Reading the book, you got an amazing quote that I think fits so if you take everything you're talking about now, it's just a theory, if I gave it to someone, their business would fail, but you immediately continue with all these specific things, and I I think the first thing I learned from the book was to understand that I was at the beginning of my journey, I was a technician who had an entrepreneurial fit, and I was not an entrepreneur, so explain to these guys what you mean by this list of each business owner and those, who is our technical manager and entrepreneur - these are three personalities, but when you realize that most people going into business are not really entrepreneurs, they don't have a dream, they don't have a vision, they don't have a goal, I don't have a mission, they want to get a job, they want to be self-employed, so they want to get rid of the boss so get rid of the boss and create your own, everyone knows what I'm talking about, because you believe you know how to do the job, meaning your photographer, so I can get rid of the boss and become a photographer, open my own establishment and take pictures, and you know how to accept photos, so it's obvious that you are a photographer, you open your doors, but what you didn't realize is that you are a photographer, a technician suffering from an entrepreneurial fit, but you have no idea that there are all these other functions of this photographic business called manager, marketing, sales, money the problem of most small businesses is that the founder of the business - a technician suffering from an entrepreneurial fit, and that's why most small businesses fail for that very reason, so we need to develop manager skills, and we need to develop odd skills, if my business is not here to do something for someone else that is important to someone else, then this is the wrong business.

Michael E Gerber
Michael E Gerber

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