Fulfillment.com’s (FDC) international logistics infrastructure and global warehouses makes worldwide fulfillment easy for a variety of industries. Here is a list of the major industries served by FDC. Don’t see your industry represented? Contact us today to see how Fulfillment.com can meet your fulfillment needs!

Business to Business (B2B)

Retail, wholesale, and institutional shipments necessitate a comprehensive order management system. FDC’s proprietary technology simplifies B2B distribution and can handle the higher shipment volumes that B2B orders typically generate. B2B and B2C are two key Ecommerce industries best served by FDC’s pick, pack, and ship process. Our system provides daily inventory updates to mitigate backorders and shipping delays due to lack of products.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

FDC’s integration with the industry’s major CRM and e-commerce platforms allows our B2C customers to enjoy automated order management at its finest or manually upload orders (through CSV or custom creation) for which we pick, pack, and ship product to complete the cycle. Our system provides a full suite of real time reporting on your orders, inventory, and returns, 24/7.

Collectibles / Memorabilia

Specialty sports memorabilia and other unique collectibles require the additional security and warehouse accessibility checks and balances that Fulfillment.com provides. Whether you are an individual selling one-of-a-kind signed baseball cards or a company specializing in sourcing and selling collectibles on a large scale, Fulfillment.com treats your priceless items with kid gloves, ensuring your customer receives them in the best condition possible. As an added benefit, we offer shipping insurance options for your customer’s peace of mind when purchasing a high dollar, collectible item.


FDC’s membership in the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) allows us to leverage the expertise of this proven industry segment while offering DRTV customers turnkey order processing and the ability to focus on their core business. Our dashboard is accessible 24/7 and allows FDC customers to view their inventory, orders shipped, product returns, and more. Successful DRTV campaigns appeal directly to consumers and partnering with Fulfillment.com for your warehousing and fulfillment needs can contribute to your campaign’s overall profitability by saving you time and money.


We provide a full range of subscription features for the publishing industries we serve, who print numerous paid and free subscriptions. A few examples of FDC’s provisions to the publishing industries we serve include coordinating premium give-aways, contest winner prize distribution, poly-bag inserts, special cover additions, and more.

CDs & DVDs

Whether you are selling workout DVDs, provide a DVD club membership service, or are liquidating inventory, our relationships with shipping carriers provide FDC’s customers with the most cost-effective and expedient delivery of all of CD and DVD-related goods. Fulfillment.com is optimized to serve industries that rely on small parcel deliveries, so we can save you the overheard expense of warehousing your product and provide great shipping rates whether you are shipping 50 DVDs per day or 50,000.

Pet Products

Pet products, from organic treats to toys for keeping Fluffy or Rex entertained, are growing exponentially as more and more pets attain family member status. After we “fetch” the orders, we will make sure that your customers get their “paws” on the package in no time!


The skin and beauty industries are experiencing exponential growth as consumers seek everything from self-tanning products to avoid sun exposure, to anti-aging products for repairing previous skin damage, to dry shampoos, cellulite-fighting creams, and anything else that promises to help keep the aging process at bay. Our Regulatory department keeps abreast of these industries, staying current on what ingredients are acceptable, what ingredients are banned, what product formulas can ship to which countries, and all of the other information required to keep our customers compliant regardless of the countries to which they are shipping products.

Crowd-Funded Campaigns

Crowd-funded campaigns are changing the way products and ideas are financed. Fulfillment.com serves this growing industry by partnering with such campaigns where subscribers receive an early copy or special edition of the work being funded, managing the campaign’s logistics of order fulfillment from A to Z.


People are always going to need clothes, and the apparel industry is one that Fulfillment.com serves from head to toe! From intimate apparel and undergarments to t-shirts, hats, and everything wearable in-between, FDC’s team offers quality control and product inspection for every order shipped. We handle the logistics for each size, color, and item option, allowing our customers to focus on growing their core business and orders.

Small Electronics

From ice cream and coffee makers to USB drives, cell phone product accessories, and more, FDC’s relationships with shipping consolidators provide customers with the most cost-effective options of direct induction to USPS processing centers for managing small parcels.


High dollar items, from cuff links to magnetic therapy bracelets, require the additional security and warehouse accessibility checks and balances that Fulfillment.com provides. Fulfillment.com treats your luxury items with kid gloves, ensuring your customers receive them in the best possible condition and a packaging manner befitting the value of their purchase.

Fragrance Collections

When celebrities launch a fragrance line, their distributors trust Fulfillment.com to fulfill their orders quickly and accurately. For fragile items like glass perfume bottles, our Inventory team takes extra precautions to ensure the items are packaged to protect their fragile materials.


For unusual size and weight shipments, Fulfillment.com leverages its relationships with shipping consolidators to provide customers with the most cost-effective options of direct induction to USPS processing centers. Whether you are an Etsy seller of hand-crafted purses, a wholesaler of TSA-approved baggage, or anything in between, Fulfillment.com can handle your shipments, regardless of shipping volumes.


Whether you are shipping dietary supplements, energy shots, or anything in between, our Regulatory department will review your product formula and label to ensure compliancy based on the guidelines of whatever country to which you are shipping products. Our receiving process and sampling requirements insure auditability and transparency, as well as accountability. The health and beauty markets are constantly changing industries served by Fulfillment.com that continue to evolve based on the latest regulatory rulings. FDC’s Regulatory team stays up-to-date on these changes and helps our customers navigate the complicated arena of product compliance and nutraceutical product efficacy claims.

E-Cigarettes/Vapor Kits

This booming market is perfect for outsourcing to FDC. We specialize in B2C customers shipping small parcels in large volumes. Whether you are selling complete kits, replacement parts, flavored “smoke juice” or any other related devices and supplies, Fulfillment.com can help keep your time and money from going up in smoke!

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