[Music]  Hey welcome to fulfillment dot coms online educational vlog my name is Jay Mack I'm the president of Six Division. We are a  marketing automation company that helps entrepreneurs and their teams get more out of their market automation to create more predictable revenue in their  business. I want to talk to you today about the top three mistakes that entrepreneurs make with marketing automation. The first one is the word marketing. The second one is the word automation, and the third one is blimp lamentation which I'll talk to you more  about in a moment. So what's the problem with marketing, when it comes to marketing automation most people assume that market animation is solely for marketing and they think of things like funnels and marketing campaigns and ad spend and lead acquisition and marketing automation is much much more than that marketing automation is a different way to think about ultimately your client  journey which I'll talk more about in a minute. The second thing is the word automation so a lot of people assume that because automation is in the word marketing automation they think that it's set it and forget it and that it is building a machine that is gonna run itself in perpetuity without any maintenance and so forth and a lot of times that can take the human element out of it as well and the benefit of marketing automation is to automate the mundane things it's to automate the experience that you want your clients to have so that they have a consistent experience and they've got the experience that you actually have design essentially you're creating the best day your sales rep or the best day that's your marketer or the best day that you can create for your clients you're repeating that over and over and over again so when you automate those mundane things it leaves space in margin for you  to create very personal experiences for your clients so rather than automating  everything you can actually automate somebody to remind some of your company to do something personal like a handwritten note or send a t-shirt or whatever that is. So automation is what creates space for personalization that's actually more meaningful and it'll be able to leave a lasting impression for your clients and so forth and the third thing is this word we called blimp lamentation which is the blend of blueprinting and implementing  at the same time imagine a team of contractors trying to build a home and everybody showed up at once with no blueprint and the concrete  guys are trying to lay concrete and the plumbers are trying to do the plumbing and the drywalled and framer guys are trying to do their thing and so forth you would end up with a mess in an unstable house and something that wouldn't be very good and most people start their market automation by getting into a tool get into their campaign builder of whatever that is and they start trying to design while they're actually implementing and they end up  with a mess. They end up with a lack of visibility and lack of reporting they end up with unstable campaigns that create an unpredictable and often under lightful customer or lead experience for  people so we want to plan first and then blueprint so the solution to all this is having a clear plan creating a strategic  plan of what you're trying to do so you  know where you're going secondly its to  get really clear on what the journey of  your leads prospects and clients are by mapping that out before you start to blue in blueprint and then implement and to do that this is I think the the  secret sauce pro tip here is to do that from the perspective of your clients marketing automation is about creating a journey and journeys are ultimate about  experience which is getting them to know the things they need to know to believe what they need to believe to take the action that you want them to take and so you create that language and you create that journey to be as effortless and seamless as possible so that they have a great experience to do what you need  them to do and tell their friends and keep coming back for more. So hope that's helpful if we can ever help you at Six Division please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you with your marketing automation in your company, to grow your sales, to save you time, and  amaze your clients. Good luck!  [Music]

Justin MacDonald
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