[Music]  It's Tanner Larsen, I am the CEO of Build Gross Scale and this video is the first in a vlog series of videos that I'll be  doing for all you awesome peeps over at  fulfillment dot com. Now I've got a ton of  cool training and education and you know  tips and tricks and all kinds of stuff  to share with you guys but this video is going to be kind of an intro, a quick who  are we, why should we listen to you and  maybe if you should listen to me kind of thing. First okay so while bragging about  how awesome we are and how cool we are  over at BGS and how just amazing we are. I promise to also share some pretty cool tips and tricks along the way that will make this video valuable for you and  make sure you get something cool out of  it. All right? Now again, my name is Tanner Larsen I'm the CEO of Build Gross Scale and I've been doing direct response style, ecommerce stores, funnels things like that since early 2001. Ok? I'm basically a dinosaur in the world of online marketing and e-commerce. There's you know very few people out there that are but have been doing it longer than I have and this kind of stuff and that makes me an old man right? But at the same time I also learned a few things I learned all the crazy stuff not to do I did everything wrong but along the way I  also learned a few things that worked  really really well alright and I also  wrote a book. I wrote the e-commerce evolved, this has basically become the Bible of e-commerce books out there. I wrote this in 2016 and it still is as true now as it was then. We've also learned  some really cool stuff since then but  this book is awesome. So if you need a  way to put yourself to sleep at night,  I highly recommend you read it or get it  becasue it'll definitely put you to sleep  and then if it doesn't you can always  you know use it as a doorstop or  something to whack you on the side of  the head and to really knock yourself  out. Alright now with that book okay that kind of set the stage for what we do at Build Gross Scale. Now what do we do exactly all right well we do this thing  called data-driven ecommerce. Okay now that doesn't really mean much. We're a data-driven optimization company that  really doesn't mean much okay but what  we do is we focus on taking stores that are good and making them great. We can  start with stores that are a little bit  less but are real you know special zone  is taken a good store and scaling them  to be great . Okay now the way we do that is by making data backed decisions okay so we analyze  and interpret all the data that these  stores have most of these stores don't  even realize they have this data or how to use it they may collect it but they  don't know what to do with it. Right well  that's where we come in we make sure  they're collecting it the right way that  the data is accurate and then we make  all kinds of data back decisions using  that data okay now to do this it's not just me it's not just my partner Matt we  actually have 12 full-time revenue optimization experts that we're all internally trained by us that do nothing but analyze data all day long make  interpretations run split tests on all these different sites okay we also have 18 full-time developers a combination of front-end back in you know GA and all  these other different kinds of developers that we have in programmers that but combined with our staff  their entire job is to work across a  network of 12 sites running split tests and crazy tests like page layouts and  functionality user testing all this  different stuff all to basically help us  dial into these stores and which we have basically a network of over two dozen  eight-figure almost one almost nine  figure stores that are all you know  leveraging our team to manage their data  figure out the optimizations using that  data interpret the data and then create  wins and stuff along the way now as a  result of that you know we have roughly  a thousand man-hours a week okay a  thousand man-hours a week of nothing but  revenue optimization data interpretation  to make data back decisions the amount  of data that we collect off of our  stores in one week is more accurate and  usable data than a normal store will  probably ever accumulated in a lifetime  and even if they did accumulate it most  of them wouldn't know what to do with it all right now the result of this is that  we've kind of become men by we I mean  Bill Gross scale has become the  800-pound gorilla in the e-commerce optimization space and we work with some  of the biggest clients in the world  including Guffey ranker Men's Health, Discovery Channel, Scientific American, Wild Turkey whiskey and more. Okay a lot  of these bigger brands we look with the  smaller brands too but the big guys come  to us as well because we're really the  only ones who are any good at this okay  and really the only ones doing it right  now the secret sauce that we have that  bgs so special and all of our ro spend  all the time doing is a process that we  developed called revenue optimization  now when I say revenue optimization what  people actually hear and what they think  about is conversion rate optimization  all right now conversion rate  optimization while similar tends to  really focus on like the name says the  conversion rate okay  and now conversion rates they're  important but it's not a real truly  telling metric and when you focus on CRO  and the conversion rate becomes the  all-important metric that you're trying  to optimize for you get this kind of  tunnel vision and you don't see anything  outside of this tunnel. Okay but it's  everything out here that's where the  magic happens. Okay this is where all the  really important stuff happens in a  business it's outside of that tunnel  vision  so revenue optimization is a systematic  process for optimizing the entire  customer journey. Okay they land on the site, they browse the site, they make the sale and then they continue on into the back end. Okay right we optimize the  entire process from start to finish, end  to end okay and it's all about: presenting the right information to the user at the right time and only the right information okay because too often people focus on what they think is delivering all the information or the right information but it's actually the wrong information and they presented at the wrong time which creates roadblocks. Which creates disconnects and anytime there's a disconnect or a roadblock in a site or the buying journey you create exit points where people bounce or leave and you know just disappear from your  site so our job as revenue optimization experts is to smooth that road out so  it's a nice smooth racetrack and allows  your business to pick up speed and grow crazy fast right. So why is revenue optimization magic? I thought I told you how. It's our process we coined the term  all that stuff but why does it really matter? Okay well the best way I can describe it is to talk about something  completely unrelated. Okay so this author Gary Keller he wrote a book called The One Thing. He's one of my favorite authors I'd specifically love this book the one thing now the book really is just about the simple truth behind extraordinary results okay and how everything in life really falls under  there's these principles okay and it  boils the book itself in he and Gary specifically boils this book down to  what's the one thing that you can do  such that by doing it everything else in your life or around that result becomes  easier okay so what's the one thing you can focus on that makes everything else  easier now in fitness and health people  go to the gym they work out they diet  they or they try to die they do fad  diets they buy pills they do all this  thing but they really focus on even they  focus on new workout clothes or the  newest workout routine and cardio  interval training all these things right  but when it comes to health and fitness  the one thing that makes everything else  better and creates that chain reaction  of Awesomeness is diet but nobody wants  to focus on diet because diet is hard  now an e-commerce revenue optimization  is the one thing everything your traffic  your sales your retention supply chains  growth and scale all of it becomes  easier when you focus on just revenue optimization people go oh I got a  traffic problem I just need more traffic  no you have a revenue optimization  problem because you can't afford to buy all the traffic that's already out there  okay traffic is not your problem the  problems on your site okay what happens  after the click so an example all right  we see thousands and thousands and  thousands of brands and different  ecommerce stores every single year on  all kinds of platforms they're not all  Shopify just all over the place now  everyone like I said thinks they have a  traffic problem if I could just get more  traffic if I could just get my ads perform better everything would be  better okay but the reality of that is  you're probably already better at  traffic generation then you need to be because you're working with a broken  behind process that may is not optimized  and if you're able to get that to work  with the traffic you're already doing  you're way better at traffic than you  truly need to be there is an infinite  amount of traffic out there but trying  to hyper optimize or over optimize almost like micro manage your traffic is  what you're trying to do okay and that's  not helping alright because the problem  isn't getting the click you can get the  click the problem is converting that  click into a sale that's where your  problem is your problem is in the buyers  journey what happens after the click  once they land on your site to the time  they leave your site that's where you're  failing okay  the real issue is that what needs to be  focused on is not traffic if you focus  on everything that happens after the  click first traffic becomes easy it's a  non-issue you can buy all the traffic  that you want if you focus on after my  optimizing what happens after the click  first let me give you a visual to drive  this home ok this is I always do better  with visuals so think of your e-commerce  business as a bucket okay so in this  metal bucket right here now think of the  traffic that that comes into your bucket  as water so we're filling up our we got  our bucket here we're filling up our  bucket with water coming out of the hose  right so all the traffic that you're saying your site's coming out of this  hose into the bucket now the water that  stays inside the bucket those are your  sales the water that falls out that's your lost sales okay now in a  perfect world we turn on the hose keep  opening it up and the bucket fills up we  just keep pouring more water into it and hopefully we can just keep getting a  bigger bucket right it's not how the  world works right it's not reality in  the real world the way reality works is  that your bucket your business is full  of holes it's like Swiss cheese  all right holes of things are that like  bounce rate browse abandoned scarred abandonment issues browser segments  underperforming pages tech stack issues  lack of clarity and about a dozen other  issues okay every single leak reduces  the amount of water that stays in your  bucket right you got a bucket and you  poke all these holes in it okay you're  still pouring traffic into it but as  you're pouring traffic into it all this  water it lost sales is pouring out of  the bucket and the sales the one that  stays in the bucket keeps dropping. Okay, so what most people do instead of fixing the bucket and sealing all the leaks, they don't do that right you don't do  that what you do instead of fixing it is you try to turn up the flow. Okay let's switch from a garden hose to a fire hose let's turn up the traffic thinking that  it will fill up the bucket faster then  your bucket can leak okay and you just  get more sales that'll solve it I'll just get more traffic well the problem  is that's not how it works it's the  opposite that occurs okay just like in  the real world when you have a hole in something or erosion happens things like  that right the more force more pressure  the more water you put into the bucket  the holes just get bigger the more traffic you get to your store  the bigger the leaks get and the more  money you ultimately lose whereas with revenue optimization you actually will stop those leaks you fix those leaks so  that your bucket now they're never gonna  be a perfect bucket but the idea is to  patch it as much as much as possible and  seal it up so that you keep more sales  and lose less right so if you focus  we're on revenue optimization well that  stops the leak so you focus on patching  those leaks so more sales say in the  bucket right beat that dead horse enough  right okay  now the magic of doing this is without  spending any more money on traffic than  you already do your and your ads burn  stays the same but you will make  exponentially more money simply by  focusing on revenue optimization and patching the leaks that means more money  from the exact same traffic you're  already paying for okay no increase in  ad spend now most of our clients honestly they double or triple their revenue within 90 days of switching  their focus from this tunnel vision or  this I got to get more traffic focus to just revenue optimization so double or triple their revenue within 90 days from  just switching into the focus making the  one thing they focus on revenue optimization and that's all without  massively scaling their ad spend. All right now to wrap this up I don't want  to keep make this video any longer than  it needs to be right. The secret behind  being able to scale a business is  maximizing revenue so that you have the  cash on hand to scale now we've all  heard the same right, he who could spend the most to acquire a customer wins right if you can outspend your competitor doesn't mean you have to but  the ability to means you can go out  there and buy more traffic that other  people can't afford because your site  your store is optimized. All right it's a hundred percent true this is not true no fluff but the way to do that two way to  be able to actually afford that more  expensive traffic is by using revenue optimization to first stop your business from losing and bleeding money. Alright  so I encourage you take a step back  start looking for areas in your business where you're currently leaking instead of looking for ways to keep bumping up ad spend. Fix the leaks first  the ad spend will take care of itself I  promise you that. Now guys I've got a lot  more training promised and prepared for  you guys we've got a whole bunch of  videos I'm gonna make for you, Justin and I've been talking we know what we're  gonna map out for you guys but this was  just a real quick intro to get things  going. The new videos for you guys are  gonna help you implement revenue  optimization in your business but for  now let's wrap this intro up I hope you enjoyed this little video my name is  Tanner Larsen I really enjoyed talking  to you today and I'll see you in the  next video!  [Music]

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