[Music]  Welcome to Fulfillment dot coms ecomm education blog my che for the  sales whisperer. Today let's talk about  the five proven steps to make every sale. As you can see here I have the traditional looking funnel, this is  something we have all seen if we've been  in sales for any amount of time. The  funnel is obviously wider at the top, it's more narrow at the bottom. Now in traditional selling, you cast the net wide you have a big open funnel at the top because like they say you throw enough stuff against the wall something's bound to stick, same thing with fishing you throw this big wide net it increases the chances you'll catch something the problem is when you go out into open waters sometimes what you catch along with the fish include tires, plastic bottles, license plates, things you don't really necessarily want or need but as you notice here with this traditional funnel it's top down it's one directional. Yeah at the bottom you might be able to get some referrals and  testimonials or whatnot but traditional  companies, traditional salespeople, are not looking for that they're thinking about the sale and that's it. Throwing enough stuff in the top not even patching the holes in the leaks  that come through the funnel along the  same lines you'll see a lot of times people talk about a pipeline, I equate this to dating because everyone has either been on a date, been asked out on the date, told someone know they're going on a date or been told no going out on the date but you can relate. But this is  literally how I met my wife 24 years ago, at a country bar we made eye contact I asked her to dance, asked for her snapchat I  was very advanced back then I knew  snapchat was gonna be a thing and buy  them a dinner right go on dates too, you meet the family figure out range attire or not. There's a process there  just like with the funnel, you have stages, you have steps. There's a natural progression that you try to follow to  make sure that the deal you're working on is on task, it's on it's on time, it's moving  along the way that it should. Now there's not a right or wrong in so far as how many steps that you need but in general the the kiss process applies to, keep it simple stupid, right? You need just enough steps and know more  to ensure that you're tracking things as  you should. Being from the south I like  to keep things simple I call it ABCDE. You attract, you attract people to your  place of business, to your storefront, to  your website, to your to your trade show  booth, you want them coming to you but  it's not enough just to get a visitor  you need them to identify themselves so  you offer them something you know a free  dinner on your birthday, get our free report, free samples whatever, as long as they opt in, as long as they provide you their phone number, their email, their address something to help you stay in touch with them from there you can bond  with these prospects. Preferably it's  multimedia, multi step, don't assume just because they ask for something that they really wanted it or that they have time  to read it or that they understand what it is you've given them or that they're taking action which brings us to the next step the conversion, the close , decline at the cash rookie sales people  think this is the end goal. Get the money  and run. That's why their rookie, amateur sales people. Professionals know to to  think beyond the sale, deliver that Wow  experience, delight to the upside. I'm  getting into it right now with a guy I've known for many years, he's been my  mechanic, we spent three thousand dollars  fixing a car with him the radiator  busted on my daughter's old car it took  them multiple trips to get it right I never even looked at it. I'm finally  helping her replace a light bulb you  know a headlamp and I look this has been  after over a month I really two months  of working on it at least five times and  there's radiator fluid you know just  residue all over the engine  so after paying this guy $3,000 he  couldn't be bothered with hosing down  the engines  you know the engine compartment now he's  probably gonna lose a customer and  there's obviously other things that go on there but we've been a customer for  14 years probably referred 20 or 30  families to him all with multiple cars  probably he's probably worked on a hundred cars because of our referrals,  but he didn't delight, he didn't deliver  a WoW experience, took him multiple times  to fix the car that's fine he stuck with  it but it couldn't be bothered to spend  18 cents throwing some goop on the  engine and hosing it down. Okay think  beyond the sale. That's where you adhere yourself to your customers, that's where  they now are in love with you and they  are singing your praises but even though  I have this in a pipeline going left to right, the reality is it's a cycle, it's a  circle. Okay the hip bones connected to  the leg bone, everything's connected . That's why I say to make any sale you  have to make every sale. How do you  attract business to you? How do you bond  and stay in touch? What's the sale like, the actual closing process, the transaction, the handing over of money? How do you make them feel? Buyer's remorse is a big thing, just because somebody gives you money doesn't mean they're happy about it. What do you do to ensure that they're happy? What are you insure? What do you do to ensure that  they're thrilled, they're delighted, they're overwhelmed in a great way? So now you endear yourself to them, now they're giving you five star reviews on Yelp, they're they're singing your  praises on Facebook. Somebody's asking you know for a mechanic, or chiropractor, for a dentist, for a roof or whatever. And  they're like you got to go see Joe, you  got to go see Mary, they're the best. Now you're back to attracting, now that business comes to you just about free and they don't need three quotes, they don't need to think it over because three of their friends, 10 of their friends said you got to go see them so  the business comes easier, it comes  faster, it comes at a higher price, higher  margins because these people are happy. Okay so think through this look at your business and do you have a system? Do you  have processes?Can you boil it down to  these five simple steps? And of course you see in here I have multiple steps within the five steps but in the overarching picture you know where you are. You're in the attraction phase, you're in the bonding phase. Okay do you  have this down to a system, to a process  that everybody understands and can  execute? Because if you can measure it, you can improve it. Alright this is how  you improve your sales attract bond  convert the liver in deer. Thanks for  watching, now go sell something! [Music]

Wes Schaeffer
The Sales Whisperer

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