[Music]  Hi welcome to the FDC ecomm education online. I'm Joe Burton CEO and founder of our lay marketplace and today we're  going to talk about the top three reason  you're hoping to be buying native  marketing. First and foremost what is native marketing? lead up marketing you  probably see it every single day of your  life is content built right into news  articles and pages on major news sites  that's meant to look and feel like it's  part of the actual news site when I'll  have to ally it's actually an  advertisement. Normally is a small  headline with a graphic and image or a  video that directly leads to a third  party web page major companies doing  this today are companies like tabbouleh. I'll brain you know I would jam and a handful of others so but top three  reason is this is beneficial for your  business. Reason number one it allows you  to directly tell the story that you want  to consumers to understand about your  product or service and here's what I  mean by that let's say you've got a  certain health product of item and it's  got a certain aspect and a helps out in  your daily life that gives you more  energy or it helps with anti-aging  fatigue or it helps with you know hair  loss or something along those lines  you can write a content piece that you  would actually control the content for  that tells that story exactly how you  want it to be told. that's extremely  powerful for obviously potential  customers here's the example I always  used for new clients Anderson windows is  a big window retailer in the u.s. they  can run a simple banner ad on a page and  says Andersen windows you know click  here for more details right but probably  get some leads that way and that's  phenomenal  however they can write a content piece  about like Anderson Windows can use  the cause of eating your own like 15%  and also raise develop your home by 25%  and here's the reasons why then they can  take that article directly link it to  their lead form and drive a much more  targeted user that way and it's hugely  powerful and hugely beneficial and so  you can't do with search or Facebook and  their kind of marketing out there. Reason number two that this is probably  the coolest thing about it you can  actually customize exactly where you  want your ads to show up so you can hand  pick sites that meet your target  demographics and only serve your ads on sites that meet those target  demographics so if you know your  audience skews 50 plus you can handpick  sites and audiences that show up on  sites there are 50 plus maybe that's a  long time maybe that's not enough Sun  com maybe that's the smaller sites that  you know you know where it's gonna fit  for you and get hugely powerful and a  great marketing tactic you can use to  make sure you're spending your dollars  is about official as possible. Reason number three it's a great alternative to  Facebook and Google owned any marketing  plan probably has Facebook and Google  and in some capacity at this point in  time however you can't rely solely on  Facebook and Google for every dollar you  want to spend online Facebook and Google  are constantly changing their rules and  regulations if they're constantly  updating their policies and if you're  putting all of your eggs in one basket  at some point in time it's going to be  an issue for them. I can almost guarantee  it's going to happen so maybe there was  a great way to diversify your portfolio  a little bit and offer massive scale  that you simply cannot get install their  news channels it's greatly beneficial  for clients looking for even small  campaigns but also in a large scale so  that's the top three reasons I think you  coming to you by native marketing. Any  questions or comments feel free to reach  out to our marketplace. Thanks!  [Music]

Joe Burton
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