In this fast-paced, digital, E-commerce era, consumers expect to “get what they want–when they want it.” The tide has gradually turned to the point where everyone now wants instant access…whether to their finances and bank statements, online shopping, or streaming the latest Game of Thrones episode on Netflix, 24/7 accessibility is the new norm, regardless of what time zone or country you are in. At (FDC), we apply this new standard to everything we do, providing our customers with a dashboard view of their inventory in real time that is accessible any time, day or night. This snapshot of your account shows current product, label, and packaging inventory; order shipping volumes and dates; returned products; fulfillment service fees; and more. No need to wait for a daily or weekly update, email, or call back from a customer service team member with an answer to your query: now you can view your account information and details whenever it suits you. Of course, our dedicated Account Managers are still on hand to assist you whenever you want a personal touch!

Knowledge is the currency of today’s business leaders, who rely on up-to-the-minute data and analytical information to make critical operational decisions from budgeting, to ordering supplies, to manufacturing timelines, to hiring employees. The real time reporting feature of FDC’s powerful technology allows FDC’s customers to be more reactive to market trends and sales cycles, fine-tuning their inventory counts to reduce storage fees and out of code or expired products. What once took weeks or months to calculate and project now takes minutes to estimate and adjust. Is demand for one product diminishing while another is ramping up? Are seasonal spikes affecting your business? By immediately recognizing sales ordering patterns and trends, customers can discontinue product orders for a particular product while increasing and expediting orders for a different product to meet growing demand. In turn, elements like advertising spending and social media marketing can be retooled to reflect the changing product focus. In the past, industries like the apparel market were seasonally-driven, but with the advent of Internet shopping, the buying season is now anytime, anywhere. While you may not be able to buy a bikini off the rack in November or a merino wool sweater at your local department store in July, online shopping makes these locally, hard to find, off-season items available year-round for your winter cruise to the Bahamas or summer trip to the Alps just as FDC’s real time information access is always available. As an added bonus in the above example, can warehouse all of your temperature-sensitive inventory in one of our climate-controlled warehouses!

Real Time Information

Benefits like FDC’s real time information access allow our customers to re-direct their capital expenditures, redefine traditional expenses like categorizing employees as assets, and provide more precise P&L forecasting. Industry experts at Deloitte note that “CFOs need to go digital or face putting their company’s future at risk,” and FDC’s streamlined technology infrastructure allows our customers to “go digital” seamlessly. We simplify worldwide fulfillment by breaking it down into its most basic components and managing those components for you with first class service. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, ship your products to one of FDC’s domestic or international facilities. Second, integrate your CRM with our system to effortlessly pass orders between your customers and FDC. Third, let pick, pack, and ship your order, manage your customer service, and process product returns while you kick back and effortlessly manage your inventory based on account information accessible 24/7.

An additional benefit for customers is that we make the ongoing investments into maintaining, upgrading, and improving our tech so that you don’t have to. Our Development team specialists eat, sleep, and breathe coding, forever refining and innovating our systems and anticipating customer needs before they do. Some of our most popular system features were developed by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and brainstorming ways to make their lives easier. The top CRMs of the industry, as well as E-commerce shopping cart platforms, work perfectly together with systems to facilitate our customers’ businesses. As new order management applications come online, we investigate their relevance to our customers and determine whether or not they are a viable option with which our system should integrate as one more interface option for FDC’s customers.

Real Time Reporting Tools

FDC’s powerful analytics and reporting tools help you drill data down to a granular level, improving your budgeting process and supply chain management while identifying new markets to target. The Internet and cloud-based technology systems make the entire world your potential target market and can help deliver your products to customers anywhere with speed and accuracy. Imagine if international boundaries, shipping constraints, and customs navigation were of no consequence to your business—what country would you target next? Australia? South America? FDC’s worldwide facilities can store and ship your products to make these emerging markets a reality. In addition, FDC’s global volumes enable us to share great shipping rates with our customers, so no matter where your products ship, we have negotiated carrier contracts to ensure they get there using a variety of shipping methods and options based on price and expediency of shipment.

One size does not always fit all, but FDC’s system, which is built to scale, can and does fit all levels of shipping volumes. From start-up companies, whose orders build day by day, to big corporations with the ability to double and triple sales within a single quarter, or anyone doing business between those two extremes, FDC’s technology is custom-designed to grow in tandem with your sales volume. FDC’s order grouping and address validation services save our customers thousands of dollars a day on extraneous packaging and postage, unnecessary chargebacks, and mis-delivered shipments. At FDC, we created a company combining the intelligence of cutting-edge technology with the personality and disposition of unsurpassed customer service, with the goal of making worldwide fulfillment easy for our customers. If saving money and time are on your to-do list, contact today to find out how our expertise can work for you.

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