[Music] [Music] Alright alright alright how are you guys doing? Mr. Franklin Cruz everybody! He and I go way back so he likes to make fun of me it's okay! So uh let's just get into it huh let me take a pulse of the room, okay I thought I was getting some feedback. Raise your hand if you consider yourself a beginner marketer? You're kind of just getting started getting your feet wet haven't really got it going. Okay okay, because this presentation can go a few ways I want it to be as valuable as possible. If you consider yourself intermediate, you got going, you have some traction, you feel like you're getting the hang of things but you know you can go further. Okay, advanced marketers, you're crushing it, you're taking names and you want to take it to another level. Okay perfect! So it's a it's a good blend. I promise you there is something here for everybody. Okay i'm a little bit about me how does this work, okay so today we're going to be talking about what I consider the future of marketing and we're gonna cover three quantum leaps that you can make to your marketing and we're actually going to divide it in three kind of stages according to the question I just asked. If you're a beginner there's a quantum leap there's some quantum leaps you can make if you're at that stage, intermediate, advanced there's something here for everybody. Um okay so a little bit about what we do, a little bit about me. So what we do my company which is ten-minute funnels, it's an alternative to click funnels that's why he was making fun of me. It's an alternative to click funnels but it takes things to in other levels and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about so what my company does is we make marketing simple. We build technology that helps you turn a great idea into a successful online business and we do that through a software called ten-minute funnels which is basically a do-it-yourself easy-to-use sales funnel builder. So this is actually the first screenshots of the new version that we're gonna be releasing starting next month so this is I've never showed this to anybody but this is basically it, we provide a catalog of pre-built marketing funnels that you can just drop into your business and get results immediately. Now what makes it unique is, it takes the picture in your mind about what you want your marketing to look like, how you want it to flow and you can literally drag and drop it, connect it in the flow you want it to - how you want it to behave and it will just execute it for you automatically. Hey I'm Justin Singletary. You know what makes our fulfillment company unique? The fact that I've been in your shoes looking for an excellent fulfillment center. That's right I had a successful online business, when my company started to grow I went searching for a fulfillment center that could meet my high but very fair expectations. You know what I found, that that was very very hard to find. All I wanted was a fulfillment center that could ship the right product to the right address at the right time at the right price. Should be easy, right? It wasn't. I couldn't buy what I needed so I built it Fulfillment dot com not just for me but for thousands of other businesses just like yours. Hey we can't help you if we don't talk to you. So we're not going to take too much your time just a short call to gather some information so that we can delight you. That's right its Fulfillment dot coms goal to delight all of our clients. Book a call today with Fulfillment dot com because we get ship done [Music] mission two that we provide you with pre-built funnels for all different kinds of industry niches. Everyone has been proven in real markets with real dollar values so you know whatever you use is going to produce a lot of value for you so this is the drag-and-drop funnel builder and then of course you have a drag-and-drop ready, easy to use, what you see is what you get page builder. Okay so it's very very simple way to get powerful marketing techniques in in in a very short period of time and what we're about to release and you're the first audience I've shown this to, takes it to a level which no one has seen and I'll get into all of that today. Okay so a little bit about me, who am I?  I am your typical geek turned marketer but I'm a I'm like I'm like a geek of geeks I've been programming since I was eight years old. If you if you slice my wrists ones and zeros would pop out, that's who I am at my at my core. When I was eight years old my dad introduced me to one of those super old computers with the green words on the screen and I just fell in love so while everybody was playing at playing sports and stuff I was hacking away at a computer and that's who I've been and you haven't been able to pull me off of it since. Now I fell into the world of marketing and online marketing through through web design so around '94 the world wide web kind of came onto the scene and my dad said hey why don't you try to figure this thing out people might be wanting to get on there so I started to build websites for people and I was like twelve years old and the money at that time was really really good so the whole appeal of like working for someone trading time for it never appealed for me to me because of how lucrative it was at that age so I pretty much been doing that ever since. So around the time I went into college is how I kind of put myself through college I had a couple of clients and they were asking me certain questions about hey can I, how can I get in there and do things myself how can I get in there and and and edit my website all by myself? Now I was in a pretty intense engineering program so I couldn't be as available as I wanted to be so one spring break I spent the time basically building a software that would help people get in and edit their website themselves now this is back at like 2001 2002 so there was no WordPress there was no anything and so I built what at least I consider based on what I saw was the first drag and drop visual page builder so all the stuff that you see right now. You know not to brag cause I don't know one day someone will prove me wrong but I think we had the very first drag and drop page building technology and I just kind of gave it to my clients and said here's a way you can do it and I gave him a little PayPal link and then left it alone and it just boomed into this thing that is basically what we are today it just took on a life of its own and that's kind of how I fell into the world. Well the next question was okay I can build my site I can get in there and do it, well how do I make it work? How do I make it succeed? And so that's where we were basically forced as a company to really learn online marketing and so through that we built a product called 10 minute pages and that was all about marketing and then that product evolved into what we are today which is ten-minute funnels which is all about giving powerful proven marketing funnels to people easily easily. So it's built, we've built over 275,000 landing pages about a hundred thousand funnels for almost 40,000 clients and through that we collect a lot of data obviously so we have certain insights that most people don't and so we've observed certain patterns about marketing that seemed to work and a lot of those patterns aren't necessarily what the Guru's tell you is the right thing to do. So everything I share with you is based on real world data this is stuff that we've seen and we have a huge data set to to to tell you this. So would you like to know some of what these are? These are very actionable things that you can do in your business. So I'm gonna share three quantum leaps you can make in the next 90 days based on our observations if you just take I'm gonna be going through a lot of them and you might not be able to take in everything but if you just take a few just like anything that jumps out at you and just make a note I'm gonna implement this it will help you these are these are fairly Universal they're not unique to individual situations. Okay so these are powerful, okay so the first quantum leap is just all about the funnel okay so I'm talking to beginners but if you have if you have a funnel pay attention because we're gonna get extreme in advanced really really quick okay a funnel we've seen can three to 10x your business when you do it right okay and some of these strategies are some of the better strategies we've seen and easily approachable strategy. Okay so we have a unique way we view funnels it's not doesn't follow the the typical paradigm and so I'm gonna give you kind of a top-level overview of how we look at funnels so you can approach it the right way so instead of specific little tactics hey put this on your page put that on your page it's better if you approach it strategically first and then of course I'll give you a few tactics. Okay so first off understand it's gonna sound basic but we're gonna build up the goal in any marketing campaign is to influence behavior. That's really what we're trying to do, someone gets to our sales page or our hour order page they're either ready to buy or they're not so they either take that behavior of buying or they don't so we're trying to influence that behavior always. Okay funnel marketing is a structured way of how we influence behavior okay we're starting real basic but we're gonna build up now behaviors are a reaction to someone's belief system. Okay what do they believe at the time if someone does not buy when you want them to buy it's because they did not believe whatever it need whatever they needed to in order to buy so every single marketing campaign in every single business anytime you want someone to do something it's based on this. Okay, customer journey is basically a representation of different beliefs at different times. Someone who goes through your entire marketing process has to go through a sequence of belief changes in order to be ready to buy, opt in ,etc and that's why we have you know an opt-in page where I put my email that's why a lot of the stuff the speaker was just talking about with SMS and stuff it's all about trying to change someone's belief to get to to to to take the action you need them to take. Okay so your customer journey is the journey they take on the way to arriving at the belief you need them to have, a funnel is just a map of how we intend to influence that behavior that's all. It is so in a little I'm going to show you some funnels and they might seem a little complicated and I'm doing this on purpose because the funnels is just a map of the different ways we're influencing different behaviors that they have at different times. Now most people have a very simple funnel and nothing's wrong with that they do very very well and it's basically a linear a journey you want your customers to take in order to buy and maybe buy again and those are great however if you want to go to the next level you want to track or or or take inventory of the different belief systems they have in the customer journey and then you'll create what I call little micro funnels to influence each behavior. I'll give you examples so here's how we design a funnel I'll probably have to breeze through and if we have some time at the end I can do a deeper dive but this is the foundation, this is how you construct the funnel okay so we start out with what is the primary belief that they need to have before they buy then we go backwards what do they need to believe before this and just keep repeating so if you can map out the belief system sequence that they need to have and you design little micro funnels to counteract each belief or to produce each belief you will see results you've not seen before. Okay so we're setting up this foundation now once we have the belief mapped out we need to ask ourselves what can we say or provide to bring about that belief? The absolute best way that I've seen to change a change belief there's many ways to do it is to provide proof okay some proof you need them to believe that your product is better than the show proof okay so I talked about micro funnels which is how will we influence this belief so every behavior that someone takes on your site or on that customer journey there is a micro funnel framework to influence that behavior and what I've seen is the funnels that do mediocre versus the funnels that absolutely kick butt it's how many of these little micro funnels that they're using to change these beliefs because if you think about it why doesn't someone buy why doesn't someone take action it's because they don't believe they don't they're not there yet and so if you have a little microphone to influence that belief and and every belief they can have now you have a you know a funnel. So a couple examples let's say someone lines at your shopping cart your checkout page and then they don't buy okay most checkout pages 10% at best 90% of them leave, why? Well we can ask them and once we know we can have what we call an abandoned cart micro funnel that will change that belief okay let's say at the beginning of the funnel you have people they have an urgent problem something's wrong, that's why we have a lead capture funnel, okay because we're gonna deliver some value to fix their urgent problem and that will get them through the funnel. Okay if they're ready to buy we have a shopping cart funnel, let's say they want it you they've been with you for a while but they're just not taking action. I we have what we call a Rainmaker funnel which is basically a flash sale where you just say hey there's now no reason not to buy let's just get you in there. And these work extremely extremely well. So here's a couple these are screenshots of our software of some of these micro funnels that you just get with you know one-click so we have the lead funnel sales funnel you know there's dozens of them, upsell funnel, fulfillment funnel, event funnels. There were tons of them but basically every single belief system or behavior that you want to change there is a micro funnel that can do that. Okay so this is the part we're gonna have to speed through but this is the this is the process these are the steps so you can take a picture and if there's time just shout it out I'll go through this in more detail but this is the structure we follow to bring about a change of belief. Okay we find the problem we produce a promise and we then we give a little offer and then we could go and you see the proof of how to do that and then what you see here you don't it's not about what it's doing it's the structure okay we're basically taking people through different belief changes. Okay so to get the sale we have to change you know beliefs and underneath each one is how you bring about that change. I'm happy to give these slides to you but basically that this is this is how you do it the best funnels follow this strategy. Okay then of course there's ongoing optimization this is a little acronym grow how you grow you gather insight and ideas so that's talking to your customers putting feedback mechanism so you can see why they're taking certain behaviors. You do your research on that calling them up on the phone, you go on surveys and see why are they doing that, you look at your data, your analytics okay then you validate your ideas of how to do it. So what microphone is am I going to introduce and then what works you scale as in widen and what doesn't work you suppress it's simple it is simple you follow this process you get extraordinary results. Okay so here are a few tactical things that you can do take any of these and drop it in your in your funnel right now and you will see results you will see results the great thing about this and everything I'm about to go through is these are all additives why by that I mean by putting these on your page and on your funnel you can't hurt sales it's very very hard I should say to hurt sales by doing these. Okay so by adding retargeting it's very hard for that for you to lose by doing that, by putting an upsell after someone has already bought something it's very hard it's impossible for you to lose so just adding these alone will grow your business. How well you do that is another story but it's if you don't have it you need to do so follow retargeting upsells having a proof bar out I can show you that. Daily emails if you're not sending emails it's an absolute must okay and bimonthly rainmakers you can expect $20 per open so just do the math on that and these are these are things you can do at this stage. Okay hopefully that was a little bit valuable if you have a funnel and you do these things you will you will see growth let's take it up a notch because this is what excites me okay this is where we get into the world of automation okay done right I've seen three to 10x growth on top of everything we've we've already talked about in the first step. This is all about influencing more behaviors okay this is about taking inventory of more behaviors that are people are doing and influencing them in other creative ways. Okay so a few tricks for this for this stage we can trigger various sequences or campaigns based on video watch time someone who watches 10% of a sales video is very different from someone who watches 90% of a sales video you should be communicating with them very very differently so triggering different micro funnels or campaigns based on that we'll always help okay an abandoned cart sequence lots and lots of people are getting to your buy page your checkout page and they're leaving what are you doing about that okay adding more mechanisms of communication that last presentation touched on this webinars SMS a call center Direct Mail wingless voicemail these are all things that you can use to communicate the the sales element to change that change those behaviors okay we can go through any of those here's some examples this is a campaign by a marketer a very smart marketer he's out in Australia and he had he had a an event like this right and he did over two hundred thousand dollars in two weeks with this funnel this is a screenshot of our software I've actually printed this out and if you want a copy of this just go to the back where you did the checkout and and you can have one of these but basically this funnel is an example of what we're talking about you can see he's bringing traffic in a few different traffic sources and they're going to a sales page typical funnel behavior however he is basically segmenting his list based on how they respond so for example he might send out an email that's that that has one angle of why they should attend his event the people that click on that email will receive a different message on the sales page then the next email he might send out which is another reason they should attend the event so essentially he's segmenting people based on who they are and what they are all about so one might be we're gonna talk about paid advertising the people that click on that email are different from the people who click on the one about e-commerce marketing or something else you get what I'm saying this is very very powerful in two weeks with a local segment of his list he did over two hundred thousand dollars here's another one that illustrates this this is my buddy Jason Hornick this is an 800 percent ROI a campaign very very powerful what he does is he has again he's segmented his audience and he's sending out different communications so these are blog posts he's sending about in different categories of who his customer is and he's sending Facebook ads to each one so essentially he's attracting different types or different segments of his prospect audience and he's sending them through the funnel for different communication uses so using retargeting he's able to send them back through the funnel with with a messaging based on who they are so it's like a conversation for each person very very powerful and then if you follow it he basically takes them through a sequence of upsells step one step two then he has a webinar step one step two and that's it it's not complicated it really isn't so even though there's a lot of pictures on the screen what it is is different behaviors different beliefs and different little micro funnels to bring about that last one is Ryan Levesque super smart guy he's doing way better even now but this is a campaign that does one hundred and fifty thousand leads per day okay very simple funnel he takes them through he asks them certain questions are you a male or are you a female in many markets this a big difference if you're a female that the conversation is very different if you're a male different so there's a process of uncovering what are the different segments of your audience and you want to basically bring different communication sequences different customer journeys for each segment this is how you take a a mediocre performing funnel to an advanced high level and I'm not talking about little bumps I'm talking about two three four X growth of a typical marketing funnels this is a quick funnel that we did super super powerful it's a it's it's modeled after a friend of mine and I'll tell you his numbers this campaign is basically four videos that goes out okay and he's selling a product for four for $2,000 okay he found that if people get through and watched the fourth video ninety percent of them zero percent of them will buy okay I've never seen conversions like that at all okay the way he's able to get 90% conversions buying a two thousand dollar product is by sending these follow-up emails based on video watch time simple if someone watches 10 percent of the video these are the sequence of emails that happen if someone gets through 90 percent these are the sequence so all he's doing is if you didn't finish the video he sends two follow-up email saying hey go back and watch go back and watch go back and watch by the time they get so he gets a lot of people to watch all his videos and that triggers that 90 percent conversion rate I hope you're seeing this is this is unheard of this is very very powerful and also not not complicated okay is this making sense making sense are you ready to take it up a notch because what I'm about to share nobody's doing nobody's doing so where we're at in the marketing space at least how we see it is what I just talked about is the peak or the extremes of marketing okay where we have sophisticated automation happening based on what people are doing on and off your website and this can this can explode your business where we're going now as a market is to the next level and this we've seen we're starting to see the results this will catapult your business again and this is where we use intelligence by intelligence I mean artificial intelligence and I know that word might sound scary but it's not as scary as it sounds is that yeah okay to me this is the holy grail of marketing because all we've been trying to do as online marketers is we're trying to replicate what we know works the best at scale what works the best is when I'm talking to someone face to face and I can mirror everything I can see what they're doing every eye twitch everybody move I can adapt my presentation to them based on what I'm seeing okay a lot of you are might be sales and coaching and so you get high conversions that way it's not uncommon that three out of four people you talk to on a one-on-one basis we'll do business with you okay and that's because it's one-on-one adaptive marketing all we've been doing since the internet began is trying to find a way to replicate that at scale and what I've seen in the research and the testing that we've done is that I think we're finally here or really really close and this is extremely powerful this is where we can adapt to the behaviors people are exhibiting in real time okay so it show your funnel is just is just like a conversation so in the last quantum leap we talked about how you can predict you can document the different behaviors that people are taking with this is you can detect the behaviors that you see happening and the intelligent system can automatically adapt to it I'll give you some examples Amazon Prime there are trillion-dollar Amazon is a trillion dollar company what right now and I think it's enlarged Lee in part to what I'm talking about they've been doing this for many years and they've exploded as a result in 2013 five years ago they were getting seventy five percent conversion rates thirty five percent of all their sales came from what I'm talking about intelligent adaptive funnels so they will look at your browsing patterns of what pages you're seeing how long you stay on the page and they will basically give product recommendations based on that they will look at I remember and I flipped out when I saw it I was in the market for a television and I was browsing a couple then I started getting emails about that television that I was just looking at checking out and what did I do I ended up buying the television this is extremely powerful because it's talking to me and only me based on what I'm doing intelligent adaptive predictive funnels give you a couple examples we can watch the mouse movements that your prospects are taking through your funnel we can see people who are little who are hesitating they're exhibiting the behaviors of a buyer or a non buyer and based on algorithms you can say hey this is that we classify this person as a non buyer let's introduce a behavior microphone will change okay a little pop-up window says hey you might so you may have seen things like call them exit Papas where the mouse is moving to leave the screen and something comes up and that works really well this takes it to a whole other level where someone can just be scrolling down the page doing what they're doing behaving the way they normally behave and the system can pick it up because exceeds what everyone else has done and says hey this is this is someone who's getting ready to leave when you do things like that it's just it's insane okay for example how many of you know that your landing page speed is a direct correlation with your conversions the faster your pages load the higher your conversions okay well what if you could predict click behavior so you can look at your funnel and see what pages are people likely to click on next and what if you could preload that page in the background so you get instant page speeds instant so our technology we have what looks to be there like some of the fastest page speeds on the planet because we're able to predict what people are gonna do next so just by taking an existing campaign that might be on a different technology and using something like ours you can get conversion increases email look-alikes this is powerful a lookalike audience on like Facebook is where you can upload a list of your customers and using its network it's always its intelligence more artificial intelligence using its network it will find other customer other people who are like that and you and if any of you have experimented with that it's very powerful well you can do that yourself with your email you can say here are my customers who are the people who I want to find others like and so now you can send emails to those people who are likely to be customers before they're actually customers another one LTV prediction this is also very powerful based on behavior matching you can predict the lifetime value with a good level of accuracy it's not perfect but it doesn't need to what their lifetime value is gonna be if you do any of this stuff you know how powerful that is it takes many many months to know what the lifetime value of a customer is well you can predict that and so your marketing changes if some if a brand new person comes in and they are matching the behavior characteristics of someone who who spends ten thousand dollars with me I'm gonna market to them differently I can take more risks with that person so this stuff is extremely powerful I could go into more detail but there's lots and lots of things that you can do to start to get to that holy grail of that one-on-one marketing and what we're seeing is that there is quantum leaps improvements with each of these which each of these categories of things that you can do when you do these things so in summary I'm gonna just summarize all this and show you guys how you can get some of this technology the minimum cost to do this yourself is like a hundred thousand dollars because a lot of this technology is brand new it's just coming onto the market and there's just a few providers to do it we've built tech we spent all this here building tech and testing to do all of this stuff for you automatically and we're starting to see results that are you know they're they're very very very powerful and so where we're at in our phase because we're gonna be launching this in 2019 is we're trying to do case studies to validate the results that we're seeing okay so if you'd like to have this done for you we're doing the case studies because we need to prove the numbers that we're seeing okay so I'm just gonna go through because Nate asked me to a couple of ways that we can work together if you're interested so if you want everything we're working with a few people one on one to produce case studies with what I've been talking about because this is this is where we do all the work for you so we've been doing case studies all this year and we're at the final leg and we have a few more spots if you're interested basically to qualify you need to have a hundred thousand transactions of some kind orders email us because that's where you get the maximum value okay and so in this we build out and launch a campaign that will beat your best marketing campaign over the last six months by 50% or more that's basically what we're what we're trying to do for you okay if this is you and you're interested it's simple just text me and we'll see if it's a fit or not okay quantum leap one and two this is advanced funnels and extreme automation so this is where you use our technology and then we work closely to help you reach success so we're doing a pre-release of our Xtreme automation software the first week of November official launch is January but like I said we need we're looking for case studies so if you wanted it's 497 a month but Nate asked me to offer a special deal for add some people and so basically for the price of 10 months you'll have it for 16 months we've never done a deal like that so basically if you do that you won't see a renewal payment until March 2020 so 10 months up front you get it to March 2020 I've got the link down there it's not going to be a big pitch but basically if you're interested if this is something that could be a value for you there's an opportunity to get it no one else has it this is right now because we're launching next year if you want quantum leap number one which is just a funnel building part this is where you do the work we still help and there's just basic funnels it's not automation but it still can get you great results it's 197 a month but also same deal applies price of 10 months you have it for 16 months so if you're interested simple go to that URL down there 10 minute funnels comm slash event if you're interested in us actually working hands-on with you we're not an agency but we're doing just a couple of case studies before the end of the year text me we're only gonna do it for probably about five more people so it's kind of first-come first-served if it's interest you can text me my things right there a couple bonuses if you're interested we've got pre-built funnels 1.3 million dollars of pre-built funnels in there at any level if you get these are plug-and-play funnels that have worked in our businesses that you can just plug in yours we're doing a five-week funnel building workshop where we go into detail on this stuff and this is the first time that I'm offering myself for one-on-one assistance because again the goal is getting these case studies in place for what we're trying to do next year okay personal guarantee is six takes sixty days to try an ROI 100% risk-free money back the goal isn't to pitch or to get a bunch of sales that's not what we're trying to do my personal selfish goal is I want to prove this out I want to really prove that the numbers we've seen we are seeing are as good as we're saying they are and no one would believe us unless we can show real hard evidence we've been doing it for three quarters so far this year and so we're on the last leg if this is of interest to you just let me know okay and that's it I'm out of time but if you've got any questions I'd be happy to answer one or two maybe one one [Music] you [Music]

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