[Music]  Hey welcome to FDC's ecom education vlog. My name is Tom Suckman and I'm the Business Development Manager here at Clickbank. Today I'm gonna share with you the top three questions I get when I'm helping new clients and new entrepreneurs get spun up on Clickbank  in the direct response space so that I can help you learn more so you can earn more. So first question I get almost all the time even if I'm out on the road or from you or come across from this is like hey is my product a good fit for Clickbank? Is my product a good fit for affiliate marketing? Is it a you know is  it gonna convert well with your affiliates? And my answers also is almost always yes like yeah it's a via the  products great right there's very few  people out there who really make bad products, if you believe in something and you believe it can help people it's gonna be a good product. Like I have no doubt the issue is is that it's not  about the product it's about the pain  points your product is solving for the customer and how you're marketing that product. Okay it could be a shed like I don't care like it's like a diesel shed  and direct-response you can't get a good copywriter, what are those pain points for it? Okay  so it's about the copywriting it's about the front-end sales page that's gonna  drive that cold traffic to a conversion. The next one is usually, what commission  do I need to pay an affiliate? That's a  great question like it sits I wouldn't know to answer that you know three years ago before I kind of got on  board here at Clickbank. So what  commission do you need to pay? It's also  the wrong question. Okay because it's a big variable that changes a lot. What I at my short answer to this is get comfortable paying up to a hundred percent of your margin. The reason for that is competition, quote unquote, is different for any niche and even some  you know sub niches are different so  that guy might be paying forty five  bucks but your product might be so unique and address such a different pain point that this affiliates gonna email  for both of you  and it's not gonna compete with one  another in his pipelin, okay? But but if you are a weight loss offer going up against a weight loss offer both are talking to keto and very specific in similar ways then yeah you might need to  bump your commission up ten more percent  to get your average cart value or to get  the average cart value to the affiliate higher so the Phillies wanting mail for you more versus this guy over here, right? So it's variable but be comfortable  going up to hundred percent. Next thing and final question is kind of like do you know any affiliates? Will test my  offer? Hey, you have put all this money into copywriting and put all this money into or you know Ries time and energy into copywriting or whatever it might be and building out this funnel. Do you know any affiliates who can mail for me? Who can  test it? Yeah I know a lot of affiliates like any big network or anyone working  in a big network or who's in the space  for wellzyn. I know some big affiliates  to test it I don't want an intro a big  affiliate or even a new affiliate to an  offer that hasn't been tested already  though, right? When you give someone a  referral to an offer you should know and  if it's your offer you should have a  very high degree of confidence that if  they've got a decent audience for it and  they can be the judge of that right but  if they have a good audience for it it's  going to convert because you've done  your part you've done your testing. Okay so it's I don't want to burn any bridges  for myself and I don't want to I  certainly don't wanna burn any bridges  for you and making connection to an  unproven offer that's not gonna convert  well and then that affiliates gonna go  off and he's never gonna promote you  again or that would suck so how do you  get affiliates the test and how do you  get traffic to test if you don't have a  traffic source already Network get out  there go to traffic and conversion and  go to affiliates summits go to all these industry events once I click Bank hosts  and other platforms host meet affiliates  meet vendors and offer owners with  similar lists to yours or similar  audiences to yours right and help them  first so they'll help you later okay  there's gonna be knowledge you have that  you can impart or do something that you  can do for them that's gonna unlock  something and they'll be happy to send  for you and happy to test traffic for  you so those are the questions I get  most commonly but I would love to hear  from you and what questions you have so  leave a comment below let me know what  questions you have about affiliate  marketing  it can be as beginner or as advanced as  you wanted to be I'll go cut my teeth on  them yeah it's been great, it's been real, it's been real great. I'm Thomas, stay green.  [Music]

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