The Canadian E-commerce market is projected to reach $40B by 2018. If you are already carrying out E-commerce orders in Canada or plan to take advantage of this rapidly expanding market, trust (FDC) to handle your business. Our system is fully scalable, so as your order volumes increase, we can capably handle overnight order spikes as easily as gradual increases. Through our excellent customer service, volume shipping discounts, and cutting-edge, user-friendly technology, is committed to making order fulfillment in Canada, and the world, easy. Partnering with a proven leader in Canadian order fulfillment like helps you manage all aspects of your inventory logistics and saves you time and money.

What Makes Canadian Fulfillment Different?

Canadian regulations on fulfillment vary greatly from those in, say, the US. With dual language packaging requirements and other conditions specific to Canada, rely on FDC’s expertise to ensure your products and packaging are compliant with the latest regulations, whether they are implemented by Health Canada, Canada Post, Competition Bureau, Industry Canada or any other agency affecting your company’s Canadian fulfillment. You know more about your business than anyone and at FDC, we know more about Canadian fulfillment than anyone. And, of course, our contracts and agreements are always based on CAD pricing. Do you have the time to educate yourself on all of the rules related to Canadian shipping? With in your corner, you don’t have to—we have done the research and are current on impending regulatory actions and shipping limitations that could negatively impact your business.

Our method of pick, pack, and ship is the cornerstone of our order fulfillment services, assuring accurate product selection and rapid order completion. Most orders are carried out the same day that they are placed. collaborates with global shipping carriers to leverage our worldwide shipping volumes and warrant great shipping rates for our customers. If you are shipping within Canada or from Canada to anywhere else in the world, FDC’s shipping rates are unsurpassed. Our facilities, intentionally located near central parcel processing sites, add your orders into the postal system as quickly as possible, resulting in shorter transit times and your customers getting their orders faster than other fulfillment center delivery averages. FDC’s small parcel shipping expertise benefits your bottom line. E-commerce Fulfillment in Canada

At FDC, we save our customers time and money every day. One of the biggest contributors to these money saving services is FDC’s routine address validation. FDC’s system automatically validates order addresses to insure they are completely filled out, checking legitimacy against Google maps and Canada Post data. If an order address is missing the street number, for example, the system will flag it rather than shipping it out to a bad address, which would result in a double cost to our customers in an undeliverable package shipment and subsequent chargeback from the consumer. Another cost-saving, and complimentary, service offered by is order grouping. Our system automatically identifies multiple orders shipping to the same person and address, grouping them into one delivery and adding up to customer savings on duplicate packaging and postage fees. invests in and maintains trailblazing technology to facilitate your E-commerce fulfillment in Canada, allowing you to finance other projects for your business. provides worldwide distribution from any and all of its facilities—whether you are shipping within Canadian borders or from Canada abroad, delivers your orders, usually with same day order fulfillment. We are experts in E-commerce fulfillment in Canada, completing catalog orders, delivering crowd-sourced and funded campaign recognition shipments, processing for promotional items and premiums, supplying subscription service fulfillment, including contest winner shipments, special magazine cover additions, poly-bag inserts, and more. Our Warehouse team provides complete kitting and assembly services for products and packages, including special care for fragile or odd-sized products, product labeling, shrink wrapping and co-wrapping, packaging and re-packaging, pack-outs and break bulk, and freight forwarding. If you are handling all of these processes yourself, take a moment to think about the time and money you could save by outsourcing your E-commerce fulfillment in Canada to the experts at FDC.

Need a Canadian Fulfillment Center?

FDC’s Canadian fulfillment center even handles processing product returns as part of the comprehensive services we deliver. Our Returns team closely inspects returned products for determination of inventory appropriateness. Unopened, undamaged products are re-stocked, allowing the system to automatically add the product back into a customer’s inventory count. FDC’s intuitive dashboard provides reporting 24/7, allowing our customers to view their inventory, order status, orders shipped, products returned, and create reports based on this data and more. The system generates a daily email for all customers, tracking current inventory levels and projected depletion dates based on recent shipping volumes. FDC’s Canadian fulfillment center provides our customers with all of the tools they need to succeed.

Fulfillment Services in Canada knows what fulfillment services in Canada are most needed and utilized by our customers to grow their business. From the moment you contact FDC, we are working for you. From shipping your product to us, to setting up your account and mapping your product SKUs, to providing a step-by-step demo of our dashboard and system backend, FDC’s outstanding customer service and order fulfillment in Canada will change the way you do business, freeing up valuable personnel and capital to focus on business fundamentals. E-commerce and social media are more closely aligned than ever: with one mishandled delivery, your company’s brand can be compromised and maligned all over the internet. The talented team at help you avoid this damaging situation in the first place, keeping your customers happily tweeting, posting, pinning, snap chatting, and blogging away about how happy they are with your amazing company and products! You don’t go to the dentist for a haircut, so why would you go anywhere less than the best when it comes to fulfillment services in Canada? FDC’s Canadian fulfillment services can increase your market share while saving you time and money—it’s that simple.

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