[Music]  Welcome to FDC's ecom education blog. I'm Nikki Peraltas Senior Account  Manager here at Aventis. Today I'm going  to go over three hints that every merchant needs to know in order to optimize their relationship with their customer contact center. This will help  you learn more so you can earn more  those three hints are scripting and  deployment, technology integration and  taking the partnership seriously. First  to talk about scripting and appointment  let's get with Scotland. Hey how are you? Good, how are you? Good, so why don't you tell me a little bit about the importance of scripting for our  e-commerce clients. Yeah so it's really important three C's customized, consistency and compliance. So when we talk about customization it's really  important that it's based on the product, it's based on a client and specifically, you're able to make adjustments for a conversation so it's not about just reading it, it's about being able to use transitional phrases, it's about being  able to customize everything based on what the product does, what it looks like  everything you're able to do there. So when we talk about consistency we want to make sure that all of the agents regardless of the location they're in  are telling the customer exactly the  same information. You don't want all  different information being made up or  anything going out there that's not the  message that you want for your brand in  fact that when we talk about compliance  you don't want rogue agents out there  talking about all different things you  want terms and conditions in the script  so that everyone's saying exactly the  same thing. Wow that was some really good  stuff let's go with Brain Pharaoh and  talk about technological integration  hey ray miss pross hi sorry I'm doing  very well thank you, have a seat. We were just talking to Scott about the  importance of scripting for our  e-commerce entrepreneurs that's some  good stuff definitely and we wanted to give the  importance of technological integration. Well that's excellent that's excellent  that we came to buy today's ecommerce  entrepreneurs need that call center is  integrated as possible with all their  vendors that includes CRMs, fulfillment  centers, even manufacturers to KPIs you have to look at when you're integrating  with the call center is integration in  optimization. 1. Can your agents  integrate with your existing platform? 2. Can they improve upon the status quo? If  your agents are worried about anything  else like trying to learn a new piece of  technology but your business has already  been using you're already behind the  eight ball you need to make sure your  contact center works in partnership with  all your other major vendors and can do  that in concert whether it's verifying  addresses for the fulfillment provider  or going in and programming these SKUs  in their CRM your contact center should  be there for you to help you every step  of the way. Wow those are some really informative  points thanks. Right would you stop my  enjoining me in the conference room so  we can talk about our third and final  point which is taking the partnership  seriously absolutely  for our third point and our most  important point I wanted to talk to you  guys about taking the partnership  seriously. What do you think from our  experience is most critical between a  client and its call center? I think  calibration is probably one of the most  important pieces because you want your  contact center to be an extension of  your brand. Scott's 100% right and Nikki you do  bring up a great point that that is the  most important thing finding the synergy  between client and call center. Ken that  call center can that contact center  being extension of your brand  do they know in your business model can  they integrate with all your vendors and  actually be that ambassador that extra  extension of who you are was actually on  the front lines fighting with the  customers the people providing you with  that revenue that's the most important  point to look for when you're looking  for a contact center remember everyone  companies that have figured out how to  delight their customers but their  service are winning in the marketplace  so keep empowering keep challenging and  keep innovating because when you're  green you grow and when you're ripe you rock. This is Nikki Peralta signing off. Stay green!  [Music]

Nicki Peralta, Scott Linder, Ray Ferro

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