Fulfillment.com (FDC) provides our customers with a network of worldwide warehouses from which you can store and ship your products. Whether you are shipping orders from the US to the UK, UK to Australia, Canada to US, or anywhere in between, FDC’s global fulfillment services have you covered and most orders ship within 24 hours of receipt. You can manage your account from one, user-friendly dashboard, and view your inventory levels, outgoing order shipments, product returns, and more–all in real-time. FDC’s intuitive system even analyzes your shipment’s destination and recommends the most cost-effective and speedy delivery method based on your inventory levels and locations. Our cutting-edge technology and over-the-top customer service set us apart from any other company offering international fulfillment services.

FDC’s comprehensive suite of global fulfillment services is optimized for small parcel deliveries, including promotional/premiums shipments, crowd-source funded campaign giving level segmentation deliveries, E-commerce and catalog purchases, business to business (B2B) sales, business to consumer (B2C) orders, product/package assembly and kitting, co-packing and shrink wrapping, and more. FDC’s third party logistics (3PL) expertise and order management system ensure that our customers’ orders are accurate, delivered quickly, and with excellent customer service. Our address validation system is one of our global fulfillment services that saves our customers money on a daily basis by eliminating bad address shipments and the subsequent chargebacks. FDC’s order grouping tool is another of our service offerings which routinely classifies multiple items ordered by the same customer/address and assigns them to a single shipment, saving our customers from paying for excess packaging and incurring multiple shipping & handling fees. FDC’s Returns team evaluates product returns to determine whether or not an item can be returned to stock. If it is unopened and undamaged, the item is returned to stock and immediately included in the Fulfillment.com system inventory that our customers can access 24/7.

Are International Fulfillment Services Right For Your Business?

Fulfillment.com is well-versed in the intricacies of international fulfillment services, worldwide shipping, customs, Value-Added-Taxes (VATs), and the myriad of reasons a shipment could be held up, so we can help you avoid common international shipping pitfalls. Domestically, we stay abreast of updates from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other regulatory agencies, and internationally, no detail is too big or small to escape our comprehensive knowledge base. From calculating and declaring a shipment’s value to the foreign language requirements of product packaging, our expertise in worldwide fulfillment services is a benefit that our customers value and routinely utilize. We save you the headache of staying current on these ever-changing rules and regulations and ensure your product is compliant to ship and be distributed from any of FDC’s warehouses. FDC’s distribution center in Savannah, Georgia (USA) is US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) registered. FDC’s distribution center in Mississauga,Canada is Health Canada registered.

FDC’s facilities are advantageously located near parcel processing centers in the US, Canada, and the UK. This may seem like a small detail, but it adds up to big savings for our customers, both in time and money. As they say in real estate, location is everything, and that statement applies to global fulfillment centers as well. By intentionally-situating our warehouses, we maximize carriers’ schedules and inject your orders into the ground and air shipment processes faster, which means your customers get their orders faster, too—usually 2 to 4 days within ordering for most domestic ground orders. FDC’s variety of shipping options balance low cost and quick delivery times, something your customers definitely value. Research shows that online shoppers expect numerous shipping options from which to choose: most often, free or low-cost shipping is the common denominator, but when a customer wants to ship a last-minute birthday or holiday gift, expediency of delivery usually trumps low shipping cost. Further statistical break-downs by generations of shoppers also impact these results and with more and more consumers making purchases from smart phones and tablets, the preference for the most immediate gratification of shipments increases. Likewise, ease of product returns is one of the international fulfillment services that Fulfillment.com provides for our customers. Return policies can be an influencing factor for purchases and with FDC’s trained Returns team handling this process for our clients, we help mitigate against cart abandonment issues based on poor return policies.

Ship Anywhere With FDC’s Global Fulfillment Centers

FDC’s extensive range of global fulfillment centers enables our customers to grow their market share by quickly scaling their business to expand into new, international markets virtually overnight. E-commerce and the ease of internet shopping make reaching new customers easier than ever before. By offering facilities around the globe, Fulfillment.com makes it possible for our customers to target new markets and quickly ship orders worldwide. Once our customer is ready to activate a campaign, they need only send us the product SKUs, integrate with our API, and our Account Management team handles the rest of the details from there, mapping their product SKUs, getting them operational and ready to ship from any of FDC’s international fulfillment centers. Once products are shipped to an Fulfillment.com facility, whether directly from our customer or from their manufacturer, FDC’s Inventory team receives product shipments and allocates them to specific client inventory areas. They are usually added into inventory within 24 hours of receipt and ready to go out the door from one of FDC’s global fulfillment centers as soon as orders are received.

FDC’s Shipping team maintains close tabs on industry trends and price fluctuations, leveraging the shipment volumes from our international fulfillment centers to ensure low shipping rates on all ground and air options. The recent announcement that FedEx and UPS are transitioning to dimensional shipping weight charges has the potential to be a game-changer for many businesses, but by staying ahead of the curve and negotiating our rates with the carriers based on our volumes around the world, we still come out ahead and save our customers more money than if they coordinated shipments directly themselves. Additionally, since Fulfillment.com specializes in small parcel shipments, the impact from dimensional pricing will be minimal to us and, by extension, customers utilizing our services.

Interested in international markets for your products but not sure where to start? Wishing you could expand your business to other countries but unsure about customs and what is considered imports vs. exports? Thinking that all of your competitors are doing a better job expanding than you? Wondering how to get more international traffic and orders for your E-commerce site? Are growing your brand, sales, and shipments all part of your business plan but you don’t know how to execute these goals? The time to act is now!  Contact Fulfillment.com today. Trust our expertise and put FDC’s to work for you.

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