Ecommerce Fulfillment Services (FDC) is committed to making worldwide fulfillment easy. By combining customized technology with outstanding customer service, we are able to achieve this goal and distinguish ourselves from other Ecommerce fulfillment companies. Just as you’re the authority on your business, at FDC, we’re experts at Ecommerce fulfillment services worldwide. We manage your orders, liberating you to concentrate on what’s central to your business. We are integrated with the industry’s top CRM and Ecommerce platforms, so you can trust outsourcing all of your fulfillment services to FDC. In fact, there are very few aspects of your business that we can’t take care of for you! FDC’s reputable technology and resources let you gain the benefit of our top-tier tech without making a hefty investment that needs continual upgrades. As a third party logistics company (3PL), allows our customers to alleviate infrastructure overhead expenses and re-invest in their core business.

Retail, wholesale, and institutional shipments necessitate a comprehensive order management system and FDC’s proprietary technology simplifies the Ecommerce order fulfillment process. Our warehouses utilize sophisticated equipment that works in concert with our custom technology. FDC’s system flexibility accommodates any level of shipping volume, so whether you’re a business-to-business (B2B) shipper outfitting national retail chains, a small electronics manufacturer equipping niche catalogs, a higher-education institution providing branded school supplies, or are somewhere in the middle, we can capably handle your business.

How The Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Process Works

At FDC, we understand the processes and sales cycles of the Ecommerce industry. B2B orders tend to be made in a logical fashion, with more than one person at a company influencing the purchase, and the purchase meeting a business need. Business-to-consumer (B2C) orders, by their very nature of being a consumer purchase, tend to be more emotionally-driven, i.e., the consumer seeks to satisfy a want rather than a need (look no further than the proliferation of weight loss products promising results with no dieting or exercise to see the reality of this). The differences in buying cycles and reasons are as varied as the products offered, but has the warehouse capacity and technological logistics infrastructure, along with key API and Ecommerce platform integrations, to easily manage both types of sales. As your orders increase, helps you market your product to more customers by expanding your global reach. FDC’s system sends a daily email inventory alert to help you manage your product supply. Our developers take the time to listen to our customers and implement system features that facilitate the Ecommerce order fulfillment process from start to finish.

Not All Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies Are Equal

Many Ecommerce fulfillment companies claim that they offer the comprehensive services you need, but only truly delivers on that promise. Logistics and supply chain management are responsibilities that take up a majority of company staff time and energy. has an established global infrastructure of facilities to dominate worldwide fulfillment–we do all of the heavy lifting for you! Avoid the expense of workers compensation, as well as hiring and overseeing staff, and let FDC’s able crew get working for you. Your product is inventoried at an facility, ready to be picked, packed, and shipped within minutes of receiving orders. Our method of pick, pack, and ship is perfect for the Ecommerce order fulfillment process, which relies on order accuracy and attention to detail while requiring orders be filled within 24 hours. If you’re managing shipments yourself and delivery lead times are tipping the scale at over 24 hours since receipt, let FDC’s experts manage your orders and knowledgeably oversee your business expansion. Inventory receiving processes require a strict protocol rotating stock for First In, First Out (FIFO) product management and more. FDC’s custom order management system allows our warehouse team to practice these essential procedures. customers can access their inventory 24/7 through our dashboard, providing them with the ability to manage inventory anywhere and anytime. Connecting with saves you the cost and time of implementing new systems and services yourself.

What To Look For In An Ecommerce Fulfillment Center

Every one of FDC’s Ecommerce fulfillment centers can also manage product returns for you as part of our all-inclusive services. Our Returns team use both a visual inspection and physical checklist of specific qualifications to determine product suitability for inventory return at each of our worldwide Ecommerce fulfillment centers. Once product is deemed acceptable and returned to inventory, it is automatically added into the system and displayed via the dashboard. Disposal systems are in place for damaged, open returns.

Most companies that start out modest, focusing only on B2C orders, strive to ultimately expand into wholesale, or B2B, orders via large retail chains, TV shopping networks, catalogs, even reality TV shows like Shark Tank. These higher volume sales channels present challenges different than smaller, B2C orders. At FDC, we specialize in both B2C and B2B orders, handling the logistics and back end of our customers’ businesses—while providing rapid, accurate order processing and excellent customer service—regardless of the shipping volume. If you are not staffed to adequately deliver product, the result can be improperly packed or shipped orders, revenue loss, and even irate customers. Poorly executed campaigns can have a negative impact on your business, but preserves your brand reliability with our exceptional customer service.

Additionally, as a company expands from B2C orders into higher volume B2B orders, enables them to be operational almost instantly: the customer simply enters their new SKUs and integrates their CRM or Ecommerce platform to our system, which then automatically allocates warehouse space. Our group of global Ecommerce fulfillment centers allows our customers to quickly scale and expand into international markets and our dedicated shipping department continually works with our carriers to ensure we have the best shipping rates in the industry while offering a variety of ground and air options. FDC’s facilities are purposely adjacent to parcel hubs in North America and the UK, saving you time and money by reducing transit times and getting your product into your customer’s hands more quickly than other Ecommerce fulfillment centers.

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