[Music]  Welcome to FDC's ecom educational vlog. My name is John Maddox I'm the marketing  director here at Engine Commerce. If you're like me you consume a mountain of  content on the latest strategies, tips  and tactics that you can use in 2018 to  grow and scale your store. There's a lot  of really sexy things that are tossed  around influencer marketing Facebook Ads  Google arbitrage all of these things but  what I want to share with you today are two really unsexy pillars of e-commerce  marketing that are staples that the  largest brands in the world use to  continue to scale and grow their  revenues year every year. Those two  tactics are abandoned cart flows as well  as basic behavioral cascades. A recent  study by Omni sense shows that targeted  abandoned cart emails are opened 20% more  than any other type of email, not only  that but they convert at 5% making them the best type of email you can send  within your cascade. Let's say that you  had a thousand abandoned carts a day, now sending these automated flows if you  were able to bring back 5% of those  abandoned carts at an average order  value of about $80 that equals out to a $4,000 increase per day in revenue. To get you started I want to share with you  one of our most successful cart  abandonment flows and what that looks  like broken out into days. Now the first  day that they abandon that cart you're  gonna wait two to four hours and then  you're gonna send them an email  reminding them of what they left with  beautiful imagery and persuasive copy  asking them to come back and you've  saved that cart just for them. A day  later you might add in other products,  other curated sets things of that nature  to increase the average order value as  well as show the different styles and  how it would look on them if they  purchased it that day. On day three we  want to help them really pull out that  credit card by offering either free  shipping or a percentage off if they go  ahead and purchase it in the next 24  hours and then if they haven't purchased  from there we're gonna put them on that  behavioral email cascade based on the  creative and based on the products that  they looked at and we're going to  nurture them throughout that sequence  and then rotate them into our daily  newsletter. If you're looking for more  sequences you're looking for some  inspiration on this I highly encourage  you to look at your favorite brands  whatever they be. Barkbox is a great  example, go through their email lists abandoned  cart and see how they retarget you over  the next week, take that, model it for  your own store and implement those  changes. [Music]

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