[Music]  Everybody welcome to FDC's Ecomm education vlog. My name is Dan Stewart  and I'm the founder Happy Grasshopper. We write and deliver emails every single day  of the week and I've got three tips for  you they're gonna make all of your emails better. First and this is super super important make absolutely sure that you  know your purpose for sending the email  there's a big difference between a first  touch and a message that's going to someone that's weeks deep in your sales call. So be very clear about who's  reading the message and why and know what  your number one outcome for that  messages and you'll get a much better  result. Second you've got to know your audience  understand their pain why is it that  they've reached out to you in the first  place? Why is it that they've raised their hand  and out of all the places they could go  in the internet they're looking at you? If you can speak to that conversation  that they're already having you're gonna  win with your email so know your  audience and finally and this is super important keep your message short. You  want to make sure that every single  message you send is easy to read on a  mobile phone. That's where most emails are consumed today, so keep your message  brief. Boil it down to one specific point, be absolutely clear what your goal is and by that I mean what is your most desired action on their part what is the thing you want them to do. Structure  emails to where it will achieve that  thing and nothing else and you'll get a  much better response from myristic so  enjoy the vlog. [Music]

Dan Stewart
Happy Grasshopper

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