I discovered years ago before I started  my company in 1977 - yes that's how old I  am - that businesses don't work, the people  who own them do. Get this again businesses don't work the people who own  them do and unfortunately the people who  own them are doing the wrong work. Yes, you. Please don't take this personally unless you would truly like to have the  circumstances of your business and your  life completely transformed. Now I don't  speak about this again academically I  speak about this from the street we have  worked with over 75,000 small business clients in 134 countries, my books have  been read by over 8 million readers - not  nearly the same as pastor Rick but the  fascinating part about that is that  Pastor Rick read my book and Pastor Rick  was the first to tell me that when he  introduced me last year to TEDx and said  I wanted to introduce you to the man who  wrote the book I built my church on. Well  he built his church on another book but  if you're going to build a church that's  got to work in the world there is no  more important book to read than my book. Now hear me  please when I say this, I'm a wandering jew. Pastor Rick did say  this in a meeting that i can fix that  but when I say that by reading my book  you can transform your business I don't  mean that sort of I mean that absolutely. People come up to me and said I read  your book it changed my life  I read your book had changed my life. When business people come up to me and  say this please I'm not selling books, if  you understand this is not to sell a  book if you didn't know the e-myth when  you came here and all of you owned a  business then you really have a problem. What I'm really saying is that the book  speaks about very specific point of view  that in fact will alter the way you  think about your business from this day  forward. My intent here in the hour that  I have is that you will walk out of this  room if I never meet you again with the  most powerful idea you have ever heard  that in fact is more than an idea it's  an absolute fact and is at the core of  every great company in the face of this  earth. Core of McDonald's the cola core of Walmart, the caller core of Starbucks, the core of every extraordinary company  in the face of this earth and you might  say yeah but I'm not in the hamburger  business, I'm not a retail store, I don't  sell coffee, I don't sell tea yeah but  none of them do either so this is what I  want you to write down, please write this  down every single one of you. If you're  seriously here for a serious reason  - seriously understand in fact what it  is that enabled Pastor Rick from a word  old perspective to build the most  extraordinary church in this country  this is the expression go to work on it  not in it please write that down go to  work on it capital o n not in it. I've been saying this for years, I implore you to hear it, go to work on it not in it  [Music]

Michael E Gerber
Michael E Gerber

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