[Music]  Welcome to FDCs ecom education blog. My name's Oliver Kenyon and I'm the  co-founder a landing page guys calm and  today I want to share with you our top  five tips on how to build high converting landing pages. Let's get straight into it okay so you're joining me on my screen and I'm going to break down the five most important that we  feel most important conversion tips to increase your conversion rates on your  landing pages this is five of many over  here the landing page guys but these are  the five that we feel you can get some  quick wins with and and you will see  some results very quickly we'll jump straight into it. Number one is page  speed I'm going to read this stat one  second increase in load speed is a two percent up the lift in conversions so what that means is for every second your website loads quicker or landing page  blows quicker you'll see a - it's actually we've tested this two to seven  percent up lifting conversion which is crazy really really quick way of upping  your conversions how do you do it head to GT metrics common input your landing page URL it's going to spit out  how quickly your page loads and then  going to break down how you can increase  those speeds it's that simple. Number two responsiveness now  responsiveness is nothing new obviously  mobile and tablet has been around for a  long time now however we're not just  talking about making your landing page  adapted to mobile and tablet resolutions  we're also talking about making adapted  to all screen resolutions so making sure  that it looks good on all different  sized screens whether that's an iMac 11  inch or 21 inch screen any size monitor  make sure that your page is adaptive to  to those screens the other thing here is  we're not just talking about  responsiveness we're talking about  actually optimizing your mobile version  so if you've got a mobile version of  your website that or landing page make  sure it's actually optimized for the  mobile experience. You can do this by  kind of breaking down hiding elements  and making sure the user experience on  the mobile and tablet is as good if not  better than your desktop don't just make  it don't just make it responsive make it  optimized responsive for mobile and  tablet. Number three cross browser  compatibility and this is one  we see a loss of our clients to get make  sure that your landing page is  cross-browser compatible make sure it  looks good on all of the all of the  browsers in front of you on this picture.  71% of users still use so I use Chrome  and that's probably a little higher now  but the rest use these other browsers so  make sure that your page loads good on  all of these browsers test it yourself  download all these browsers. But another thing you can do is Google browser shots  use that tool it's a really good tool you again like GT metrics put in your  landing page URL and it's gonna spit out  how your landing page looks across all  these different browsers we've had  clients come to us especially target the  older generation and who still use the  dreaded Internet Explorer and stuff like  that and their buttons call to actions  forms everything are missing from those  browsers so always double-check number  for positioning making sure your value  proposition is very very strong 84% of  your visitors won't scroll further  unless you're above the fold proposition  is strong. So what this means is you need  to get across above the fold is exactly  what you do hit hard hit home make it  obvious don't put any distractions and  pique their interest now speaking on this I'm going to take you to the next  slide because this feeds in but making  sure that value proposition is strong is  crucial otherwise people don't scroll down. ADA principle now this one is one  of our favorites is probably the the one  that we feel is most important. Now to  use a psychology and user journey  flowing them through that page to that  call to action whether that's at the top  at the bottom you should always repeat  that call to action what's this stands  for attention interest desire action and  I'm going to quickly run through these  attention making sure you have that  strong value proposition. Look at our  example this is our old website. Increase  your business sales and conversions so  people come into the landing page guys  want to increase their sales through  landing pages that convert we've already  got that attention by having that clear  you know title at the top then we pick  their interest with the features and  benefits and you want to focus more on  benefits and features. Yes show your  features that's great what your product  does but always talk about benefits to  the user we've outlined them  and we get their desire how do we do  this while using trust and social proof  so for us it's a portfolio, it's  testimonials. When it comes to  testimonials always use all organic  testimonials get real people people, real persons and you don't want real quotes, no stock photos nothing like that and use this trust and social proof to lead  people down to that strong call to  action we've got them now we want them  to take action let's give this the them  the easiest route to do whatever it is.  Click a button to buy a product, a form  to submit, whatever it is give them the  easiest route to do it and call to  action and that's the ADA principle and  you should definitely be using this in  your landing pages so that's five of a  lot of tips that we can give you to  increase your conversion rates on your  landing pages. Thank you for listening  please get in touch. Thanks to fulfillment dot com and always stay green  and I'll speak to you soon. Thank you  [Music]

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