[Music]  [Music]  So it's really really important here is  like so many people right now running  traffic fall under this little cool  growing leaf that I've so beautifully  illustrated here everyone's focus is I  got a product I'm gonna drive my ads to  my product page and I'm just gonna keep  hitting people buy my product buy my  product go here by this and that's the  bubble that they they live in right just  driving traffic to product page. Hopefully they buy and they don't going  to retarget out of them until they  either say it's unhelpful my fruit my  brother and score goes on to to or until  they buy. The problem is that already had a problem before what happened with  Facebook and last we can have it is  getting more and more expensive to run.  Facebook traffic it's an auction-based platform and as  all of you know we take an economics class in college or high school; supply  and demand right supply on facebook on  the ad side has remained pretty constant  fix rule hasn't grown that much. Newsfeed  inventory has been saturated for a while  now Facebook's basically like hey can't  serve any more ads without ruining user  experience we're capping it demands kept  going up demand keeps going up and up  and up that's why the holidays you see  ad cost spike and so ad costs have gone  up. CPAs are gone, ops got more expensive and so driving people to a product page,it's just it's too expensive to work. That coupled the fact that if you don't have a brand, if you're not Apple or Coke or Nike or Pepsi,Under Armor, people don't know your brand they don't know who you are then although you're selling  and they're buying a solution to a  problem at that point unless your Nike or Apple when it comes with oh wait in  line to buy your new iPhone which I do  every time luckily I got a business  right now so I don't do any lines  anymore but I used to. People are don't  care about your Aliexpress product they  don't care about that print-on-demand  t-shirt people are buying solutions to  problems, right? I think we all get a  little too focused on the platform  like Facebook is an app platform you can  do dynamic product ads and you can pixel  and you can do manual bidding all the  stuff at the end of the day  Facebook's a medium it's a way for  brands and businesses to get a message  to people and to nurture and sell those  people right so whether it's direct mail  TV billboards which Billie Jean still  runs billboard you use the billboards  works right Facebook there's a way to do  that. So you need to be able to actually agitate problems you need to actually educate consumers they need to know that  they're looking for your solution and  that your product is just a solution  they don't carry a product at the point  because the problems been agitated so  effectively that they see your product, hey that's the solution this guy's been  nurturing you with content he's gonna  hit me videos with articles and at the  point now where I'm actively looking for  a solution and there's our product. [Music] Thank you

Maxwell Finn
Unicorn Innovations

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