geographic customer concentrations.

Ship from Fulfillment.com in Kansas City to cover the entire continental US population in 1-3 days.

In July, the Wall Street Journal reported,

“About 47% of merchants in a recent survey said they spend more than 10% of an order's total value on shipping...

and 41% said the rising cost of shipping was the biggest challenge for their business in 2022”. By getting closer to your customers, Fulfillment.com reduces “last mile”expense with lower zones and simultaneously increases delivery speed.


McKinsey & Company reports that its research shows that when delivery times are too long, almost half of omnichannel consumers will shop elsewhere. As for how long is too long, we’ve found that more than 90 percent of US online shoppers expect free two- to three-day shipping.

Fulfillment.com has reduced delivery times and postage/freight expense for our clients by as much as 50%.

Our international footprint includes fulfillment centers in Mississauga, CA; Birmingham, UK; Neuwied, DE and Melbourne, AU. Fulfillment.com’s order management system automatically selects the most efficient fulfillment center with inventory from which to ship --- worldwide.

Fulfillment.com serves many Amazon sellers!  We are already integrated with Amazon marketplaces in the US, CA, AU the UK and the EU for FBM.  FBA is currently charging $0.83/cubic foot/month for product storage January through September, and an amazing $2.40/cubic foot/month October through December. Fulfillment.com charges no more than $0.47/cubic foot/month January through December. Over an entire year, storage at Fufillment.com is no less than 61% less expensive than FBA.

Many of our clients are multichannel marketers, and sell their products on their own website, in addition to marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Some even dropship B2C orders through online retailers including Walmart.com, Wayfair and others.  Consequently, Fulfillment.com is the ideal storage location for all inventory for multichannel marketers.  We have highly competitive storage rates and we are already integrated with more than 70 of the world’s top e-commerce shopping carts, CRM, ERP, marketplaces and retail drop shippers.  Fulfillment.com will ship all of your multichannel orders and we will replenish your Amazon FBA inventories at your direction. The next time that Amazon arbitrarily stops receiving and/or shipping your products, you can simply switch to FBM and Fulfillment.com will ship your Amazon orders, too!

Let us Prove Our Value Proposition to you. (It's Easy)

Fulfillment.com ("FDC") has found that the majority (67%) of our clients' total spend with Fulfillment.com is postage and freight.  Reducing the transit distance of our client's customer orders reduces their postage expense and provides faster delivery to their customers.

In 2018, FDC undertook extensive research to determine the fewest possible US locations required to deliver to 99% of our clients' continental US customers in 1-2 days by inexpensive ground transport.  The "fewest" because our clients are highly sensitive to inventory carrying costs. We noted that aside from some subscription e-tailers, no internet retailer can accurately predict tomorrow's customer orders by product and consignee. So, to take full advantage of multiple fulfillment centers, all SKUs must be stocked in all fulfillment centers.  While the concept of using 10, 20 or even 50 US fulfillment centers might be enticing from the perspective of faster delivery to customers, the prospect of stocking those centers with all SKUs financially defeats the concept.

FDC's research enabled us to determine that we could deliver our clients' products to 99.97% of their continental US customers in 1-2 days by inexpensive ground transport from only 3 fulfillment centers in Allentown, PA; Kansas City, MO; and Salt Lake City, UT.  When we add our headquarters fulfillment center in Savannah, GA, we can deliver to 68% of continental US consumers next-day by ground.

How do we demonstrate the amazing power of the Fulfillment.com US network?

We offer a simple exercise to determine if Fulfillment.com can offer worthwhile savings to your business...  We ask for an MS Excel spreadsheet with only the weights, zip codes and postage amounts paid for the last month's outbound shipments for which you have a total spend number.  We do not need your customers' names or product details.  Once we have this data, we will price all of those shipments with our postage rates from the most efficient combination of FDC fulfillment centers. When the exercise is complete, you may compare your  actual spend for that month to the total that Fulfillment.com offers --- and then you’ll know.

Depending on customer locations, Fulfillment.com has reduced delivery times and postage expense by as much as 50%.

Read what our clients say

Most likely the best fulfillment company in the Unites States!

(5 of 5) Awesome!

Not only they have among the lowest prices in the industry (storage + picking &packing + shipping rates), but they go out of their way to make sure you're happy and all of your business needs are met.


Activation Products

Our experience with Fulfillment.com has been excellent! We have had a lot of support from our account manager and even when we have run into bumps along the way, we have had quick and efficient guidance and assistance to overcome them.

Balticnano Technologies

I'm using this fulfillment center about 3 months and I can say they are doing a great job. I get professional manager that complete any of my tasks or advises how to solve any problem! Price reasonable for the fully done job.

Best Desu

The Fulfillment.com team is professional and very helpful. BestDesu.com's order accuracy is spot-on, and Fulfillment.com provides faster delivery times and better shipping rates than our previous vendor. As our business continues to grow, we trust Fulfillment.com to


I have been working with Fulfillment.com in Canada for about 5 years now. In the beginning, I had a few issues and actually thought of going elsewhere. After talking with them about the issues, they assured me that they would use my feedback to improve and that is exactly why I recommend them.

Bro Labs

Have used Fulfillment.com for the past couple of years to process both our domestic and international orders and they've always done a good job. Great company and great people.


In a recent comparison by fitsmallbusiness.com of Amazon, Fulfillment.com, and Shipwire, Fulfillment.com was ranked #1 for order fulfillment services. The ranking was based upon three key factors: Fulfillment.com has the lowest costs, integrates with all major e-commerce.

Meze Audio

Best Shipping service in the US!!! We tried various fulfillment centers but, in the end, they are the best. The staff is friendly and prompt in answering and heling us out with any issues that may occur.

Optimal Health & Wellness

A fantastic partner to work & grow your business with. Although our company has partnered with them since their initial launch, I have only been interacting with them for about three years now.


At Prizeo, we use Fulfillment.com to inventory and ship gift rewards to financial supporters of our crowd-funded campaigns. FDC’s order accuracy, quick turn-around times, and affordable shipping rates continue to exceed our expectations!

Speciesism: The Movie

Fulfillment.com has provided reliable service for our product's orders across the United States and Australia. Its system is easy to use, and its representatives are fully responsive to our questions and requests.

Thigh Society

As an online business, we've been very satisfied using Fulfillment.com as our 3PL for the last (almost) 4 years. Customer service is *top notch* and orders ship out pretty much on time with very few exceptions. Also, very low fees considering the high level of service.

Verified Customer

Just Awesome! It is a pleasure to be working with them, and the satisfaction is definitely over delivered. Not only is the client service promptly, but their overall deliverability with complete mannerism and professionalism is #1.

Verified Customer

As a merchant for skin care products, I am extremely satisfied with how quick they can turn around on campaign adjustments. Communication is key in this industry and they sure have mastered it. They def. deserve a 5 star review.

Verified Customer

I enjoyed working with Fulfillment, to me, they are efficient and effective. As a client to them, I felt like I have been taking good care by them. Fast in response to all my enquiry. Appreciate their effort.

Verified Customer

Very informative staff and easy to work with. Sales was extremely helpful and replied to all inquiries quickly and professionally.

Verified Customer

Fulfiment.com has proven to be a good solution to handle my orders off my website in Woo-commerce in the US and Europe for my company gmofreevitamins.com They've worked with me along the way to tailor their solutions to my needs.