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If you’re doing big things online – we’re here to help you do them even bigger and better. Our 2 day shipping and 99.7% success rate applies for all customers… Including those doing over 2,000 orders a DAY.

eCommerce 3PL Fulfillment Overview

eCommerce Logistics from Start to Finish

Fulfillment Services conceived by an eCommerce Store Owner

When you have built your ecommerce store with an outstanding product line, marketed by the best of the best, developed multi-channel avenues to reach your customer base, and boosted your brand with excellent customer service, you need an ecommerce 3PL fulfillment center who understands every step of that process to better serve you.

You should expect no less than excellent technology, processes, and people, along with efficient and effective storage, pick, pack, and shipping services.

At FDC, we understand the various business models, processes, and sales cycles of the ecommerce industry. Why is this important? Because you WANT a company that understands ecommerce in its entirety! B2C (Business to Consumer) orders, by the very nature of being a consumer purchase, tend to be more emotionally driven. (The consumer seeks to satisfy a want rather than a need.) Look no further than the proliferation of successful products promising amazing results with little to no effort necessary to see the reality of this.

Whereas B2B orders tend to be made in a logical fashion with more than one person at a company influencing the purchase and the purchase meets a specific business need. Then there are also wholesale, distribution, and retail orders as well!

The differences in buying cycles and reasons are as varied as the products offered, but Fulfillment.com has the fulfillment center capacity, technology, and logistics infrastructure, along with key API and ecommerce platform integrations to easily manage all types of sales. As your orders increase, FDC helps you market your product to more customers by expanding your global reach with our strategically located fulfillment centers throughout the world.  

Fulfillment.com (FDC) was founded by an internet retailer, just like you. We know first-hand the frustrations sellers can experience when trying to do their own fulfillment, or with a fulfillment provider that cannot provide world class technology, processes, people, and services.
That’s why FDC was founded more than a decade ago, to offer exceptional ecommerce warehousing services that couldn’t be found elsewhere. Here are some of the main 3PL services we offer to make your order fulfillment exceptional:

  • 24 Hr Fulfillment And Shipping
  • BestOMS
  • Reverse Logistics (returns)

24 Hr Fulfillment And Shipping

We all know that every customer expects to receive their order ASAP these days. At FDC we operate with the goal that your customers will get the RIGHT product at the RIGHT time.  Nearly all orders received by FDC’s BestOMS are shipped within 24 Hours!

Fulfillment services should not be another cause of stress when you’re working hard to build your ecommerce brand. That’s why we also offer you complete visibility to your inventory and orders in our BestOMS dashboard.

Cloud-based, Real-time Inventory Monitoring through BestOMS -

Knowing what your inventory numbers are and when to reorder is key in ensuring uninterrupted shipping to your customers. The ability to view and control your inventory with our technology keeps you aware of exactly what you have and where, which prevents accidental overselling or running out of stock.

BestOMS provides you accurate, real-time inventory counts, estimated depletion rates, and visibility to your customers' orders as they move through the fulfillment process. You will also be able to make changes or edits as necessary to the orders prior to shipping.

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Reverse Logistics (returns)

Customers return products for all kinds of reasons but having an efficient returns process is one of the keys to long term customer retention. Knowing that your fulfillment provider can receive the return, inspect it, and disposition the return based on your explicit instructions provides a sense of comfort that you are making the most of every piece of inventory in which you have invested.

Here’s the Bottom Line

YOUR success is OUR success. We take care of the fulfillment process for you so that you can concentrate on the things that you need to do to continue building a successful ecommerce business. Each client receives a custom quote on services based on the specific needs of the business so that we can serve you, in the way you need, with excellence.

There is security in knowing that your picking, packing, shipping, storage and returns operations are being handled by the efficient experts of ecommerce order fulfillment at FDC.

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