Fulfillment.com's What We Do

If you’re doing big things online – we’re here to help you do them even bigger and better. Our 2 day shipping and 99.7% success rate applies for all customers… Including those doing over 2,000 orders a DAY.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services Done Right

eCommerce Fulfillment Service by Fulfillment.com – Taking the Next Step

When you combine a fast-growing ecommerce brand with a broken order fulfillment system, as you can imagine, it’s not too pretty. It’s like the saying – more money, more problems! That is… until you meet us!

Here is what you can expect from a world class ecommerce 3PL fulfillment company like Fulfillment.com during a typical workday:

Part 1 – The Order Fulfillment Joy Factor

You walk into your office at 2pm because, well, you’re the boss and you can do that! The first thing you want to check when you open that laptop is how many new orders you have! Then, WOW, you can hardly believe your eyes! The number is just mesmerizing… is it even real? Is this the real life? Nine hundred sales already today… 900 orders and counting! That’s more than double what you sold on Black Friday and it’s just a random Tuesday in August.

Yep, it’s real alright! More than half of your orders have already shipped out too! You were worried the last few times you had higher than normal volumes like this in a single day, but Fulfillment.com shipped 100% of your orders out in 2 days or less, every time! Welcome to pure joy – not the half terrified/half joy feeling from the past, just the peaceful, easy feeling of joyful confidence that your products are getting into your customers hands quickly.

Part 2 – The World is in Your Hands

Before Fulfillment.com came along you were only shipping to the US. You remember the headache of trying to ship to Australia, Canada, Europe, and beyond, only to have countless problems with customs, lost shipments, or damaged packages that arrived weeks and weeks later.

Times have most certainly changed since your Fulfillment.com Success Manager helped you complete ALL the necessary paperwork to help you ship internationally with ease. Your brand really took off overseas and has kept growing ever since.

Today it really hits home as you realize (when checking your slick BestOMS Dashboard) that more than 50% of your orders in the last 24 hours are from outside the US!

Instantly, it all clicks. The new priority for today just became getting all your product descriptions translated for Germany and France because more than 30% of your customers are in those two countries. You never could have predicted this, but here we are! FDC made it SO easy to become global with their network of strategically located fulfillment centers. It’s time to call your Success Manager to discuss getting Inventory to more FDC fulfillment centers!

Part 3 – Getting Back to What You Do Best

Onething that you won’t have to worry about with your ecommerce business is order fulfillment, shipping and returns (reverse logistics) --- because you hired Fulfillment.com! Think of all the time you have now to focus on the things YOU do best, like new product creation, marketing, sales, etc. because you know that now order fulfillment and shipping is in the hands of Fulfillment.com and it’s what WE do best.

Here is what some real customers have to say:

“ I was expanding off of Amazon and I needed a 3PL provider with killer logistics and a killer interface. We were also looking for a fulfillment facility that could expand with our brand worldwide. We had problems fulfilling high volume, we had problems with logistics, and we had problems with shipping. ”

-Matt S. CEO, Health Brands

We were happy to take order fulfillment off his hands, solving all his fulfillment problems and freeing him up to focus on other things.

Fulfillment.com takes your success seriously, so we are focused on not only providing you with excellent ecommerce fulfillment services, but helping you learn, expand, and grow! We are constantly looking for new ways to add value to our already abundant services. Even if we find that you and FDC are not a good fit, we can recommend another fulfillment provider that will best suit your needs. That’s how confident we are in the level of our services.

eCommerce Fulfillment Services – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Here at Fulfillment.com we love ALL our clients (Really! …and I wasn’t even paid to say it!), but to tell you the truth, we DO have a favorite type of internet retailer or ecommerce seller. Our company was built by ecommerce store owners just like you, and as we have grown over the past decade, we have identified the sweet spot where we add the most value to our clients.

Fulfillment.com is a well-oiled machine built for high volume ecommerce stores that are ready to scale up everything about their logistics, including expanding Internationally.

Now please understand, even if you’re just starting out and doing less than 100 orders per day, you should still reach out to us! We have trusted partners that we work with and can save you a TON of Googling time. We’ll even put you in touch with them, help you get a great rate, and we’ll be here for you when you’re ready for the next level.

That said, don’t assume we just want the bigger fish because of the higher order volume. We are something much different than other fulfillment companies that aren’t built to stand the pressure of the advanced logistics needs of larger clients, and you’ll see what we mean when you work with us.

So what’s our favorite type of ecommerce store? Low SKU’s – High volume!

If you have less than 50 SKUs and are doing hundreds of orders a day (you’re killin it dude), you should probably get in touch so we can help get those orders from the hundreds to the thousands with our global logistics and downright impressive inventory management capabilities. And hey, if you’re already doing thousands of orders a day and have hundreds of SKU’s, that’s great too! (Seriously, bring it on!)

Basically, if you’re doing big things online – we’re here to help you do them even BIGGER and BETTER! If you’re doing HUGE things online, we’re one of the few fulfillment companies in the US that can truly handle the pressure and we have the metrics to back it up!  Fulfillment.com ships the right product at the right time to the rightaddress at the right price.  Closing 2021 withmore than 21 million orders shipped, Fulfillment.com's performance is unsurpassed:

Right Product - 99.9973% of all orders shipped with the correct product. 

Right Time - 99.8148% of all orders are shipped the day we receive them.

Right Address - 99.9998% of all orders shipped to our client-provided addresses.

RightPrice -   On average, FDC’s fulfillment pricing is 37% less than Amazon FBA. 

If you are ready to scale up your order volume and then take it international, it’s time to get in touch. Let’s do HUGE things together! (Did I mention you should get in touch?)

Now that you realize how much value a 3PL provider can add to your business, let’s look at how Fulfillment.com raises the bar for internet retailers -- like YOU.

What makes our Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Services different?

Fulfillment.com ("FDC") is committed to making worldwide fulfillment easy. We combine cloud-based customized technology with outstanding client service to achieve this goal and distinguish ourselves from other ecommerce fulfillment companies. Just as you are the expert authority on YOUR business, at FDC, WE are experts at ecommerce order fulfillment services worldwide! By letting us manage your orders, you are liberated from that pressure to concentrate on what is central to your business. (Imagine all the time you’ll have now!)

We are integrated with over 70 of the industry’s top shopping carts, ecommerce platforms, CRM, ERP and marketplaces so you can trust outsourcing all your fulfillment services to FDC. In fact, there are very few aspects of your business that we can’t take care of for you! What are the benefits you ask?

  • Utilize our top-tier tech without making a hefty investment that needs continual upgrades
  • BestOMS ecommerce operating system
  • Expansive resources among multiple verticals
  • Alleviate infrastructure overhead expenses
  • Free up capital to invest in your core business

FDC’s proprietary technology simplifies the ecommerce order fulfillment process for retail, wholesale, and institutional shipments that necessitate a comprehensive order management system. All our warehouses utilize sophisticated equipment that works in concert with our custom technology. Due to the flexibility of BestOMS system we can accommodate any level of shipping volume. So, whether you’re a business-to-business (B2B) shipper outfitting national retail chains, a small manufacturer equipping a niche demographic, a higher-education institution providing branded school supplies and accessories, or you’re somewhere in the middle, we can capably handle your business.

Even MORE Benefits!

Inventory Management. FDC’s receiving and storage processes utilize a strict protocols to rotate stock for either First In, First Out (FIFO) product management, or First to Expired, First Out (FEFO) depending on your specific business and product requirements. Automated product expiration, lot and/or serial number tracking are available when needed. BestOMS enables our warehouse team to practice these essential procedures.

Order and Account Management. The BestOMS dashboard is available to our clients 24/7/365 on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer -- wherever you are. You can view your orders, inventory levels, check order statuses, and much more. This allows you to not only keep tabs on your order fulfillment, but you can manage your orders and inventory anytime, anywhere. You can even set up daily email inventory alerts in BestOMS to help you manage your product supply. Our developers also take the time to listen to our clients and implement new system features that facilitate our efficient ecommerce order fulfillment process from start to finish.

Strategic Global Logistics Network. FDC operates 4 fulfillment centers in the US, with an additional 4 located around the globe, allowing you to promise your customers fast shipping and then DELIVER on that promise consistently. All our of our fulfillment centers are climate controlled! Our US fulfillment centers are also FDA-registered. Each fulfillment center is efficiently organized to provide proper support for inventory and order processes and procedures, with flex space available as needed during high volume seasons. As your business grows, we work right along with you to continuously evaluate your needs and your dedicated Success Manager can help you determine the most efficient and effective way to utilize our global network.

Not All eCommerce Fulfillment Companies Are Equal

A common claim made by fulfillment companies is that they offer all the comprehensive services you need, but Fulfillment.com can and does deliver on that promise.

Logistics and supply chain management are responsibilities that can take up the majority of an internet retailer's time and energy. With FDC’s established global infrastructure of facilities, we dominate worldwide fulfillment by doing all the heavy lifting for you! There are so many expenses you can avoid, for instance: hiring, training, and retaining warehouse staff, why not let FDC’s able crew get working for you!

When you get started with Fulfillment.com your product will be received at an FDC facility and stored in its unique location. Once the integration of your store is completed and test orders have successfully been received, you’re ready to go live! Orders are ready to be picked, packed, and shipped moments after receiving them.

Our methods of pick, pack, and ship are perfect for the Ecommerce order fulfillment process, which relies on order accuracy and attention to detail, all while meeting our goal of shipping orders within 24 hours of receipt.

Fulfillment.com’s eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Not only will we pick, pack, label and ship your customer orders accurately and efficiently, but we’ll also be supporting you every step of the way. You’ll be given the tools to help your ecommerce business thrive, with data, reporting, inventory tracking, carrier optimization and more right at your fingertips.

Ecommerce order fulfillment isn’t just for the big names in business – Fulfillment.com is here to partner with established online retailers, and brand-new businesses ready to scale at a rapid rate. You can rest assured that EVERY order we handle is picked and packed carefully, accurately, and with a quick carrier handoff, to provide your customers with an ideal shopping experience.