Justin (05:13.856)
All right, guys, we're at another episode of Fulfilled. And today I'm excited to announce Mr. Jed Morley. He is actually the owner of a company called Platinum Payments. And I've known Jed for a while, and I'm really excited to really hear about what he's doing right now. And for you just to meet who Jed is behind the scenes. But Jed, thank you for coming on so much.

Jed Morley (05:34.378)
Hey Justin, it's always a pleasure to be with you and I've loved our association over the years, you and your wife and your family. Just been awesome to watch what you've done with fulfillment.com, so thank you.

Justin (05:44.88)
Awesome. Well, I mean just kick it on before we get into the business your family is Inspirational to many people. Can you tell me a little bit more about your family?

Jed Morley (05:52.97)
Yeah, so I'm number eight of 13 kids. And so when you think about that, it blows people's mind when I talk about like, hey, we talk numbers. So there's 227 people in my immediate family. And that's because every month for 30, sorry, every week for 35 years, so we're now over 3,200 newsletters. My dad has written our family history and he starts like, hey, here's what's happening in the world.

kind of what's going on at economics and whatever. Here's all the birthdays, anniversaries, and all that kind of stuff. And then here's kind of some faith-based things that I think you should focus on. And he sends it out to all of us. And so we have this enormous family, really close-knit group of people because family is the focus.

Justin (06:37.824)
Wow, and before we even get into e-commerce, what do you think has been the attribute or the value or something maybe that has tied you guys together? What has maybe helped you guys keep that family together? Is there something in particular?

Jed Morley (06:51.146)
Yeah, it's the family value, right? We have a mission statement and we have a family plan. We have a 100 year family plan. We own farms together and all kinds of things as you plan and prepare. So I think if you focus, whatever you focus on you can measure, you're gonna have more success. And that's really what it is. I have a spiritual balance sheet that we work on every month as a family and we talk about what are the things that we do. So there's a lot of things that when you focus on and you can measure, you can see success. And I think the same goes with your family.

Justin (07:18.712)
Well, that's great. I've heard where your focus goes, energy flows. So that's great, man. So, okay, onto platinum payments. So I'm just curious, if you could name, who does platinum payments, who do they serve? Who's like your favorite client to add value to? What types of people should be contacting you?

Jed Morley (07:22.439)
Exactly, exactly.

Jed Morley (07:38.354)
You know, I've always said that we are the OGs in the direct response so if you look at this and say if you've got a Launch of any kind so some kind of a product and a newsletter a book whatever we are experts at understanding how you can take an ecommerce brand and really blow it up but by looking at the risk associated with the launch model and How do I create the most value? Looking at all of the metrics so looking at that and saying hey guess what?

I have to convert, how do I convert, still have some risk and chargebacks, but really understand what are the metrics that I'm looking at, from the billing cycle to the onboarding, the ease of customer experience and use. And so that's probably the biggest thing is we've done this for so long. We've got 50 different banks that we work with. We've got an unbelievable platform. And so really just knowing that you have someone that's been here in the trenches that gets this space better than anyone else, that's kind of what we've.

been really good at for a long time is that direct response e-commerce launch model.

Justin (08:40.547)
Wow, so it's a lot different than just signing on with the merchant processor by clicking a button. You're saying they've got somebody in their corner that they can turn to on all kinds of different subjects. What are some things that you think that would be important for them to have somebody in their corner? What situations do you think they could run into? It's like, man, I'm glad I didn't just click the button and have a merchant processor. I'm glad I signed up with Platinum Payments.

Jed Morley (09:04.478)
I think the biggest thing is, you know, it's easy to get with the big nameless faceless companies, right? They make that onboarding super simple. So you click, but you have no relationship. And so when do you actually talk to that person? And the irony is when you need them most, they're not there. So everybody can provide the same service. It's like, hey, can I take a payment? Yes. But what do I do to know what happens when a chargeback happens or a refund or, you know, a bad author, I have a form that is not

set up correctly. So now the fraudsters are hammering me and I'm getting hit with all these fees. So we deal with all of this stuff and so we educate our people on what you should do or how you can do it because we've seen everything and we're really available to walk you through that as kind of a payment partner.

Justin (09:48.388)
Wow, that's awesome. And people like doing business with people they like. And that's why you're on today, man. I love you so much. And I know that your family is just, you've got such a large family. I know you're a faith-based man, you're a God-fearing man. And so to know that that's behind Platinum Payments is I think it was important for me to make sure that I show the viewers up front. Let me ask you this. What are you guys maybe working on? What are you guys pushing the envelope on as far as technology in Platinum Payments?

Jed Morley (10:18.082)
So that's a great question and thanks for asking that one because it's been really fun over the last few years to build some amazing tech and to be a partner in this. So I can tell you confidently, we have the best payment platform in the world. And I mean that from start to finish and this is why, because we're directly integrated to banks where I can say, okay, for an e-commerce platform to say, you wanna run ACH, I can put you directly to the bank where.

Now ACH is tied directly into your merchant account. So you can do both with real time accounting in FreshBooks, Xero, QuickBooks, whatever. So you have a daily account balance. It's tied right into your credit card processing and into your QuickBooks. So you've got one view to see it all. I can do text to pay invoicing, whatever you want. And it's a true surcharge. So if you said, hey, guess what? I've got a small book I wanna sell. Add that.

service fee on top of the book or have them do ACH. So the profitability comes back to the merchant in massive amounts, but the same thing is, you get all of the goodies that you say, okay, how can I serve my customers by giving them the most flexible payment terms? And it really works great. So for continuity, it works amazing. If it's a monthly subscription, it works awesome. And if it's just truly selling a product, and again, it's the right kind of products that you're gonna add a service base fee on kind of thing. And so we have all of that.

not to mention our fraud analytics are unbelievable. I mean, we have 4000 different bits that we get from the bank that literally when you go to re you know, rebuild and a lot of guys subscribe to like recurly and all that stuff. Well, what they do is they just keep hitting the same thing without going back to the root of the problem saying, hey, their recurring billing is failing for this one thing, I fixed that I didn't just get 30 bad recharges, I fixed it. And so we get a

much, much higher percentage of conversion than our competitors.

Justin (12:10.692)
That's awesome. As far as looking into the future and you're seeing the trends that are happening, merchant processing, is there anything that you want to tell the internet retailers that you see coming in the future? Something that you think people should be prepared for? Is there anything that pops to your mind, maybe a tip for somebody on things to watch out for that's coming?

Jed Morley (12:33.878)
Yeah, for sure. So obviously the FedNow thing started in 2020 and they really implemented it just this year, right, in June, and it goes into full effect November of 2025, right, where they'll track every single thing. And I think, as a faith-based person, I don't really want the government to know every single person that I buy from, use, whatever. But that's really what the FedNow is. It's a blanket system that goes over everything where they'll see who I'm buying from, my credit score, my...

carbon footprint, all of those things, right? So what can you do that's different? I think you have to have true redundancy and the redundancy today, right, is how can I have a bank account here and a bank account here or a merchant account here where you have redundancy and then you're saying, okay, which one can I trust? Which one can I use? And it's gonna be kind of the small regional banks that you wanna work with because the big ones have all bought into this system. And again, right now everything's in the Visa rails and all that kind of stuff. So we're working, you know,

quite a bit right now in the blockchain. We've got our platform is agnostic. We're working on some amazing tech with a wallet that no one has that's gonna push some availability out for e-commerce and some amazing stuff we're working on that I can just tell you I've never been more excited. And if you want Justin, we could give everybody a quick link, either a QR code or a dropdown that would be, here's some of the products that we're showing and working off.

so that people could see exactly what we're doing. But all kinds of things. But again, knowing that the federal government is really focused right now on control of the banking platform and all of our communication, the focus to me right now is to create redundancy that gives you guys the ability to process no matter what. So when an SVB or the next regional goes down, you've got good solid solutions behind you.

Justin (14:26.276)
Good. So people sometimes wonder and it's like, how do you as a merchant processor, how do you guys make your money? How do you explain that to somebody? How is it that you provide a value, but how do you get compensated on this?

Jed Morley (14:37.782)
Yeah, so of that 3%, we'll just use it super simple, round it up, you know, of the same, that Stripe, you know, anybody else that charges, we make a fraction of a percent. So just like a home mortgage, you know, where you go out and you say, hey, I have my basis points and I've got my costs to go and borrow that money. And then there's a little spread that the mortgage lender makes. We make a little fraction of a percent on every monthly transaction. And that's really it. And then,

For us, the advantage that we have, right, is because we've got such a massive portfolio and all the relationships, we have a lot of power to come back and say, hey, I need to be able to take care of these merchants because I've got a personal direct relationship and it's because I've got a big block of buying power, if that makes sense, it allows me to work with a little better rates or better terms and, you know, that kind of thing. Because when you look at this, the things that you look at is, do I have a reserve? What happens if my merchant account gets shut down or they put me on a hold?

Who do I call? All of those things become massive issues when they pop up. And so one of my favorite and worst calls are, hey buddy, I've known you forever. I'm with such and such and they're holding my money. What do I do? And I said, hey guys, I would rather, like before it becomes an issue, set up the accounts, walk it through. We do a free audit. Literally, you send us your statements and it's not to look at it and say, hey, how can I price you? It's really.

What are the ways that you're taking money that I can show you the safest, quickest way to one, get settlement. And, um, and again, here's the risk factors. This is the thing that most people don't understand. When you go to set up a merchant account, the only factors that we have to set it up is I can hold a reserve, I can charge you a certain fee, or it's when they fund you.

Right? So it's like next day, two day funding. The funding cycle is also a risk parameter. So what we have is because we've got Intel and we're direct with the bank. If you're set up through our bank, I can literally do seven second funding. Well, we don't tell that to everyone because again, most people don't qualify unless they really are a straight up good merchant. We got all stuff. So it really kind of looks at a lot of those things. And that's really what we focus on is, is all of those risk factors explaining to you

Jed Morley (16:52.778)
If you have good credit, good business history, you control end-to-end solution from fulfillment or they're using you guys, somebody that's vetted really good, there's just a lot of those risk factors that we look at that we help you understand how you can get better terms and rates.

Justin (17:09.796)
That's awesome. Now I know you're around a lot of shakers and movers and I'm just curious, if you could pick somebody in the e-commerce space that you admire, somebody for their work ethic or their business, just something that you admire about them, who would you pick? Somebody that maybe that we could have on this podcast next, who would be somebody you respect in the e-commerce space?

Jed Morley (17:35.682)
So I think you probably know Matthew Stafford, right? Bill Grosscale. And I love him because you look at what they've built is a great brand that they've worked really hard at taking and saying, listen, to the average, you know, like guy building his store. Instead of just dumping more money, and this is the, it kind of goes against the common stuff. It's like, hey, I'm gonna go dump a bunch of money to buy more leads. Why don't we just fix our conversion process, right? So that we can actually convert more.

Justin (17:38.977)

Jed Morley (18:04.55)
make more money. And then when we buy more leads, we convert higher our profitability is better. So I just love that model because I don't see that as often as you know, most guys come in and they're just burning churn, get you know, up and going. And so I really like working with Matthew because he's got a great system and a great team.

Justin (18:21.632)
Man, he's got a great team. So yeah, we're gonna go after Matthew. We wanna see if we can get him on here as well. Great guy. So just off the, I'm just curious, what are some of the things you do when you're not working, when you're not doing e-commerce, or not helping people set up mids and just facilitating that? What are some things, some hobbies, some things that you find of interest?

Jed Morley (18:43.438)
So, you know, I don't know if people see it or not, but you know, I got my boots behind me. And so people are like, are you in a western store? Well, the funny thing is, is for me, you know, obviously we talked about family. That's a big part of it, right? I've got five kids and now five and a half grandkids, which is an absolute blast. And so, but you know, you look at this, I have a horse ranch. And so I team rope and I ranch sort and I do a lot of that stuff. I take a lot of friends out in the mountains and we ride. And so we're up in God's country and you're literally...

up there by yourself, away from your phones, and you have the best conversations, you know, you're talking about the things you're doing. And so those campfire settings where you kind of get to bury your soul and say, hey man, what am I working on? Or what's going, what's working good for you? That kind of stuff. So I love that because it really recharges me and it gets me one-on-one with, you know, people.

Justin (19:29.988)
That's awesome. Now, if I were to ask you, what is fulfillment, like true fulfillment mean to you? I mean, you're fulfilled. Maybe even, let's just say you're on your deathbed and you're looking back at your life. You're like, I'm glad that I did that. I was a part of that. I accomplished that. Or I paid attention to that. What do you think true fulfillment means to you?

Jed Morley (19:50.21)
Man, that is such a good question and I love it, the way you worded that, because you know, you think about what is gonna, like today, there's so many people that wanna be influencers, right? And I'm like, okay, that's cool, but really I wanna impact people. I wanna have an impact in someone's life. And so I think I've told you this story back, you know, Justin, a long time ago, but it started when I was in my, you know, late 20s. I had my first kids, we had a few kids and.

We went down to Mexico for a Christmas. And again, I'll be honest, we didn't have a lot of money. It was like where I was doing real estate full time. We took a snowmobile trailer down. We slept on a floor and I speak Spanish, you know, and I was, we had a lot of fun. There were three families. We sent all this money down. And again, it wasn't a ton of money, but to us it felt like it. And we went into this place and we assembled boxes to feed families. And we ended up with 883 boxes to feed a family of four for a month. And...

because of the way I speak Spanish, we lined up the kids, gave them all these presents and stuff. After doing that for a few weeks, my little girl came up to me and she doesn't speak Spanish, she doesn't know the kids, but we're in this little home and I'll never forget, it was like a 12 by 12 room, and she comes up, pulls my sleeve and says, "'Dad, can I give her my shoes?' And I said, "'You wanna give her your shoes?' And she said, "'Yeah.'" And so she knelt down and took off her own shoes and gave her this little girl.

And I'll never forget what that meant to me because I'm like, man, you know, this little kid realizes we got a garage full of stuff. We got dirt bikes at home and all this stuff. But just that little act of like, hey, that matters more. And so from then we've always, every Christmas, every year we go and do something and do these projects because I want my kids to know that like, hey, what really matters the most is to serve someone else. And so Plat Pay has Plat Gives. And so we donate a percentage of what we make to.

orphanages into all kinds of products and you know and things and so we have so many fun things and stories to tell but Yeah, that was probably the first one so I could look back and say doing that with my kids has meant more than anything else I've done

Justin (21:53.788)
Oh man, that's amazing. Thank you. I realized long ago that it's all his and you can't out give him. He's just waiting. He's like, I've given this to you. What are you gonna do with it? So we're just servants of that. So that's an awesome story. So let me ask you this. I know you're a believer. I've had great conversations with you about it. I wanna ask you frankly, like who is the Messiah? Who is the son of the living God? Who is he to you?

Jed Morley (21:59.042)
100%. Yes, yes.

Jed Morley (22:23.074)
Oh, you know that I want to be like him so much. So he's my friend. And it's really the goal I have is to say, look, I'm nothing by myself, but with him, I'm everything. I can do all things, you know? And I look at that and I think, okay, so how then if I'm really insignificant, but I want to have this relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. So everything I do is like, okay.

I want to see people the way he sees them. And I hope that when they see me, that they see him in me, because if that's the case, then I'm at least 1% better, and I'm trying every day to become a little bit better. And you know, I'll share this story, Justin. You know how much I love you in case, right? And I think you guys are awesome. Well, one of the things that's cool is this morning, as I got out and said my prayers, and I said, hey, I really wanna know what should I do today? And you sent me a text, and I saw you're fulfilled,

This is exactly the thing. And so again, if we can share the word with anyone, that's the most important thing that I can do today.

Justin (23:28.76)
Man, I know that's gonna touch so many. Because we've got a platform now that we can talk about business, but we can also talk about real fulfillment. Like what does it mean to truly be fulfilled? And I'm hearing the same story in a lot of cases that it's to have him inside of us, right? And like you said, for us to reflect his light. So I'm super excited that you're able to share that. Is there a time in your life that you saw that there was a shift to where...

Jed Morley (23:47.308)

Justin (23:57.548)
you know, you felt his love or something to where you decide, I don't know if you grew up loving, you know, Jesus, or if it's something where it clicked with you one day, is there any sort of testimony that you want to share?

Jed Morley (24:10.27)
Yeah, so the funny thing is, is I grew up, you know, with a really strong Christian family, you know, and I, and I grew up that way, because again, faith based, you know, number eight of 13 every single morning, and I'll say this, this is the, this is the gold, okay, guys, if you if you want to solve the life hacks, it's seriously simple. Make a plan, be consistent and measure it. That's it.

Because again, whatever that is, you don't have to fight. Am I gonna go get in shape? Am I gonna work out? If you make the decision, go do it. If you're gonna do this, go be that. So what we did as a family, and this is simple, every single morning at six o'clock, we got up and read scriptures, every morning. And we would sing, pray, and read every morning. So my dad was like, hey, you gotta put the armor of God on before you go out. So if the kids are going to school, you gotta have some stuff. And again, I'll be honest, guys, I...

never got up when they were singing. I hate singing in the morning. So I wait till the singing was done. And then I get into kind of half of sleep, be there for the reading, and then go on, right. But it formed those habits of like hearing the stories of and knowing who they are. And it was important to me, you know, so when I had to make those decisions on my own, it was really important, you know, they became like an important part. But I got to sell share this one thing. I told my mom, I said, you know, I don't believe I'm a teenager, I'm screwing around and having a like,

just messing around. And it has happened three different times. One time, I'm playing sports, I love football, and you kind of think you're a big deal and stuff. And so I waited for one of these big games and I was at a party with all my friends. And I can see this today as vivid as it was yesterday. And we're sitting in this room and we're smoking cloves and drinking beer and doing their stupid crap. And I'm sitting there, that tells you how old I am based on the stuff I just said.

But we're sitting there and I'm sitting next to some girls on this couch and I had an out-of-body experience. It was literally this I Felt myself leave and look around the room and what it was I had this personal interview Tomorrow morning you're gonna wake up all the fun's over Everything that you were looking for it's done. You're gonna look yourself in the mirror and then what? What's important to you? And I really thought I had this happen to me three different times and then I realized

Jed Morley (26:27.642)
God's trying to reach me and say, hey bud, you know what? The things that you put value on don't have any value. They will come and go. It's wealth, it's success, it's whatever. And I learned that and I realized at that point, man, I really do need to just try and serve him and worship him. And so when I listened, it really changed my life and that helped me go to do my two-year mission and all kinds of things that I've done. It's just been really fun. But yeah, that was probably the most personal thing for me.

Justin (26:57.224)
Yeah, so I'm hearing like first meeting of the day, right? To have it with him. It seemed like that's what your family was really in, and I say enforcing, hey, we're gonna meet with him first. We're gonna do those things. And I tell you, it just seems like when you're evaluating, where do I want, where's my life at now where I want it to be? And you're truly evaluating it for the things that are important. I'm thinking of the verse, seek the kingdom first and all these things will be added to you. Well, what things? Probably the things that he knows that are good.

Jed Morley (27:01.)

Justin (27:25.856)
Not the things that we think that we put value on. So man, what a great story. Thank you so much. I'm also thinking, I used to not sing at all. Like I'm the guy behind my back, an old ranger guy. There's no singing that's coming out of me. As I leaned in and as he showed his love for me more and more and more, my hands just started going up. You know what I mean? And he loved me more and more and more. And then my hands are up and I'm praising and I'm hallelujah. I couldn't hold it in when he really just allowed me to get close to him.

Jed Morley (27:26.082)

Justin (27:56.064)
And that's just because it's seeking, you know, it's just seek him seek him seek him and never give so anyways I love your testimony. I love the things you're saying I love the family because I really think you can gauge a lot from somebody by their fruits or by what's what are they doing? In their family, how is their family? Impacted like that. Is there a little girl that goes and gives her shoes based on you know, the environment that she's in So thank you for sharing all that today. Is there anything else that?

Jed Morley (28:12.686)
I'm gonna go.

Justin (28:21.036)
these internet retails, any other words of wisdom you want to give them, so maybe they can either go to the next level in e-commerce or something they need to be focused on that's personal, anything that's maybe the Holy Spirit's triggering in you right now.

Jed Morley (28:34.335)
Yeah, so I would highly recommend and this is the key for all of us. Serve the people so they really feel valued. You got to hear your customers, right? Whatever they are. So one of the things I got to tell you and this is unique to what we do at Platinum and it's been super fun is I own several different companies. We do a lot of things that are fun. And I think one of the things that I started my own kind of competitor and e-commerce is one of them, right? So it's called E-Pipe. And we build.

funnels and a platform in minutes, not days, not, you know. So I love Russell Brunson, he's one of my favorite guys. You look at that, but they've made it so complicated, so we simplified all that. And what I've done is we make it to where you have a video marketing page and you can put any button and you click any link and I have all the stats and analytics and tracking. So listen to your people, what they want, because when I would go to all these big groups, we're talking to them and they're saying, hey, I got all this time and money into this stuff and it takes me so long and I've got all these teams. I'm like, yeah, but.

80% of the market just needs a simple lead capture and a simple form and a simple follow-up, you know? And so we built something that makes it easy. So we have a lot of groups that use our systems and it's fun, we built that. The last thing I would share with you, Justin, and I've lived this myself. So for those of them that watch this, you know, I've built a Valiant CEO magazine. If you go online, I challenge anybody to do this. It's actually awesome. So go in there and look at Valiant CEO.

I've interviewed over 5,000 CEOs. What I think is brilliant is you go in, take the search bar, type in anything you want, and I've got endless content. I interviewed 780 CEOs last month alone. When you look at this, we're talking billionaires, Glenn Stern and the EXP president. I mean, I'm excited because next month Kathy Ireland's magazine's coming out. If you don't know who she is, she's sold over $3 billion on Home Shopping Network. She has multiple brands in, you know,

the e-commerce world. And so when you look at this, I get to talk to the people that are crushing it at all levels. But you know what Kathy and I talked about 60% of the time? God. It was awesome. And so when you look at this, you say, okay, if I'm successful, what's the substance behind me? You know, and so we have a quote in our home, no success can compensate for failure in the home. So I look at that and I go, hey, you know what? It doesn't matter how much money or how much influence or how many people, if I'm screwing up at my own house.

Justin (30:39.725)

Jed Morley (30:58.614)
keeping track and I think that's really the goal. So focus on that you can control that matters the most and then the rest of the stuff will come.

Justin (31:07.384)
So good so many nuggets there. I just like can I you mind if I bless you real quick? I pray us out of here. Thank you so much Father we thank you so much for mr. Jed and his family We ask for blessings on his family and then you continue to give him words of wisdom so he can guide people Closer to Jesus and we ask these things in Jesus name in Yeshua's name. We pray amen Hello Thank you brother, we'll talk soon

Jed Morley (31:12.71)
Oh, please do, man. That'd be awesome.

Jed Morley (31:26.662)
Amen. Thank you so much, bud. Sure appreciate it.

Okay, awesome, thanks, see ya.

Justin (31:32.96)
Thanks. Alright guys, thank you for another episode of Fulfilled. Catch us next time. Maybe it'll be Matthew Stafford from Bill Gross Scale. Take care.


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