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Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment with a 99.9% Accuracy Standard.

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Whether you’re a brand new business or you’ve been fulfilling customer orders for some time, making sure your products reach your customer’s hands quickly and accurately is crucial. Most ecommerce businesses turn to warehouses to fulfill their orders, but what exactly happens within these large buildings?

One of the most popular ways that a business can cooperate with a warehouse facility is to hire them for picking and packing. This allows customers to receive their orders in a timely fashion and takes a lot of work off the plate of those running a business. Let’s get a better understanding of what pick and pack fulfillment entails and what your choices are when it comes to shipping customer orders.

Pick and Pack - The Basics

Within the world of ecommerce, the term pick and pack is one that clearly describes what it entails. When an order is placed, a warehouse employee will use a picking list to pick each item from its respective shelf and pack it into a box. The process of picking and packing includes several goals:

  • Pick each item within the customer’s order correctly
  • Ensure the items are packed in an efficient manner
  • Pack each item safely to avoid damage during shipping
  • Pick and pack a customer’s order promptly to provide on-time delivery

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Advantages

Rather than storing your products in several locations and having to coordinate between facilities to complete an order, pick and pack fulfillment allows you to create an ideal customer experience with fast and accurate shipping. 

When your store’s products are in a central warehouse, you can streamline your costs by picking, packing, labeling, and shipping from one easy location. Ecommerce companies can avoid freight charges as well.

Individuals who are skilled in picking and packing can help you to manage busy times of the year and keep shipping times to a minimum due to their expertise. Utilizing a pick and pack warehouse lets you offer more products and ensures your customers receive their items quickly and without damage.

Order Picking Considerations

While pick and pack fulfillment can be a true godsend for ecommerce businesses around the world, it can have its challenges. The largest obstacle to think about is that this type of fulfillment only thrives when there’s a high level of organization. If your items aren’t clearly labeled within the warehouse or there’s no direction given to the individuals who are picking and packing, delays and incorrect orders can occur. Attention to detail is key in this environment, and it’s important that your pick and pack system is suited for the volume of your product catalog and the size of the warehouse your items are stored in.

Pick and Pack Warehouse Options

What type of organizational efforts are needed to ensure your ecommerce business will thrive using a pick and pack method? Let’s take a brief look at four of the most common options.

  1. For smaller companies who need a straightforward method, piece picking is often the best. One order is handled by one individual, and each item is picked one by one and packed before moving on to the next order. Unless your organization is quite small, piece picking is likely an inefficient choice.

  1. Similar to piece picking, batch picking is better suited for higher volume companies. Instead of working on one order at a time, the same methods of piece picking are used during batch picking, however, workers handle multiple orders at a time. It’s imperative that highly organized pickers are employed for this type of fulfillment.

  1. Increasing in efficiency is the process of zone picking, where a warehouse is divided into various areas or zones. Order pickers only work in their assigned zone and pass boxes from one zone to the next manually or using conveyor belts. Zone picking helps to fulfill orders at a faster rate while keeping an eye on accuracy.

  1. Large ecommerce companies can also benefit from utilizing wave picking, an option that blends zone picking and batch picking. Individuals are assigned a specific zone and pick items for multiple orders at one time. While wave picking is the most efficient way to fulfill orders, it only functions well when a company has a very large volume of orders to complete.

Newer businesses might feel overwhelmed at their pick and pack options, so how exactly are you supposed to know which method is right for you and then execute it successfully? We have the answer.

Packing and Shipping Services

No matter the size of your company or the volume of orders you need to fulfill, is ready to meet your needs. Since it’s our vision to be the number one fulfillment solution to independent retailers in the United States, we focus on what’s most important to you.

We operate four warehouses in the US with an additional four located around the globe, allowing you to promise your customers fast shipping and deliver on that promise consistently. Our warehouses range in size, and each one is capable of using any one of the four pick and pack methods to best meet your company’s needs. As your business grows, we work right along with you to evaluate your needs.

Not only will we pick, pack, label, and ship your customer orders accurately and efficiently, but we’ll be supporting you every step of the way. Each business is assigned one of our experienced Success Managers to ensure that we build a collaborative partnership from day one. You’ll be given the tools to help your ecommerce business thrive, with inventory tracking, carrier optimization, and more right at your fingertips.

Pick and pack fulfillment isn’t just for the big names in business — is here to partner with mom and pop shops, established online retailers, and brand new businesses that need help scaling at a rapid rate. You can rest assured that every order we handle is picked and packed carefully, accurately, and, with a quick delivery time, will help to provide your customers with an ideal shopping experience.


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