[Music]  welcome to FDC's ecomm blog. My name is Chris Hibbs and I am one of the Head Accountants here at Easier accounting. I am here to share with you my experience on accounting and bookkeeping in the e-commerce industry to help you learn  more so that you can earn more. After 26 years the Supreme Court has ruled on June 21st, 2018 that States can impose sales tax on ecommerce sellers the vote was a five to four decision that was in favor of brick-and-mortar businesses who  have long complained at the disadvantages of having to charge sales  tax while most online retailers haven't had to those who will feel the biggest pinch are the small to medium detailers  instead of the big companies who have  been paying sales tax because of their warehouses and stores in almost every  state. This is how it can affect you for  example if you are located in California and sell a product to someone in this state of Utah you then would be required  to make sure that the state of Utah gets  the sales tax for the product you sold  just so you're aware there are five  states that don't have any sales tax  Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire,  and Oregon. All other states will have some sort of sales tax and each state could be a different amount, this is what  makes it hard to track it by yourself or  in a spreadsheet. Don't panic  there are several software companies  that are available if you plan on  tracking it yourself. The three main  software providers are tax jar, tax a five and a Valero tax jars built for  small to medium sized companies and we have found it to be a better software  for our e-commerce clients tax. If I and a valera are built to support the larger companies and with that said also have a larger price tag to go with it if the  thought of tracking your own sales tax  is too daunting or you just don't have the time to do so we would recommend the use an accounting firm that you feel the  most comfortable with  that specializes in sales tax like all  things in the e-commerce industry sales  tax laws will continue to evolve and it  is important as an ecommerce  entrepreneur to keep up to date on the  new rulings and laws. We hope that this helps you put in place a system that works for you. This is Chris Hibbs signing off staggering  [Music]

Chris Hibbs
Easier Accounting

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