[Music]  Hello and welcome to FDC's ecommerce education vlog my name is Justin Christensen the co-founder and president  of Convergent Fanatics and the number  one best-selling author of Conversion  Fanatic: How to double your customer  sales and profits with a be testing. And today we are going to discuss the  benefits of conversion rate optimization so in my 15 year career in digital  marketing the only thing that I have  really found to help companies get and  keep a competitive advantage is  conversion optimization and the only  thing that I see in the marketplace is  everybody screams that you need to just  get more eyeballs. You need to get more  traffic you know traffic is a sexier topic than getting more out of your  traffic through optimization. Now the benefits of optimization are more than  just improving your conversion rate. You can some of the byproducts of that are reduction in your cost per acquisition, making traffic and your paid advertising  spend more effective you can get  increases in average order value you're  gonna lead to happier customers, less  refunds, less chargebacks, and better  engagement overall on your site. Now what  we look for in conversion optimization  is really how your visitors interact  with your brand and your marketing  message so we're gonna go in and measure  what elements on every step of the process hold the most weight, you know? What button colors, what headlines, what  layout, what images, what structure number  of steps in the checkout process, the  number of cross sell items, how you cross  sell items ,abandoned cart issues, all of  these things can be addressed with  optimization instead of just pouring  more ad dollars on it. Imagine if you  were spending twenty thousand dollars a  month on advertising or  and you got say a 1 percent conversion  rate. But what happens if you increase  that to a 1.1 percent conversion rate on  the same exact advertising dollars but  your cost per acquisition goes down by  10 percent and your average order value  goes up by 15 percent . How much more benefit to your business  will that have? How much bigger of an impact will it  have for your business? You know you can  spend more to acquire customers you can  spend more on traffic it becomes easier to scale your marketing campaigns versus  just pouring more ad dollars on it. You  know a good example of this was a  company that grew very well recently and we took their conversion rate initially  from 2% to 3% but then they turned on  70% more traffic and it reduced their  conversion rate back down to about 2.1 percent but they had 70 percent more  traffic converting at a higher rate than  what they were initially and that  resulted in helping the company grow  over 300% in revenue over the course of  the year and compounding conversions  takes effect in that way. Perry Marshall  the great author of you know many great  books including the definitive guide to  Google AdWords and the 80/20 rule of  marketing, he states that optimization is  the only true way to get exponential  growth and we've seen it by helping over  80 companies over the last four years  improve their marketing results so if  you have an e-commerce company and an  e-commerce store and you want to  exponentially increase your results, you  need to ploy the need to deploy  effective conversion rate optimisation  practices. Don't let a day go by that  you're not actively testing something to  learn and we're not just testing random  things here either we're actually going  out to be strategic and we're trying to  find out the answer to the question, why? Why are we testing those certain things  instead of oh yeah a green button  converts better than an orange button, but why is that does it have better  contrast to the remaining color of the  pages? Does it help lead the visitors  down that path of least resistance to  the end goal that you want achieved? Does  it lead to better engagement? And you  want to figure out what those  bottlenecks are and then test every  possible combination and element to  better understand your visitors as a  result your traffic is going to become  more effective your customers are going  to spend more with you they're gonna be  happier they're gonna convert at a  higher rate you're gonna make more money  and it'll lead to exponential growth in  your business so don't let a day go by  that you're not actively testing and  figuring out and answering that question  why it's the only way to get and keep a  competitive advantage in today's noisy  digital world so again this is Justin  Christensen the co-founder and president  of Conversion Fanatics and you are watching FDCs ecommerce education vlog we'll talk to you again on another  video. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks! [Music]

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