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High Volume eCommerce Order Fulfillment

When you’re seeing increases in the order volume of your booming ecommerce brand, you will soon face increases in complexity when doing your own order fulfillment. There are four key elements that you need to fulfill high volumes of orders effectively and efficiently: Technology, Processes, People, and Locations. How can a 3PL like Fulfillment.com take the extra pressure off by serving you with excellence?


BestOMS is a cloud-based, proprietary ecommerce operating system continually developed over more than a decade to our clients’ exacting requirements, with millions of lines of code, and cutting-edge technology to support your growing e-commerce store. The order and warehouse management system components of BestOMS are state-of-the-art,and gives our clients a winning combination of seamless order and inventory management. When the founder of FDC built his own ecommerce business he discovered large gaps in transparency, visibility, and functionality when working with other 3PL services. This was the springboard that motivated him to develop the BestOMS with all the features and functionality that were missing from other order management systems, and it has grown far beyond that initial vision as technology has innovated over the years. Our team of developers is always working to update BestOMS with new features, often driven by client requests, to make it truly the most full-featured and robust ecommerce operating system available in the industry. You can access your BestOMS client dashboard 24/7/365 from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!


High volume order fulfillment is highly dependent on having lean, efficient processes in place. From storing, to picking, packing, and shipping, each step in the process must ensure accuracy, visibility, and effectiveness with a strong quality assurance process to back it up. The fulfillment process at FDCis fully automated.  We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to scan to receive, put-away to scan, pick to scan,pack to scan and scan to ship.  Our process is so effective, that last year we only shipped incorrect products on 157 occasions. We know that understanding all the details of order fulfillment is OUR job and we do it exceptionally, so you don’t have to! Standardized processes enable us to easily fulfill millions of orders a year with a 99.995% accuracy rate. Continuous improvement is a guiding principle at FDC as we strive to improve our processes and procedures to serve our clients with unmatched excellence.


Fufillment.com understands that our people are our most valuable asset. We are the FDC family, and we encourage our employees to learn and grow with the company by providing training, mentoring, and internal promotions. We provide a structured, yet fun workplace for our fulfillment center and office teams with a focus on embodying our Corporate Values of Integrity; Respect; Positive Attitude; Verify and Clarify Communication; Provide Solutions; Show Empathy; and Exceed Expectations.


With a global network of strategically placed warehouses,you can be sure that should there be a force majeure incident in a specific geography, we are able to flexibly move your fulfillment operations to another FDC fulfillment center.  Your ecommerce order fulfillment WILL go on! By taking advantage of our global network your products will be closer to your customers, and that will save you money on shipping while also getting those products to your customers faster!

FDC is the premier provider for hundreds of high-volume ecommerce businesses from  around the world.

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