[Music]  Years ago I was asked to represent a  line of cleaning products on a national  network and it was the first time  anybody had seen these cleaning products before. They they've never experimented  with them, it didn't have a big following, it wasn't a brand anybody recognized but  the products really worked well. However  I told the vendor I was working with  this package is not going to sell and he  said to me, why it's a great product it, works well. I said yes you're right  we have great demonstrations, we have  good testimonials, but it's not gonna sell regardless of how good it works and he said why? I said because it's too complicated when we came out on the air  at the beginning of our presentation and  we were trying to tell people what they  were going to get when they ordered it  it was a cleaning product that came in a  bottle of concentrate and could be  diluted into three different mixtures  one for light duty medium duty or heavy  duty each one would make a different  number of bottles it also came with a  sponge it came with a microfiber cloth  it came with two different sprayers one  that would spray inverted 300 180  degrees one that would foam when you  sprayed it it also came in four  different flavors you could choose like  Abba lavender scented or the Apple  scented or all these different things. Oh  my gosh there's no customer on the  planet that's going to do the mental  calisthenics to try and figure out which  one they want to buy! Nobody would! They  will tune out, they will walk away rather than do the mental work. You need to make  your offer very easy to understand the  moment it becomes complicated  you've lost just about everybody because  they don't want to work hard they want  it to be easy. Now  what he was offering might have made  sense if he was doing a big event and it  was going to be shown all day long and  he had a very well-established brand and  he really didn't need to educate people  on who he was or what the product was  about it all just made sense he had an  enormous following I mean if  selling vacuum cleaners and he is Dyson  it can be about as complicated as he  needs it to be it doesn't really matter  it's Dyson, right? Well it was a problem  with this new brand and if you're trying  to draw in new customers if you're  trying to draw in people who are gonna  use your product or service for the  first time but your offers are not  really easy to understand you're  shooting yourself in the foot. Make your  offer  extremely easy for your customer to  interpret make it so that they can  choose the one they want in ten seconds  flat here I have a cleaner it comes in  this bottle you can choose this one or  this one pick the one you want BAM done. We would have sold a million of them. We  didn't sell a million of them as a  matter of fact no matter how many  warnings I gave that particular  manufacturer before we went on air with  his product it didn't matter  he wouldn't change the offer and the  offer went through the floor but guess  what it was brought back later with a  very simple offer and it's skyrocketed. I  have to get myself a little pat on the  back for that one. Make sure your offer is simple it'll  mean a huge escalation in your sales.  [Music]

Cory Bergeron
Pitch Media

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