Fellow entrepreneurs this is Justin Singletary from fulfillment.com we're back with another great episode of fulfilled in this next segment I sit down with the founder and CEO of build grow scale Matthew Stafford so for all those looking to step up their e-commerce game this is where you need to be guys welcome to the fulfilled podcast I want to introduce today a man named Matt Stafford he's a a dear friend um he's been a mentor to so many people but he's the founder and CEO of a company called Bill grow scale and the company does exactly what his name says um so I want to talk to him a little bit about about Bill grow scale but I want to get behind the curtains on who who Matthew is as a person um so you know who you're doing business with so thank you for coming on Matthew thank you so much and and can you tell me a little bit more about Bill grow scale what do you guys do there yeah essentially what we do is we help uh store owners or website owners um optimize the C customer Journey on their website uh basically uh make it a lot more understandable easy you know works really well so that they get more sales from the same amount of traffic so increase their profitability create more custom optimization so focusing on on their websites you know that asset they put so much time and effort into um you help them as far as not not just the what what do you call Revenue optimization I heard that term used yeah a lot of people um call it conversion rate optimization and for me I just I figured that's kind of a vanity metric so I can get your conversion rate to go up by lowering your price or running sales and in the end uh really the reason why all of us do business is make more money and so the the real goal is not how much your top line is but how much you take home and so we you know coin the ter Revenue optimization because we're trying to optimize your site to actually give you good profitable Revenue because then at that point you can buy more traffic than your competitors can and grow your business at the rate that you want to and so for me that was always the uh that was the kicker not just the vanity metric of oh my conversion rate went up because we can get your conversion rate to go up and you don't make any more money that's good so it's almost like you're you're improving the relationship between the the consumer and the seller but I want to talk about relationships that you have with your tribe because I attended a trade show which is not really the right term for it uh preco but I I went out we went out to Reno and um just really saw what you guys um how you guys gathered but it it's a tribe it's like a following of people that really believe in what you guys are doing and and you were giving out Awards tell me about some of the awards that you guys were giving out yeah so we have um we have an award where a seven figure and then a eight figure we have both uh because when they hit that million doll Mark we consider that's you know that's a huge milestone for a lot of people in their business and so we've given uh over I want to say 130 137 uh million dollar Awards and then we've given like 23 or 24 of the $10 million Awards and there's lots of you know lots of people that have ended up you know doing that multiple times and so earlier on when you and I were discussing that if you look at our stats over the last eight years or so um we've had about just under a thousand members and we know about 18 to 20% of them uh have all hit that million dollar or above Mark so if you look at that compared to the average e-commerce store owner you know about 3,000 Shopify stores are opened every day and they say that um out of 200,000 about three of them make a sale doesn't mean mean they're successful they just make a sale and so when you look at uh what the percentage rates of success would be in e-commerce compared to our thousand members and over 20% of them hitting that million dollar Mark lots of them you know lower than that uh it's astronomically better when you have someone that's in the business doing uh e-commerce every single day at a high level to to Mentor you and teach you that's awesome how do you guys you guys are making others a lot of money how do you guys make your money um yeah so there's two different ways uh one we either partner with the store and it's got to be a decent sized store because we put about five different people on it in order to optimize that customer Journey we have a friend on dev a back on dev the rro a Google analytics um scientist and a bug Checker and so we take care of everything on their website split test um improve it they take care of everything else we don't run traffic we don't do any of that all we do is make their website work better and make more sales and then uh the people that obviously don't have that size store they can join our community which is like a 397 a month and then they get to be with other people who are in the trenches doing the same thing they are uh where we teach them what we do every day so what we teach them is live what we're going through not something that we did years ago so you've built a community of people that are trying to just grow their their their their businesses to Brands right you're you're people that are really serious about about this space not somebody that's just in it for the money somebody that's actually trying to control their audience somebody's really trying to um really take it to the next level yeah I felt that when I was there yeah I I would say and for me um you know we've got to work with some of the really big companies like Discovery uh Channel we worked with scientific America uh fantasy football with the SPN and I actually those guys are kind of a pain in the butt um I actually much rather work with the smaller companies who are building up to that and when you make a difference for them on their site um you can feel it you can know that it makes a difference it's not just another number for you know a report and so that has always fueled me to not get stagnant or to like rest on what I'm doing because I know that like for these people it's their dream you know either to get rid of their job or to you know provide a different life for their kids and uh so for me yeah I take it very serious and I really enjoy it well we feel that you do and and I want to ask you what kind of change are you seeing well let's just say this the stuff that worked yesterday do you see in your community that people are pushing the envelope and continuing to share those sort of things do you see that that the marketing techniques and the way that people are advertising the way that people are displaying things on their site are those things changing are those evolving and how fast do they change yeah they are changing a lot and and and I really think there's probably some more changes coming early in the next year that are going to make it even harder uh just with audiences and attribution to track and so being able to buy media and know what's working and what's not working is getting harder and harder and we don't buy media but obviously that affects our clients um because they do and and that's such a big part of driving traffic to their site so if they don't know what part of their money is being spent well and what isn't a lot of it's wasted and so for sure we're working very hard even on our end on you know I'm playing with a lot of stuff at the AI trying to make the stores better for the the people and also try to uh create like these gpts that will help them build more traffic you know essentially they got little worker bees helping them on their store 247 so yeah it is it is definitely harder the competition's a lot better than it used to be and so uh it just what we teach matters more not less so I'm I'm trying to compare this like to retail how much does Best Buy spend on the experience when you go in the store where the placement are is for for the different products whether their eye level whether their knee level um that experience they spend a lot of money on ads but they also spend a lot of money on presentation when you get in the store I see that as almost like U the storefront the e Commerce site how much do we how much time should we really spend on optimizing I think that's that's your main focus and I don't think we spend enough time on our websites we don't see that it's important because we're almost like emotionally attached to what we think it should look like is that true yeah it's very true and um again the store owner is typically looking at their store as how do I make more sales which is understandable that's that's the entire reason why they do it but they don't realize that that actually costs them sales because people don't like to be sold they like to be like leted Along on a journey and so I I've always said that your website is your conversation with your client um and so if your website isn't good at communication you're not going to have a very good relationship with them and they're not going to keep coming back and buying and so what we see is as we clean up that journey and they like and trust you and they can find what they're looking for they remember all the other sites they went to that were bad and so when they have a good experience you'll see your repeat customer rate go up a lot like to the point where like we know the metrics of where you can spend more money and things like that so yeah 100% I think it matters a lot and uh people have a good experience on a lot of sites now so if you don't have one it you used to be able to get away with it because people didn't know where to find stuff now you have plenty of competition that's doing a good job so if you're not um you're G to you're just GNA they're going to eat your lunch what are you working on that you want to tell people about that you're working on maybe you're launching soon something that's coming down the pipe it's definitely in the AI and uh I would say probably that'd be a better question ask me in about 30 days just because uh as fast as things are changing uh I think that the tools that we're going to be able to create and then provide to our members are going to make a big difference uh we find most of the members that we have you know their team is like 10 people or less and so now um you can use AI to actually like supercharge each of your employees which will give you the ability to do a much better job with your site and e-commerce really is it it's evolving and growing and uh it's becoming uh it's becoming a business that has multiple areas that require um specific expertise like I don't know how to buy ads anymore I used to I spent millions of dollars on Facebook back in the day was great at it I wouldn't even know how to log in there they need someone that's really good at ads um they need someone that optimizes that Journey they need really good customer service because if you don't have good customer service um you know fulfillment you guys know that uh there's a definite difference between how some companies fulfill and others and that's a lot of the experience that the customer gets and that's what they remember like if their first experience when they get the package is terrible um you know i' I've been on the end of that like where the boxes smashed and a bunch of other stuff you're just like man I thought I bought quality but it doesn't feel like that that's what you remember and so um yeah each one of those areas really has to be top notot you can't get away with kind of being okay anymore that's right what I really love about what you guys do is you provide a community to where you can people are bouncing ideas off of each other there's really real relationships that to friendships that are formed inside the community and they're you're all working toward the same goal trying to figure out you know what what is going to help that consumer experience um so I I really enjoy that you guys have created that that Community together and it's it I think it goes beyond just e-commerce I think it just goes beyond business especially when I got to be physically in front of people and see the love that they had for there's a lot of you guys actually put together a lot of people um that developed friendships long friendships yep I tell people that uh you know we put out so much information for free and it is our best stuff like we don't like hide what our best stuff is uh the information isn't the isn't the game Cher anymore um what we say the game Cher is the community uh the community so information is a commodity now the community you can't replicate that um by getting more information but to have a bunch of other people with a United goal like they all have a dream to have a successful e-commerce store and for whatever whatever their definition of success is for some it's you know they want to give their kids a better life or for some they want to you know quit their job and be able to run this business full-time and so all of those different people helping each other hit their goals and US providing information that makes that a little bit easier uh yeah it does it really does form uh lifelong friendships for sure well I'm going to ask you the big question in a second and this is the first uh podcast where where I'm going to answer it uh for myself as well and because I heard it a long time ago somebody asked me and says what is success to you like what is fulfillment and and I've heard somebody say this a long time ago and it's stuck so it's not mine usually nothing is mine I usually hear something I grab on to it and love it but um he said it's it's knowing what the father's doing and doing it with him and to me I was just blown away I'm like what is more important in my life than than having a cause that's beyond myself um so I want to ask you what is what makes you feel fulfilled what is assess to you um yeah so i' I've uh actually explored that a lot over the last couple years as we've been refining because e-commerce is changing our business has went through some ups and downs and it's changing in and uh my question that I asked was all right if if I'm going to like continue doing this uh what is something that I'm gonna love to do and it really did go back down to I don't remember if it was this conversation or one that you and I had before uh I actually really enjoy working with people and helping them hit their goals like that's just for me uh being a problem solver they have they have this issue and they're struggling with it they message me and I'm like hey let's jump on a call and we kind of talk it out and they go do it and then they give you that feedback uh for me that's super fulfilling um I like to solve problems that's just how my brain works how do we take all these different pieces and put them together and so I I really enjoy doing that and to me that feels very successful uh not every one of those people pays me tons of money uh but overall like when you put that good out constantly it always takes care of itself yeah I you're knowing you for such a long I I feel like you take complex problems and you make them simple and you simplify things um and I think that's what's needed in e-commerce there's so many directions to go um it's like okay so what is everybody doing right now that that that's working and then who can I trust that I can lean on when the next problem happens yeah well thank you I appreciate that absolutely well Matt I just want to thank you for for being such an inspiration and helping people in e-commerce there's a lot of people that like you said are fulfilling their own dreams um because you're helping them solve those problems those those things that that they can instead of trip on they're stepping over so I thank you for all the work you've done for the the e-commerce uh field and um I want to continue this friendship and I want to ask you you know one one last question what is something that if you could tell yourself and you can grab Yourself by the shoulders when you were first starting out in business just in business alone and you can tell yourself something hey make sure you do this or you don't do this to help some of our listeners out that are starting out what would you what would you have told yourself ah man I think uh EV every single person has that same story that they tell themselves that they're not good enough uh and for whatever reason that is where they feel inside like everybody else has it figured out but they don't that uh you don't have to have it figured out like you are good enough is if you just show up every single day and just keep going most people quit uh when they're right at the edge of being successful and that's the that's the probably the saddest thing that I see you know that they're on the right path and then they give up and so just that if they would believe them if they would believe in themselves as much as everybody else believes in them and has that story that they know they're good enough that you know I think so many more people would make a a Mark that would encourage others that's wonderful we're fed so many lies that to to actually know the truth that we we we can actually do these things we can accomplish these things man I'd love to just expound on that I I think of it like this is where there's a seed that's planted and it's growing the seeds it's growing it's growing and growing and people stop before they ever see it come through the surface is they quit and they didn't they didn't see it yet so if we could just keep persevering like you're saying through the hard times but but it's a lot easier when you have people that you can go to like a community you can go to people you can lean on people that will motivate you um and that's why I see you man if if I know if I need to get motivated or I need to call somebody you're in my R ofex because I know you're you're not it's not gonna be lies it's going to be truth on top of the lies so thanks for inspiring listeners I appreciate yeah I I appreciate that too um the other thing that I would tell people uh because I've spent a lot of time obviously you and I have been friends for quite a while uh helping and mentoring men uh in the last couple years and what I've noticed is most men think their feelings instead of feel their feelings and so what happens is that story we have this unconscious story that again goes back to I'm not good enough because or because of that a lot of the things that we're doing are working but we don't see it because we can't feel it we're trying to to figure it out in our head instead of have faith or trust in you know in the process two my favorite words that's awesome man thank you so much uh and I I just want to tell our listeners please reach out to to Matthew Stafford go to Bill gross scale.com and um honest take them for a test drive I don't know if you if you guys have an opportunity like you said you can they can get in the community for a monthly fee and just see is that a place that they see that there's value being added to their life and I can tell you we have a 90day trial where they can try it for 90 days and then if they want to they can you know extend the membership monthly after that that's great man thank you so much well thanks guys for tuning in to another episode of fulfilled and uh please visit Matt Stafford if you want to build and grow and scale your e-commerce business thanks guys thank you Matt thank you so much for being a part of the fulfilled family I hope you enjoy all of the clips and episodes coming your way join us on this e-commerce Journey towards a life that is is truly fulfilled


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