[Music]  What I'd like to share with you today, what fulfillment dot com asked me to come and  share with you today are two  revolutionary things that can change your business instantaneously and put  more money in your bottom line and  that's what I want to do with you I want  to make you more money so we have a rebate program that we're gonna  facilitate with you and we also have an  issuing platform that you can take  advantage of okay now I'm gonna go ahead  and explain these through my stick  figure drawings and hopefully you can  follow along if not just watch this  video again and again and again and just get my face and plant it into your brain. So you know what goes where to go back and  take advantage of these programs. Number  one the merchant you you have a store, now this is an e-commerce store that you  guys are selling whatever it is that  you're selling there there's there's an  interchange cost that's associated with taking credit cards and everyone has to use a credit card because that's the only way that you can take payments online so you go ahead and generate a  cost this goes to the pay certify  gateway and because of the fact that  we're so large and we aggravate these  volumes what we actually do is we have a  virtual card platform that allows us to  give a rebate back to you as the  merchant now this is a very exclusive  program this program you have to be doing at least thirty million dollars a  month in order to qualify. Now you  probably don't do you thirty million  dollars a month but because the fact  that you deal with pay certified we're  able to aggregate all of our volume and  give at least give you guys the ability to participate in this program. Now what  we do is we generate a virtual card that  generates an interchange value of about 2.7 percent now you paid about two  percent on the front end okay goes to  the pay certified gateway we automatically issue this this virtual  card which the consumer doesn't know  about the generate it's a virtual card  and we paid the third-party suppliers  and we pay the third-party supplier. This interchange is generated now because you  paid two percent on the front end what  we're gonna do because you're such a good client we're gonna give you a  portion of this rebate there's two point  seven percent back to cover that initial  cost so if your first if your front line  cost is two percent and we're giving you  two percent back we just eliminated 100  percent of your costs even if we're  giving you one and a half  or 1.7%. If your frontline cost is  two-and-a-half to three percent we're still taking a big chunk of that problem  that monetary problem at the end of the month away from you and we're adding padding massive amounts of money to your  bottom line it's a very very cool  program nobody else has it you only find  it here at Pace certified and you can  get it as soon as you click into our  funnel. The other platform is our issuing  platform now this is revolutionary as  well we built this for the travel space  but this is also built for e-commerce  stores so anyone that's selling a  product online like you can take  advantage of this particular solution. So this guy right here is me when I wake up in the morning and what I do when I wake  up in the morning is I go buy Starbucks  and let's just say I'm buying Starbucks  online okay or whatever it is I'm hiding  online and buying it online I'm making  this purchase now when I make this  purchase I'd go through the gate a certified gateway which is connected while all these shopping carts out there yours included what we do is we we  instantly offer a reward subsidy okay so  because I'm a shopping consumer online  and I'm spending of $500 or $1,000 or  whatever that number is I can instantly  generate generate a reward subsidy. Now we have back in channel partners that  allow us to instantly pool kyc an offer  and a make an offer to a consumer so at  the checkout page and this doesn't  affect consumer checkout or the  experience of the consumers so they can  take advantage of the offer or they  don't have to take advantage of the  offer but if your consumer and you're  building up a checkout page of $1,000  okay and I'm offering you two hundred  two hundred dollars off that purchase most consumers will take advantage of  that now the advantage to you is because  you're still getting your full thousand  dollars. That subsidy is covering that discount that we're giving to them and  why would they do that? Because they want  that consumer as a customer to continue  to spend money so we offer this discount  at the purchase and when we offer this  discount the purchase and convert that  customer to a to now a customer of the  the issuer we're generating affiliate  Commission. That affiliate Commission is  in split up between pay certify  and you so not only are we adding value  on the front end by giving your consumers a discount we're also giving them incentives to come back to your  store and continue to spend money and  you make a piece of that spend that the  consumer does you also make a piece of  that funding affiliate commissions. So if  you're doing thousands of transactions a  day we'll be converting about 25% of  those into discounts which in which results in about twenty-five to forty  dollars to you and per consumer so you  can do the math and if you can you can  look at your own statistics and see how much money you're actually generating as  an ecommerce store then you can decide  if this program is a fit for you but what I can tell you is that if you're looking to pad additional revenue and  you want consumers to continue to shop  at your location and spend more money day after day, month after month this is a solution that's going to put this into high gear for you and put more money in  your pocket guaranteed. [Music]

Chase Harmer

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