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eCommerce Warehouse Services

Warehouse services are more than just storage, pick and pack, and shipping, though these are the basic functions of a 3PL warehouse.

There are several additional services that fall into this category. Warehousing in and of itself is the basic storage of goods, while fulfillment and distribution centers provide a more robust set of services for their clients.

Choosing a fulfillment provider and the services you need for your business is a strategic decision that requires careful analysis and thought.

FDC’s global footprint of 8 strategically located fulfillment centers and robust ecommerce services enables you to press the “easy button” to selecting a 3PL provider that will delight you --- Fulfillment.com.  

Basic Warehouse Services Overview


Inbound shipping from your distributor or manufacturer typically arrives via container, truckload or LTL shipment to our docks. The carriers work with our Logistics Department to coordinate the delivery of client inbound inventory as it is coming from the ports or across the US to our various locations.

We have a dedicated team that is ready and waiting to unload and receive the products arriving.

We have a thorough inspection process to identify any potential damage to the products incurred during shipping before scanning the products into stock. The team is then quick to get a location allocated for each SKU and products are put away, typically in less than 24 hours. This allows your inventory to be available quickly to fill orders.


Our system optimizes both the picking and packing of your orders in multiple ways. Pickers are assigned a list of orders to pick using handheld technology with a predetermined and efficient picking route.

Once the orders reach the Packing team our system has already identified the most efficient box to pack the order in which can help reduce postage fees. For large item orders the system can also help determine if a multi-box pack is more efficient than one big box.

We’ll discuss this further in our detailed Pick Pack Fulfillment Services section.

Quality Assurance

The final step an order goes through before being handed off to the carrier is our weigh station process. The step ensures that the package matches the system weight and size with very tight tolerance levels.  Our electronic scales are accurate down to 100th of a pound. If we are shipping a bottle of 60 vitamins, if 3 are missing our scales will “red light” to inform our fulfillment associate that we may not have the correct product(s) in the package. Comparing the order profile weight to the actual weight is the final step of FDC’s quality assurance process which yielded only 157 incorrectly picked products last year.

Order Fulfillment and Shipping

Each warehouse has scheduled pickup times for DHL, USPS, FedEx, UPS and other carriers at the end of the day to get the orders on their way to your customers. Once the carriers have received the shipments, they are then responsible to deliver them safely and within the contracted timeframe based on the shipping method chosen.

Kitting and Assembly

Clients come to us with various needs that require kitting or assembly of their products, and we are happy to oblige them! We have a crack team of fulfillment associates specially trained to handle the myriad of kitting jobs requested by our clients. Does your product need some basic assembly to be ready for your customers? Are you running a special bundle or BOGO marketing campaign? We are ready, willing and able to handle whatever you throw at us!

We keep many items in stock at all our warehouses to offer you the options to add colored crinkle paper, tissue paper, order inserts, or use your branded packaging.

These types of items can be kitted into your orders based on your specific instructions. We love to help our clients build their brand by providing these custom services that give your customers a warm feeling when they open that box!

Inventory Control and Management

When you have worked hard to build your brand, you want to ensure that you have visibility to your inventory and your orders. With BestOMS, our integrated OMS (Order Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System), you have one place to keep tabs on everything going on with your products. BestOMS allows you to view, edit, reorder, and create brand new orders in the system simply and easily. You’ll also have access to detailed Inventory information, depletion rates, and reports so that you know exactly when to reorder. Shrinkage is one of the common costs associated with physical products regardless of where they are stored. Inventory shrinkage is lost or damaged products that cannot be sold.

This is to be expected when selling physical products, however, that will not keep you up at night since FDC’s shrinkage rate is .001%, which is far below the industry standard. FDC makes every effort to protect the investment that you have placed in ourcare.

B2B and Logistics Support

It’s a random Monday afternoon when you get the call, BIGretail Store wants to carry your products! After happy dancing around the kitchen, you call your Success Manager to discuss how FDC can help you get bulk products to the distribution center for BIGRetail Store.

Business to Business (B2B) is a different type of order all together! Typically, very large, palletized quantities are prepared per the standards provided by the BIGRetail Store and shipped via LTL/TL carriers. So how do you coordinate that?!? At FDC we are very well versed in the plethora of ways that big retail stores and distribution centers require shipments to be prepared and shipped.

We have a dedicated team that handles all the B2B orders, and they are trained to be able to execute the variety of instructions from various BIGRetail stores. Our Logistics department can assist with finding a carrier by gathering multiple competitive quotes for you from which you may choose.

Climate Controlled and FDA Registered

Are your products temperature sensitive? Do you fall into the Food, or Health and Beauty categories? If you do, then having a fulfillment center that is climate controlled and/or FDA registered is critical to maintain the quality and efficacy of your products.

Each of our warehouses in the US are FDA registered and climate controlled to preserve products that are temperature sensitive.