[Music]  Welcome to the FDC education blog. I'm Vinnie Fisher the CEO of Fully Accountable and I want to talk to you  today about you the business leader the  top executive in the company and your  financial fluency. See I am a leader in a  business and I resonate with titles like CEO, founder and I was really and I am  really good at actually growing  enterprises from six to seven to eight  figures. One of problems I always had and half the battle against is giving a  lot of the dollars back. I naturally with  lean towards growing more gross revenue  a marketer and a salesperson it's where  I live probably I lacked just enough  financial fluency to understand the  elements of the business to keep more I  learned one day it's not about how much  you bring at the top it's how much you  keep at the bottom. While that might sound very basic to you I want to help  you with three tips to really improve  your financial fluency as the leader of  the business. One what I would like to talk to you about is this mindset, the  mindset of running your business what it took what it actually takes for  you to go from six figures to seven  figures or two totally different  mindsets they were from seven to eight. The gun-slinging things you do to  get into seven figures are necessary but  those are also the things that are not  going to help you when amateur operation  and grow into an eight-figure business  with better cash flow profit margin and  net asset value. And so first and  foremost your mind has to change, there  are six operational elements then  departments to a company. One of them is  your back-office and when you always  have an attitude of growing the top-line  and not winning on the bottom line the  first issue for me then will be for you  is starting with your mindset. My number  two tip  is there is mature operations in every  company I wrote a book about this call  the CEOs mindset and it's yours if you  want just write us to a we care and  fully accountable and we'll send you a  copy of the book but I care about  mindset so much I made it the first  chapter in the title of the book but  additionally I talked about an  operational mindset to a 7 and 8-figure  leader, how you can run a back office and  run it like a profit Center so that you  can actually win margin will have more  cash flow and actually build your net  worth in your business. And finally my  third tip sits around this idea of  looking to maturity and how you are  taking that profit center to build your  networks. One of the problems we have as  leaders is we start with this mindset of  us, everything that flows through to us,  where we save taxes maximize cash, that  comes to us and we don't really defend  the margin of the company. If we look to  investing in our back office and have  the financial fluency to understand what  key indicators to watch what production  of expertise you want in those areas  you'll start to clearly see where you  will have a problem in the profit of  your company so for example I had a  health supplement company before while we were at the ending stage of  building fully accountable and I found  out that I was making eight percent  profit margin when in reality I should  have been making twenty percent. Well with this idea I started to say oh my  gosh I'm losing twelve percent monthly! So quickly I started having a profit  center mindset. I'll promise you that if  you do that you will build your cash you  will have more margin and you'll build  up your net asset value faster than ever. Reality is it takes these three things  to build your financial fluency and I  started thinking about how to invest in  a back office so that I'm manages from  my 1040 backwards because the real  savings starts with your business and  having the mature act aspect of running  it that way will immediately lead to  doubling your profit margin. Financial  fluency is the key to  leader truly building your network so  those three tips and the gifts along go  with you I'm Vinnie Fischer from Fully Accountable. Hope that option  [Music]

Vinnie Fisher
CEO and co-founder of Fully Accountable

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