Fulfillment Warehousing Services

When your business increases to the point that it can no longer be handled by just you and a few key employees, it’s time to contact Fulfillment.com (FDC) for warehousing and fulfillment services. Fulfillment.com offers warehouses around the world, unparalleled customer service, progressive technology, and amazing shipping prices. Don’t allow delayed orders to impact the reputation you have worked so hard to attain. When your order volume outpaces your ability to get shipments processed and completed within a day’s time, it’s essential to utilize FDC’s unbeatable services. FDC’s warehouse professionals provide all of the tools you need to electronically pass over orders and start shipping in no time. You and your staff will finally have time to catch your breath and focus on your core business concerns! Your customers have come to depend on the level of service you provide and when you transition your warehousing and fulfillment needs to FDC, your customers’ expectations will continue to be not just met but exceeded through our expertise.

Which Fulfillment Warehousing Services Are Right For You?

A recent study published by Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2018, purchases made from mobile devices, or m-commerce, will be just about on par with the total E-commerce sales for 2013 of $638 billion. Furthermore, m-commerce purchases will continue driving sales away from larger sites like Amazon and eBay to smaller, “curated,” sales sites like Etsy, OneKingsLane, Zuilily, and Wayfair. If your business supports a niche market of E-commerce and is also adaptable to m-commerce, Fulfillment.com can adroitly and effectively process all of your orders. Our technology integrates with the industry’s principal E-commerce shopping cart programs and CRMs and continues to evolve as new improvements come online. Our technology foundation and infrastructure become your best competitive advantage.

FDC’s global facilities work together to make worldwide fulfillment easy for you. Whether you’re shipping from the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, or Australia, Fulfillment.com delivers your products to your customers in the quickest and most cost-effective method. FDC’s seasoned Shipping team keeps close tabs on the latest industry trends and upholds friendly relationships with all of FDC’s vendors and carriers. The combined shipments of our global warehouses enable us to negotiate the best shipping rates in the industry. Our site locations are deliberately mapped out near central postal hubs, so Fulfillment.com gets your packages into the postage process quicker than the competition.

As well as our shipping acumen, Fulfillment.com is well-versed in the intricacies of customs, domestic vs international shipments, imports and exports, etc.; we can help you navigate the complex sea of global shipping rules, policies, and laws. FDC, and our highly-qualified consultants, also stay current with US and international regulatory agencies, whether they relate to shipping and exports, ingredients (including banned ingredients and ingredient-related health claims), packaging requirements (for example, dual language French and English for products manufactured and distributed in Canada), and more. FDC’s knowledgeable team saves you from hours spent researching these specialized areas of global regulations affecting your business.

Categorizing The Types Of Warehousing and Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillment.com offers turnkey services for E-commerce retail and wholesale order fulfillment. By simply sending Fulfillment.com a list of product SKUs, then integrating their CRM, our customers are just steps away from going live with a campaign. Fulfillment.com makes you operational in virtually no time and our adaptable technology model can accommodate rapid volume increases as easily as steady, daily order growth. Best of all, you can take advantage of our volume shipping discounts regardless of the volumes you are shipping.

Many companies specialize in one or two areas of logistics and fulfillment services, but at FDC, we provide a comprehensive suite of services at each of our global warehouses. From well-defined receiving parameters for shipping your inventory to an Fulfillment.com facility, to a user-friendly dashboard walk-through with your dedicated Account Manager, to order fulfillment, supplementary campaign management, and even returns processing, Fulfillment.com skillfully manages your business’s order fulfillment needs. FDC’s Receiving team spells out the exact requirements for receiving your shipment at an Fulfillment.com fulfillment facility. These warehousing gurus aim to unpack a pallet in 15 minutes or less, checking inventory against the packing list and/or Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), pulling QA samples as directed by you, and allocating your product to its specific, designated warehouse location.

Selecting the Right Fulfillment Facility

FDC’s technology tools streamline order uploads via CRM or E-commerce platform integration, CSV upload, or even manual order input via our system interface, providing real time reporting and inventory tracing 24/7. FDC’s system creates an email alert once a day including inventory levels and anticipated depletion rates based on current orders and shipping volume statistics. When our Returns department receives returned product, they perform a detailed visual check of all unopened, undamaged products to determine whether or not the product can be returned to inventory. If the product is acceptable, it is returned to the system and immediately viewable in inventory via our dashboard. Customers can get an overview of their account activity at any time, accessing data on inventory, products shipped, orders grouped, product returns, postage costs, and more.

How Fulfillment Warehouses Differ

When completing E-commerce orders, attention to detail is paramount and FDC’s pick, pack, and ship method is perfectly suited to match this need. FDC’s team provides a variety of supplemental fulfillment services, from same day order fulfillment, to completion of catalog and E-commerce orders, to donor recognition deliveries on crowd-source funded campaigns, to delivery of promotional and premium articles, to subscription services including issue inserts, poly-bagging, and distributions for contest winners. Additional services entail complete product assembly and kitting services, including individually bubble-wrapping fragile items and grouping separate product items into one, specialized package; product labeling; pallet co-packing and shrink wrapping; and pallet break down and re-wrapping. FDC’s facilities are operationally optimized for the rapid processing of small parcels. By allowing Fulfillment.com to manage your business, we can help you grow your market share, expand your international reach, and strengthen your business brand, all while contributing to your bottom line.

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