[Music]  [Music]  E-comm Education Blog my name is Ben and  I'm the marketing director at No Issue. Today we're gonna talk a little bit  about custom packaging. So what is custom  packaging, what different types and  methods there are of using custom packaging and finally how custom packaging can help you. So first things  first let's talk about what custom  packaging actually is so, ordinarily a  box will arrive at your doorstep it'll  look something like what, that's a  regular brown box. What you want is  something a little bit more special, something that says a little bit more to  your customer. Looks something like this, a custom box isn't necessary for your  brand but it does say a lot about what  your brand represents it gives your  customer something special, something a  little bit extra and it makes it almost  like a little surprise when it comes to  the doorstep they'll be happy to get it. What are some different packaging types? Let's see, you've got tissue, stickers, boxes, tape, ribbons, a personalized note, packing peanuts or styrofoam. Pretty much  anything that goes into that box when it's on its way to the customer, including the box that's the type of  packaging. With all those different  options for packaging there are a few  more variables you're gonna have to  consider when it comes time to making a  decision on what you want your custom  packaging to be. The first one is always  gonna be cost because you're printing  something customized and special for  your brand it's gonna cost more than  just a regular brown box package or  plain tissue paper. The next thing you  have to think about is the time so it  takes a little bit more time to print on  a box especially when that's a custom  printed item for you and that means they  have to make a new dye line and ship it  to you so that's always gonna take a bit  longer than a typical brown box and last  but not least you've got to think about  the quantities of the packaging that  you're ordering. So this will influence  both the cost of what you're finally  gonna go with and your choices as to  what packaging you use. For instance a  box might come in a minimum order  quantity of a thousand boxes. That's a  lot of boxes, especially considering that a box can cost up to five dollars per unit, with that whole order you're paying  about $5,000 just for your packaging. On  the flip side you could go with ribbons  which obviously cost a lot less but they don't really cover your entire product so trying to wrap something in a ribbon  isn't really practical. Tissue on the  other hand is a great little middle  ground where what you get is something  that can wrap your entire product at a  low cost. Your minimum order quantities are important to think about because if you can get something at 250 units that  can end up influencing what you go with  in your packaging decisions. One last  thing to consider is the environmental  impact that your packaging has. Now this  is just a note but there's a lot of  plastic in current packaging and if you  can reduce the amount of plastic you're  using or in some way use recycled  materials or anything else that has a  positive environmental impact can be  beneficial for your brand and for the  Earth. And that brings us to the last  point which is what can custom packaging  do for your brand? Well the first thing  is your customer is going to get an  amazing unboxing experience. That's when  they get the package, they open it up and it fosters a sense of curiosity and care that you've put into your packaging. In a  dot-com distribution study this actually  proved to increase customer loyalty as  well as repeat purchases and those  repeat purchases as you know are always  going to be better than trying to go out  and find a new customer. I bring this to our next point which is that people are  gonna share it on social media any time  you see someone having an unboxing video  on YouTube that's because they've gotten  a package that's amazing and looks great  and they want to share that with their  friends. Now the last point is that as a  brand when you send out a custom  packaged item you're actually making  your brand seem more upscale. You're  impressing people with the thought and  the time that you've put into their  experience and that's always gonna be  beneficial and look good when it comes  to your brand. Hopefully you've learned a  little bit more about custom packaging, what it is, what to think about when  you're ordering it, what different types there are and ultimately how it can help  your business.  From us at No issue that's  a wrap!  [Music]

Ben Conard

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