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So you’ve got a great product and your Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales are really picking up. You’re at a fork in the road with one path leading to staying the course and remaining moderately-sized, and the other pointing in a new direction of scaling your business to expand your market, increase shipping volumes, and grow internationally. What happens next if you take the latter path? To start with, you’ll want to contact FDC. At FDC, we improve the processes you are already performing by increasing your order scale and adding automated systems to reduce the amount of time between order placement and delivery. When your business is ready to expand to the next level, but you don’t want to finance a full warehouse and manage the consequent staffing issues, logistics, and expenses, turn to FDC. Regardless of what products you are shipping or how many orders you ship, Fulfillment.com can make worldwide fulfillment a reality for your business.

The Key Fulfillment Services You Need

Selling Business-to-Consumer (B2C) is fairly easy for a one-person operation to handle order shipments, but your ultimate goal as a business is to profitably expand, and sometimes the impetus for growth comes all at once, making you an overnight sensation. You never know how the chain of events will unfold: maybe someone sees your product or buys it for a friend who then posts it to their blog which then goes viral and people around the world are suddenly clamoring for your product. FDC’s system is designed to scale and adapts to surges in shipping and increased, sustained heavy E-commerce traffic without its servers crashing. When your business jumps to that next level and Business-to-Business (B2B) sales orders are rolling in, Fulfillment.com handles your orders without missing a beat because our customized technology is designed to adjust right alongside your order volumes. FDC’s advanced technology is just one of the numerous advantages that we provide for our customers every day. Our Development team is continually upgrading and coding our tech so you can rely on Fulfillment.com to always have the latest advancements available.

Now that you’re ready to take on the world, let FDC’s globally-linked warehouses store your inventory and ship your orders. Depending on where your products are shipping, our Account Management team will work with you to determine the best Fulfillment.com facility location for your inventory and our system automatically recommends the lowest cost and fastest shipment options based on your order’s final destination. Fulfillment.com even offers same day order fulfillment in most cases. You’ll receive daily email reports of your inventory and order history, helping you maintain your supply against order demands.

The Most Important Fulfillment Service You Might Be Overlooking

When you are ready to outsource your fulfillment demands, an essential consideration should be to partner with a third party logistics, or 3PL, provider. Fulfillment.com offers 3PL warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services from each of its facilities, including real time reporting, web-based inventory management, order management and processing, inventory storage, forwarding of freight shipments, and processing of product returns. Our system of pick, pack, and ship is ideal for small package shipments of E-commerce orders and Fulfillment.com warrants shipping discounts based on the combined volumes of our global shipment volume. From A to Z, Fulfillment.com takes the worry out of managing your logistics and allows you to focus on your principal business. Working with FDC, an industry leader, is the easiest decision you can make today!

How Does The Service Fulfillment Process Work?

Need fulfillment services? Simply contact Fulfillment.com to get a quote. Once we have a signed agreement and deposit (the deposit will ultimately be credited against your initial fulfillment service and shipping costs), we’ll provide all of the receiving details necessary for you, or your manufacturer, to ship us your products. When your shipment arrives at any Fulfillment.com facility, our efficient Receiving team will compare it to the packing register, visually check it, and complete a product count to ensure everything is correct before moving your product into its designated storage location. Once your product is in-house, you can either connect to our system via your E-commerce platform or CRM, upload a CSV file of orders, or use FDC’s admin interface to manually add orders. As orders are received, Fulfillment.com is committed to completing and shipping them within 24 hours. Located near parcel processing hubs, FDC’s facilities move your orders into the postal stream with the least amount of transit time, enabling your customers to receive your product as quickly as possible and saving you time and money.

From catalog orders, E-commerce shipments, targeted giving levels for acknowledging campaign donors to a crowd-funded project, to shipments of premium and promotional items, our competent Warehouse team handles it all for our customers. Additional offerings include: complete package and product kitting and assembly (even fragile, special-order, odd-sized, and high-value items); labeling products; pallet shrink wrapping; packaging; pack-outs; and bulk product break-down. Ask about our additional services, such as including product inserts in your bubble mailer or box, affixing specialty labels or stickers to your product, and more. Whether you have a simple-to-pack product needing just a padded envelope or pre-assembled box, or a customizable set of items requiring a variety of packaging options, FDC’s staff can easily satisfy your individual packaging and shipping conditions.

Fulfillment.com covers your product from end-to-end, beginning when we receive it into inventory to when it is delivered to the consumer, and we also handle product returns for our customers. FDC’s customers utilize our volume shipping discounts, enabling them to then offer their clients a variety of shipping options based on shortest delivery time, least expensive delivery option, tracking availability, and more. Our Shipping team has close relationships with all Fulfillment.com vendors and carriers, ensuring that we are always striving for—and attaining—the next available discount threshold for our global shipping volumes. Whether you are seeking piecemeal fulfillment services or a full suite of offerings to benefit you, your business, your customers, and your bottom line, Fulfillment.com is the best choice you can make. Simply contact Fulfillment.com to get a quote.

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