Kitting and Assembly (FDC) provides top-notch product kitting and assembly. Let our Packaging team compile your individual products into ready-to-ship sets. Completed kits are stored with your inventory and mapped to a specific SKU distinct from those assigned to the individual products that may be shipped separately. For example, one customer may just wish to purchase a bottle of facial lotion, while another may take advantage of your site’s offer of free shipping if they add toner and soap to their order. In the first example, the facial lotion would ship by itself and be mapped to one SKU, and in the second example, the facial lotion, toner, and soap would all ship together as a pre-assembled kit mapped to its own SKU. In both cases, the shipment SKUs are mapped to facilitate inventory as well as shipment tracking. FDC’s teams can prepare volumes of pre-packaged kits to have ready for your future order shipments and our Account Managers can map new kit SKUs anytime you need to add them.

For products that consistently ship together as a set, pre-kitted packages save time and money and make good sense. The advantage of pre-assembled kits is the streamlined kitting process where everything is assembled and completed in order. Research shows that this method eliminates workflow bottlenecks by positioning kit elements linearly to facilitate gathering and assembly. Think about if you had to make 10 peanut butter sandwiches: it makes more sense to gather your bread, knife, and jar of peanut butter and make them all at once than to make 5 sandwiches now and clean everything up, then get everything out again to make 5 more sandwiches later. Retaining pre-assembled kits in stock likewise saves time when an order is placed by not having to stop and pull all of the various components together. Additionally, as more kits are produced at one time, the assembly time per kit is reduced by avoiding the stops and starts associated with assembling orders as they come in. Distribution is simplified by pre-kitted inventory because all that’s left to do upon receiving an order is to affix a shipping label and send it on its way. Conversely, if your products need to be assembled only when ordered, can do so as well.

FDC’s Comprehensive Kitting and Assembly Services

Examples of products that kits include promotional materials, sample products, product instructions, CDs and DVDs, display or demo materials, media kits, new releases, product sets, product up-sales, and more. By advance kitting of products that are regularly shipped as a set, reduces the time between order and delivery. Not sure if your products should be kitted? can create a split campaign so you can track which product shipping option is more popular and profitable. Our staff is tuned in to the time-sensitivity of product order fulfillment and our kitting services are just one of the ways we save you time and money. We can even coordinate the receiving of your separate product kit-able items from various manufacturers and vendors, keeping received orders isolated until everything is in-house and ready to be assembled, mapped, and added to inventory. provides a comprehensive array of kitting services for our customers. If your product can be shipped, can kit it for you! Industry white papers demonstrate how kitting can optimize inventory management and performance. Examples of FDC’s extensive kitting options include package design and engineering—we can create custom, bespoke packaging prototypes befitting your product, especially beneficial for high-value items and distinctive collectibles. We source the materials you need to protect your product: shrink wrap, cellophane wrapping, bubble-mailers, porous paper, liners, corrugated cardboard, mailing tubes, boxes, blister packs, multi-packs, displays, and unique elements for special promotions.

FDC’s team also provides special packaging for products requiring extra protection. For fragile or breakable items, we individually wrap product in bubble wrap before packaging the product for shipping. For example, one customer ships liquid dietary supplements that are bottled in special MIRON violet glass to block out full spectrum light and avoid the degrading effect that light could have on the product. By allowing only UVA, infra-red, and violet spectrum light to permeate the bottle, the liquid product is exposed to life-giving light frequencies, which results in increased storage life, energy, potency, and effectiveness of the product. For this particular product that could potentially break and leak, we wrap each bottle individually in expandable, absorbent paper, affix a product-identifying sticker so it can be easily recognized in inventory, and then ensconce the product in bubble wrap prior to shipping. We can also include product and packaging inserts such as directions and instructions, product return information, and more.

With our well-defined kitting and assembly process, FDC’s team ensures efficiency and order accuracy and final kits are spot-checked to ensure quality as a final measure of precision. Maintaining inventoried pre-packaged kits allows customers to react quickly in cases of sudden increases in retail order demand. Additionally, FDC’s order-grouping technology recognizes orders shipping to an identical address and person and groups the products into one shipment to save our customers on both packaging and postage costs.

Most shipments include some type of insert, whether an instruction manual, receipt, or package return information. At FDC, we have honed the art of product kitting, package assembly, and pick/pack/ship options for our clients to a fine point. Our progressive technology, combined with a dedicated team of expert product assemblers, allows to get your product delivered faster and more reliably than our competitors. Whether assembling apparel orders by product size and color, kitting work out DVDs with bonus meal planning recipes, or a complicated mix of selections, our product assembly team’s accuracy reduces turn times for customers while simultaneously reducing product assembly costs. Let FDC’s efficient processes save you money…call for a quote today!

All finished kits are bar coded to ensure correct packaging, order accuracy, and shipment tracking. Through FDC’s dashboard, our customers always know exactly where their products are, and what the inventory count is. Regardless of shipping volume, FDC’s trained and professional staff can handle your business, from 2,000 orders shipped to 2,000,000 orders!

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